Sandisk 4GB Secure Digital SD HC Memory Card (SDSDB-4096, BULK, No Reader)
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Product Description

e SD High Capacity (SDHC) 4GB flash card is SanDisk's newest format and capacity SD card. SanDisk cards give you plenty of room to capture and store all your precious photos, safely and securely. Fast, and built to last, you can count on SanDisk cards to be ready when you are, every day. Store high quality photos, videos, music and more with this high storage capacity (4 GB) and super, Class 2, speed performance.Not all devices support SDHC 4.0GB cards. Please contact your device manufacturer for details. To ensure compatibility, look for the SDHC Logo on the product or packaging of your new camera or digital camcorder.

  • High Quality SDHC card backed by 5 year limited warranty
  • To ensure compatibility, look for the SDHC Logo on the product or packaging of your new camera or digital camcorder.
  • Fast transfer rate for reliable copy/download/backup
  • Low battery consumption to maximize battery life in small portable devices
  • Sandisk SDSDB-4096 Bulk Package (NO READER)
Customer Reviews:
  • Absolutely Amazing!!
    I was just searching for a memory card to hold more of my pictures and videos since i had a 256 MB for my camera. I was thinking at least 30-40 dollars and came across this one for about 10 dollars total for shipping and the product! I just got it today after ordering it on the 22nd and it is absolutely amazing!! I have a Fujifilm Finepix Z20fd and it is great. I completely recommend this to anyone. Make sure it is compatible with your camera first though. You're crazy if you don't get this, however, because other stores have this priced for way more than 10 dollars!!!!...more info
  • twice is not enough
    We bought our first card for my wifes Nikon D80.The owners manual specified this size and brand so we felt confident.It performed so well I wanted one for my older Cannon Powershot S31S,but I wondered. The camera was from the era when a 250 meg card was considered big.
    A call to Cannon Tech support confirmed it was indeed compatible,and it has performed flawlessly.
    Check first with the people who make your particular device before ordering, you will be glad you did. ...more info
  • Perfect
    This memory card is perfect for me. I can record 2 h of video with my Samsung L210...more info
  • terrible notice!!
    This was terrible! not enough info. I paid this much and it turned out that it is not compatible with my camera. because of the hc sign! be careful!...more info
  • Works
    This card works quite well in my Nikon D40. It will hold about 1,100 highest-quality pictures at a time. I have not had a problem with through about 7,000 shots. Download time is slowish, but it isn't really a problem unless you actually take 1,100 pictures at a time and import them to a computer all at once. The price is great....more info
  • Scan Disk 4 GB Card
    I got this for my digital camera and it works great so far. it also works perfectly when i plug it into my computer for easy file removal....more info
  • Wrong product for me, but could be great for you.
    My camera wouldn't accept this card but Eek Technology, the amazon merchant I purchased it from, took it back even though the mistake was mine. Check your camera carefully to make sure it can use this high capacity card. If it can, I'd suggest you take a close look at Eek when you are purchasing. ...more info
  • You're nuts if you don't buy this.
    This is a name brand high capacity flash memory module and it is selling for a very tiny price. What could be better?

    I'm using mine with my Canon Powershot A580 camera and can also use it to store net downloads and general PC file storage. It works just fine with rapid high resolution camera shooting (5FPS), and the same with motion picture camcorder - using the same camera. Of course I can use it for MP3 music recordings. I don't find a single fault. It appears to be the best of the best. Who are these people rating this great product as less than five stars? Thank you all for bringing the price down by publishing picky, picky, picky, reviews. I'm buying more. ...more info
  • NOT compatible with Canon Powershot 590IS
    The Sandisk site says this disk is compatible, and the user manual for the Canon Powershot 590IS says the camera can use SD or SDHC memory cards, so I assumed this card would be compatible. It wasn't. The camera says "memory card locked!" even when the card is unlocked. I'm giving this a one star rating because everything I looked at says this card is compatible, but it wasn't. For the Sandisk compatiblity site (which, of course, recommends their most expensive 32 and 16G cards first), see . I haven't found a site so far that specifically recommends one card over another for this model of camera....more info
  • 4GB sd card
    4.GB SD card lot of memory space and price is also very reasanable and i got it from I am fully satisfied with the capacity of this card....more info
  • Beware! does not work in many cameras
    Finding that this product does not work in my one year old Canon camera I contacted the company and was given a list of cameras which do support it. This list belongs on the product description at the Amazon site. Besides the nuisance, I'll be out the $4.50 shipping cost for shipping an item requiring .59 cents postage....more info
  • not working, maybe wrong
    I hope to change this SD card under garanty, because it doesn't work neither with Bushnell nor with PC card reader nor camera......more info
  • Move over Visa!
    This card is the no hassle card! 4 GB is huge. I've been able to take it on week long vacations and not worried about filling it up. I use the highest resolution setting on my camera about 8MB/picture and take lots of video but have never been able to fill it up.

