Krusell Multidapt Security Accessory Pack
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Product Description

Krusell¡äs Accessory Packs provide easy access to the complete Multidapt? assortment. Choose between four different packs for four lifestyles and be fully equipped for all occasions!

Security Pack Includes:
•Steel Swivelkit 65
•Retractable Strap
•Slide Swivelkit
•Metal knob
•Plastic knob

  • Description: Security Pack, Package Contains: Steel Swivel Kit, Retractable Strap, Slide Swivel kit, Car Holder Kit, Metal knob, Plastic knob
  • Steel Swivel Kit - Sometimes plastic is not just enough. So, for extreme environments, this holder keeps the phone case firmly attached to the Belt Holder. Made from stainless steel with a dye-cast metal button, this holder is guaranteed to stay secure in the harshest of conditions.
  • Retractable Strap - The Retractable Strap Swivel kit allows for easy access to phones, MP3-players, keys, entrance cards, etc. Keep your device safe and always in the right position thanks to the adjustable wire! The wire built in is able to stretch to 3 ft long, allow easy and secure access to cell phones, PDA, GPS and etc.
  • Slide Swivel kit - Great for people who need their phone case in different ways depending on the situation, the Slide Swivel Kit is fitted with a special clip to ensure the case firmly attached to the trouser lining, belt, pocket, etc
  • Car Holder Kit - With the Car Holder Kit: Phones, GPS and PDA can be easily mounted inside your car, boat, home, etc. The Car Holder Kit is mounted by adhesive tape or screwed into the dashboard.