Net Nanny 5.5 Web Filtering Parental Control Software
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Product Description

Net Nanny 5.5 Web Filtering Parental Control Software. Net Nanny™ is a powerful, yet simple-to-install parental control solution that helps you protect your children and monitor their Internet use. More than an Internet Filter, it is peace of mind. Blocks Pornography and Protects Families and Children. Much more important than how it works, is that you know that Net Nanny does work. You have the peace of mind of knowing that you are protecting your children and family. Net Nanny can block not only pornography, but hate sites, questionable chat rooms and other dangers of the Internet. You can even configure Net Nanny to block online game and gambling sites, and even make it so your children can only install and play computer games with parental ratings that you deem appropriate. Integration With Popular Search Engines. The new Net Nanny integrates seamlessly with "Safe Search" options found in popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Dogpile, AltaVista, Lycos, AllTheWeb, and MSN. This means your children can't search on a search engine and even see links to blocked sites. This new feature enables better protection against pornographic images when doing an "image only" search. If a child attempts to turn off the safe search capability from the search engine, Net Nanny will turn it back on in real-time as the search is occurring. The only way to bypass the safe search is with your unique administrator password, which only you as the parent knows. Believe it o

Customer Reviews:
  • I guess I didn't read the features close enough
    I really liked the idea that I could download this product for free for a 14-day trial. After hours and hours of reading reviews, I felt like a ping pong ball. It turns out that sometimes the best way to evaluate is to test drive it yourself! So that's what I did.
    What I found was that the software was extremely easy to download and set up. I liked that I could block out time zones for my kids and limit their time online. I also liked that it did a GREAT job of blocking objectionable content. It also sent me lots of emails to let me know that certain things were being blocked. It even told me when it was handing out warnings (I'm not really sure what the point of these warnings are, now that I think about it. It seemed kind of cool when I first set them up, but in reality it didn't really mean anything -- to me or my son.)
    My main problem with this software is that it doesn't cover email or IM, and those are two things I'm very concerned about.
    So, in the end, I guess it was my own fault that I didn't read the product features description closely enough. All that research made me go blind I guess. I wish I could say that I had found the product that did exactly what I was hoping, but for now I'm back into the review pool, wading through all of the information....more info
  • Works Well, But....
    Net Nanny 5.5 effectively blocks users from internet content that parents deem inappropriate (not only porn, but news or hate/violence, etc.). Parents can select what types of websites and online activities to block their children from viewing or using. Should individual sites mistakingly be blocked, they can be individually set as an exception. Also, the program may be de-activated with a user-set password. In fact, all changes to Net Nanny require this password. Overall, Net Nanny 5.5 works as advertised, and works very well.

    Perhaps a little too well. Net Nanny protects itself so deeply in the system that attempts to tamper with it in the registry or with third-party programs can cause serious damage to the operating system of the computer.

    I had installed and run Spyware Doctor to block spyware from my system; Spyware Doctor mistakingly identified Net Nanny as a malicious program and blocked key aspects of it from operating as well as deleting several Net Nanny files. After a re-start, Windows would boot up but no longer connect to the internet; I could no longer move files, and certain programs failed to run at all. System Restore would no longer work, even in safe mode, and I couldn't re-install Net Nanny because it requires an internet connection to do so.

    Thanks to this Catch-22, I had to install Windows on a fresh hard disk in order to utilize my old files. While this may seem to be more of a complaint for Spyware Doctor, it demonstrates that Net Nanny is protected so deeply in the system that if anything goes wrong with it, it can wreak serious havoc in the operating system.

    Another complaint about this program is that it runs without regard to Windows profiles. While profile settings can be established, an additional password is required once you log in. It's easier just to use the same settings for everyone and use the master password to shut Nanny Nanny down if it becomes a nuisance.

    Overall all, Net Nanny delivers on its promise to keep minors away from unwanted internet content, but the program protection is deeply rooted and therefore poses a potential risk to the operating system should anything go wrong....more info