Twin 2.4ghz Wireless Spy Camera *Extreme Night Vision Mode + Audio
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New Model High Power Two of 2.4GHZ Wireless Hidden Color Audio Camera /w Waterproof & Extreme Night Vision using One Receiver System. The 2.4Ghz Receiver has 4 auto channels that capable to lock frequency automatically in order to receive sharp video picture. All cables & adapters are included so it can be easily installed in a few minutes to your tv, vcr or computer that has tv tuner or capture card. A complete kit (Retails at $249), All are included as shown below: 2.4Ghz Locked frequency Transmitter and Receiver /w Audio Two - 2.4Ghz Wireless color camera Waterproof & Super Night Vision Mode on each camera New Antenna for longer range One - 2.4Ghz Wireless Receiver /w 4 channels one DC + 12V/500mA power adapter for receiver Two DC + 8V/200mA power adapter for camera Audio Video Cable Receiver antenna Manual

  • Two - 2.4Ghz Wireless color camera
  • 2.4Ghz Locked frequency Transmitter and Receiver w/ Audio
  • Waterproof & Super Night Vision Mode on each camera
  • 2.4Ghz Wireless Receiver /w 4 channels
  • Audio Video Cable
Customer Reviews:
    Order Date: December 13, 2007
    1 of: Twin 2.4ghz Wireless Spy Camera *Extreme Night Vision Mode + Audio
    Sold by: AsSeenOnTV-Discounts
    "I received the wrong receiver a downgrade from the one I paid for which causes system not to work. I was given very poor communitcation with poor customer care. Why should I be out more money and time to fix this seller's fault? The packaging was done with newspaper in a smashed boxed. So all around I am very disappointed."

    This is the email the seller sent me in quotes:
    We would not gotten to this point if you would have give us a chance to rectify the situation before filing a claim and posting a negative feedback. Our action is a reaction to your handling the problem.
    As soon as you remove the negative feedback we promise to refund all of the monies. Just send us an e-mail that you did it and it will be done right-a-way. It is a promise..."

    The negative feedback was placed on Janurary 7, 2008 as well as the claim that was made after emailing and trying to deal with this seller since December 13, 2008. In which case I removed the negetive feedback which is final there is NO putting back the feedback once it is removed and guess what I did NOT get back all the money that was promised. So someone tell me when enough is enough??? SO HERE IS THERE REVIEW ;)

    Well I am still dealing with getting my full refund on this product do to all the hassles with getting this resolved and from what I was told I may never get back the $31.94 out of $130.64. The $108.99 and the Shipping & Handling: $10.45 and the $11.20 for shipping the item back a grand total of $130.64 where I have only received $98.70. So, anyone want to pay $31.94 for a headache and alot of BS then this is the item for you. I have noticed they have changed the picture of the receiver on the website now thats interesting since thats the receiver that didnt work for me. The model number I should have gotten was model 708 and model you see now that there offering that doesnt work is model 704-A it has less functions then the one they first presented... Beware of dealing with AsSeenOnTV-Discounts as they have even tried to say when I returned the product that they didnt get the users manual to try and get out of refunding me the $108.99 and thats without the shipping and handling which was $10.45 plus the $11.20 to send it back with signature confirmation which came out to total of $130.64 and believe it or not all they offered to refund me was $98.70 for all the hell they put me through not only did they misrepresent the item, it didnt even work and besides all that the packaging was very poor where they packed it in a box 20 times bigger then the orginal box which had some newspaper in it for filling, in which case when I received the product the box was all smashed, NOW if anyone could imagine how big my eyes where in shock of horror. SO.... WARNING, WARNING, WARNING. YOU ARE BUYING THIS ITEM AT A GREAT RISK!!! The date is Janurary 15, 2008.

    Here is an update on this ITEM: I WILL ONLY BUY directly from AMAZON NOW ON!!! It seems Amazon is the only Customer Care I got while dealing with this product as far as getting a refund into my Amazon account I find it unfair for Amazon to pay for this sellers mistakes but, I have to say I am very proud of Amazon to take the initiative. I think enough has been said about warning people of this product and concerns about dealing with the seller AsSeenOnTV-Discounts. The date is Janurary 17, 2008....more info