    I ordered the card and it was on my door in just 3 days. They did a great job....more info
  • know the use
    People should be notified that this product is not compatible with much devices because is SDHC, so a warning should be put on these products almost nothing uses these type of memory!!...more info
  • Don't waste your time with this one.
    This card is one of the slowest SDHC cards on the market. I am pretty sure its a class 4 device although the description says it's a class 2.

    FYI Class x basically means it can read/write to the card at x Mb/sec

    ...more info
    I love this memory card! I took it to my vacation this year thinking I wouldnt have enough room but I was so wrong I had over 2000 pictures and it wasnt even full. Im not even including the dozens for half hour long videos. Great product!...more info
  • Great companion for my Nikon D80
    arrived super fast, great brand new condition as described. Used the SD with Nikon D80 for our travel to Crater Lake and Redwood during the Jul 4 holiday, worked great without any problem....more info
  • Best price ever - thanks! Hundreds of books on it and music, too, but only 1.2GB used!
    Best price ever - thanks! Hundreds of books on it and music, too, but only 1.2GB used!...more info
  • Hmmmm
    No reader probably means no manual + box.

    Looks like a counterfeit, made in china. The colour is off compared to the 4gb product on sandisk website.

    2 very obvious scratches on the back.

    Works well on camera and Dell XPS laptop so far.

    Oh's pretty damn cheap....more info
  • 4 GB SD HC Memory Card
    Good memory card for the price, will keep you from needing to take pictures off of it for a long time before running out of space....more info
  • Beware of Junk
    I purchased two of these 4 GB Scan Disk thinking I could use them in my Nikon D80 and they work fine in the Camera except my New Dell 2008 desktop and Dell 2007 laptop will not read them. I am of the option that Dell has major technical problems with their third world country machines and tech support anyway. I took 4GB to the local Wal Mart and they claim that they plan to upgrade their readers in the near future to read the 4 GB. It says in the advertisement : Sandisk 4GB Secure Digital SD HC Memory Card (SDSDB-4096, BULK, No Reader) Im not sure what that last part means No Reader I suppose it means it you can't read them. At this time I have over $40.00 in unreadable junk. ...more info
  • Space for plenty of pictures
    I got this memory card with my camera order and it's great, I mean there's no need for another memory card (especially if you're just taking pictures).
    The writing speed is fast and 4 gigs is plenty of space for the price I paid for this......more info
  • Would Help If I Could Unlock It
    I bought several of these memory cards because I consider Sandisk to be the "gold standard" for SD cards. Unfortunately all my cards were locked - I can use them on a computer, but not in a camera. I understand there's a switch on the card that locks it but it was in the unlocked position. I tried formatting them in my camera and on my computer. No luck. I didn't discover this until I was in Europe ready to take pictures on a recent vacation. Beware!...more info
  • Worth the Money!
    I now have 4 kids and one big family. So I don't always have the time to load pictures into our computer. So when I found the 4.0 GB memory Card I could not pass it up. I size was right and so was the price....more info
  • Great SD Memory Card
    This is a terrific SD memory card. SanDisk is probably the premier memory card manufacturer, and this is another fine example of why they are the best....more info
  • plenty storage
    This is really a good deal. This is the best price I've seen for such quality storage. I would like to get 2 more....more info
  • Card is Fine
    I got this card for my SD1000 camera. It can be put it and works fine. There really isn't much to say except it works.

