ELK Magic Module Programming Kit ELK-MK485
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Product Description

Programming: Magic Module programs are transferred from your PC to the Magic Module using the PC's serial port and an RS-232-to-RS-485 Data Converter module (ELK-MB485). Once programmed, the Magic Module can be disconnected from the PC for stand alone applications. All programming is stored in non-volatile memory. Basic setup for programming a Magic Module: The Magic Module connects to the ELK-MB485 Data Interface through the included 4-pin ribbon cable. The ELK-MB485 connects to your computer through the included 9-pin serial cable. Both units are powered by the included 12V DC power pack (ELK-P1216). Program Editing: Program your Magic Modules using either the ELK Application Writer/Code Editor Programming Languages. Both programming editors are available on the CDROM included in the Starter Kit. ELK Products, Inc. Development Software: The ELK Application Writer was designed to allow non-programmers the ability to program and utilize many of the home automation features of the Magic Module simply by clicking buttons in the Application Writer editor. This allows quick programming and customization of a very powerful and inexpensive home automation system.(For Elk-MM443, MM447 controllers) The ELK Code Editor is a Basic-like language compiled into code bytes that the microprocessor reads and executes through a built in operating system. This programming environment is familiar to experienced programmers. (For Elk-MM443, MM447, MM220 controllers) Kit Includes: (one each) Data Bus Interface (ELK-MB485), ELK Code Editor / Application Writer Software, 12 Volt D.C. Plug-in Power Supply, 9 pin Serial Port Cable, RS-485 Data Bus Ribbon Cable, Cable to program ELK-MM220 modules, Instruction Manual.

  • For Re-Programming the ELK-MM443