Scytek VisionGuard 8000 Security and Remote Engine Starter System
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Product Description

Overview: The first in the world Camera Alarm System! The patented built-in camera with night vision technology automatically snaps and stores full color pictures of any attempted entry violation. The systems two way paging remote control receives and displays the stored pictures in full color. In addition, the remote control can snap and receive pictures at any time. Features: * Full Color Camera with Night Vision * Automatic picture capture upon security violation * Selective picture capture through the remote * Store and recall up to ten discrete images on the LCD remote. * One Carbon Fiber 2-Way True Color Picture remote control. * One Carbon Fiber Slick 5-Button Remote With Super Bright Blue LED * Built-In Parking-Light Relay Programmable (+/-) * One 5 button code hopping remote control Sleek Carbon Fiber with Super Bright Blue LED * Plug In LED and Override Switch * Remote Start Tachless Mode using Adaptive Digital Signal Processing -compatible with all vehicles * Remote Start Tach Monitor * Starter Interrupt Output * Dual stage Electronic Impact sensor * Power door lock control * Trunk Release * Parking Light Flasher programmable polarity * Courtesy Light Control * Anti-grind Option * Gas or Diesel compatibility * Cold Start timer * Selectable Engine Run Time * Turbo Timer (adjustable) * Smart Network Port * Easy programming Via your PC, Pocket PC or Valet sw. and Remote Transmitter * Lifetime Warranty