ELK Dual Telephone Line Surge Suppressor Module ELK-955
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Product Description

The Elk Dual Telephone Surge Suppressor is a Two-Line RJ31X/38X Telephone Jack containing solid state transient suppression designed to protect the telephone inputs on an alarm control. It responds to power surges and transients in less than 1 nanosecond, automatically restoring after each surge within the specified ratings. This Surge Suppressor is compact and easy to install and features high quality, clearly labeled screw terminals, 8 pin modular phone connector, built-in tamper loop, and automatic shorting pins for cord removal. It is FCC Registered under part 68 and eliminates the need for a separate RJ31X telephone jack.

  • Superior Solid State Surge Suppression and Rapid Response Time
  • Protects Two Incoming Telephone Lines
  • Clamps Line-To-Line & Line-To-Ground
  • Self-restoring After Surges Within Ratings
  • Convenient Test points For Lineman's Test set