    If you are familiar with CHDK, this does autoload and work fine with Allbest #50 when formatted to FAT16 64k Cluster. If you don't know about that and you have a Canon point and shoot, google CHDK and learn about it. ...more info
  • This is a terrific product
    I purchased this for my Garmin Nuvi 660. It worked instantly! I wanted to download books from Audible and to-date I have 14 novels stored on the card with about 40% of the space still available. This card works flawlessly and I am ordering another card to increase my stoage capability....more info
  • Great product!
    I got this for my Vivitar Digital Video Recorder. It worked perfectly and immediately. I would highly recommend it....more info
    I use this SD card in my NIKON D40 and can take hundreds of shots, even at their uncompressed levels, no problem. This card puts up with all kinds of abuse, and repeated dowloads through all kinds of readers (SD HC of course) with no trouble. REliable, clean, fast, easy; couldn't be better.

    I remember the horrors of film, and development by hand under harsh circumstances. It was truly an art and a science back then, but wow am I glad for this SD card. Takes the worry and care out of taking great pictures.

    No problem at a great price. DO you know how many boxes of film rolls it would take to get this many pictures?!

    Great at what it does, and does it well. Let us give thanks, and take pictures! Shoot a roll; keep a shot! Be happy!...more info
  • Good Storage
    SanDisk is a good and well-known product. This little bugger has more than twice the storage space of my first computer. My co-worker, who has a 2 GB card says she hasn't filled hers up yet, and she's the kind who photographs bugs on the sidewalk. Highly recommended for people who take lots of pics, esp. good for long vacations, or if you don't want to worry about space for awhile. ...more info
  • Somehow ahead of its time
    The product works fine in my camera. But apparently the rest of the World (my PC, my old camera) is not prepared to its beauty. Furthermore, the price is right if you're using free shipping....more info
  • Product fine, vendor misleading practices
    I have no complaints about this product, but I refuse to buy it from any vendor (in this case ChiTek, but apparently there are others) who advertise a low price but then charge your 3X what they should for shipping. I tried to order $10 worth of memory cards, and after filling out all the necessary ordering information, I'm informed on the last page that they were charging $19.95 shipping for about 3 ounces of product. The final price was typical, but I'd much rather buy it direct from Amazon or another vendor that does not follow these arguably sleazy practices. I hope you do to. Be aware....more info
  • great value
    Great value, works great in my cannon sd 1000, im going to buy some more...more info
  • Works great...
    I use this in a Canon FS100 camcorder and the videos look great. I like it and have had no problems from it....more info
  • Love it!
    I love it, it works as promised, and holds well over 30 minutes of video. Pops in and out of camera easily. It's a great product and worth the extra money over the 2.0 GB one.

    Two thumbs up!...more info
  • unhappy
    would not work and did not return my contact about product until a week later. then they just sent a return policy recommendation which did not help because i no longer had the package it was sent in. ...more info
  • Great
    This is a great addition to a digital camera if you shoot video clips.
    Just make sure that the digital camera supports SD cards over 2Gb. You can usually be confident it will work if the device is labeled SD HC compliant (SD HC is the 4-32Gb standard). It may work in other devices (my Kodak camera is not labeled for SD HC but the card works.)...more info
  • Lifesaver
    This memory card is truly a lifesaver. Spending long hours out doing the tourist thing is much easier when you don't have to worry your camera will run out of memory. No formatting needed, just load and go....more info
  • Never been disappointed
    I've bought a bunch of these. Always worked well. Don't know about the 8mb cards, but the 4mb cards are a dream....more info
  • expensive SHIPPING!
    I played around with the prices on this and found out several things. If I order this item, $11 in shipping costs is added by the third party supplier! If I get the 2G version, even two of them, those qualify for free shipping from Amazon and come out much cheaper. So check your prices on these before ordering. My hunch is that you can probably pick this 4G up cheaper at your local electronics/computer store......more info
  • Bad experience
    I tried viewing this SD card on my PC and each time it will hang my PC and I will have to restart. I dont know how else to read this confused. The pics in this card are stuck. Please be careful when buying!...more info
  • Beware
    This is a must for loading music to listen to on my Palm TX. But BEWARE of eek Technoligies and buying at this price. They wanted $13.20 for shipping a 2 oz memory card? Buy from someone else even if it is a few dollars more and pay reasonable shipping rates. Don't be fooled by their cheap price they make it up 2x in shippoing charges. When I saw it I cancelled my order.....more info
  • What a Deal
    SanDisk is the leader in SD cards, what great deal 4 GB for under 20 bucks. You can't beat that....more info
  • Great deal for the price
    I bought this for a digital camcorder, works great have had no problems.
    also very useful for transferring data between computers....more info
  • becareful of this card
    Please be careful if you decide on this card; I have had 3 of them go bad on me. After I took pictures and tried to review them, a big question mark came up on my camera screen. ...more info
  • lots of pictures and videos
    it is really fast and allows a lot of HQ pictures and videos... I put it into my new Canon SX100 IS and it works great... and then pluggin the camera to the PC via USB, the pictures and videos go to my hard drive really fast....more info
  • Card Was Used (bought from JoWoW)
    I must admit the fast shipping of this product was awesome, however when I opened the product, it was clearly used as the pins on the card had scratches on them and the label on the card was scratched. I read the item description again and I can't seem to find the word "used" anywhere....more info
  • 4.0 GB card
    An absolute must if you are a musician wanting to record yourself, or others and would have to take many tries to get the final product - a perfect piece. I am a classical guitarist and am recording myself playing several different pieces. If I didn't have a card which held a lot of data, I would be struggling to get a piece perfected before the card filled up. This card can hold plenty of re-takes, and more re-takes, and even more until you finally get it juuuuuuuust right!...more info
  • Advanced Technology!
    Compact storage. Too much information to analyze. So I dragged and dropped whats important. And got rid of the trash. But I'm glad I got it and leanred a lot about it. I have a San Disk reader anyone interested?! The RAM Is worth a lot!...more info
  • Make sure you can read it.
    Standard SD and SDHC cards look identical in size and shape, only SDHC-compatible products will be able to accept the new SDHC cards. SanDisk differentiates its new cards with the new SDHC logo on the card and retail package.

    Now my web research finds that at the time of its release Wes Brewer, vice president of consumer product marketing at SanDisk, said, "In order to provide the easiest and most compatible solution for 4GB and larger capacity SDHC cards in the market, SanDisk chose to bundle its new MicroMate USB 2.0 SD/SDHC compatible card reader, which normally retails for $19.99, with this new card."

    Note this deal does not include a reader.

    In my case the device I bought it for can read it. Without the dedicated reader my year old HP computer cannot ....more info
  • Works fine
    Bought for a new camera and works fine. Many older SD card units won't handle 4GB and larger cards so make sure that yours will. If you are buying this for a PC there are USB adapters for these larger cards. ...more info
  • Huge memory, get this one
    I just bought the Canon PowerShot SD1000 and coupled it with this sandisk
    memory card. Huge memory....4gb. You can shoot high def 30 minute movies
    with the camera. Loads in two seconds, usb out in ten seconds. This is very cheap compared to what memory used to cost. ...more info
  • 4.0 GB SanDisk
    I can't believe how much memory this has. It holds more than I thought. I don't think it will ever get full....more info
  • No more swapping cards
    It's nice to have 4GB in your camera and be able to take pictures at max resolution and not have to worry about running out of space. I've been using SanDisk cards for 6 years now and never had a single problem. Be warned however, if you have a somewhat older digital camera, it may not recognize a card of this size and the card will be useless. I don't know why they don't mention this in the product spec, hence the 4 stars. Check your camera's user manual for max memory capabilities, if any....more info
  • 4GB review
    Good product, lots of storage for pictures or whatever info you want to store on this card....more info