Vehicle Safeguard Video Recording Camera
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Accidents can happen at any time, without notice. As is often the case after an accident, we are disoriented and don't always remember everything just prior to the impact. Law enforcement uses what you say immediately following an accident to assess fault that could adversely affect your financial well being. Sometimes, we don't clearly remember the conditions of the road, weather, and traffic immediately following an accident. The Vehicle Safeguard will help solve that problem. Record the conditions of the road, weather, and traffic directly from your dashboard. Supply objective and direct evidence to insurance companies and law enforcement if needed. Protect your family with objective evidence. The Vehicle Safeguard will supply you with peace of mind as you navigate your way through streets and highways. Installation is a snap. You will have your vehicle monitored in minutes. The Vehicle Safeguard even has two power options: 12V DC power through the cigarette lighter or two AA batteries. Secure the cradle to the dashboard and place the main recording unit inside the cradle. Use anywhere from a 128MB to 2GB SD card to store the recordings. Finally, you will need to set the recording angle. A red spot light will shine in the direction of the recording, at the center of the recording. Adjust the angle of the camera with the cradle. That's it! Now that you have the Vehicle Safeguard installed in just minutes, your road trips will have a certain peace of mind never before experienced. Video is recorded in AVI format, which is compatible with any PC. The best part is that the next scenic drive you take can also be captured on video. Not only do you get to experience safety while driving, but you also get to relive those scenic drives you take through the valleys on the way to your favorite getaway. Order today and have peace of mind in your vehicle in just minutes.

  • Measurements: 18.25" x 6.125" x 2.25"
  • Weighs: 1lb
Customer Reviews:
  • Excellent camera with low prices!
    I purchased this for my brand new Mercedes. It works great! The infra-red focus on this in car camera is superb. You can actually see everything in front of you or in back of you while driving. Someone hit my car from the side a while ago. Even though it was his fault, he still blames me for running a red light. But the recording on this camera clearly showed that my light was green when his car ran into me. I showed this footage to the insurance company and won!...more info
  • Not Ready for Prime Time
    Google the Vehicle Safeguard and you will see find a video or two that demonstrates the rather excellent quality of the image produced by the camera (for such a light, small device). Unfortunately, that's the only good news there is to report. On my unit, the laser was not centered as described in print, instead was way off , near (but not exactly) the upper right corner. With a unit this small, just twisting the device a fraction of an inch to guess where center-frame really is, will make the center of the frame off by a foot or more. I returned mine only to have it replaced with another which possessed the exact same defect. Even if you try to compensate for this by knowing the laser shows the upper right of the frame, the laser is invisible in daylight, so you have to try to set it up at night, when the high lux requirement of the lens makes the camera itself useless: you ride in blackness except for oncoming headlights. For battery operation you will go through three triple A batteries every four or so hours of driving. The vehicle power option (included with the unit) has a less than thought-out design, making it not only blatantly obtrusive as it connects to the top of the unit, but impractical as well. Since many vehicles have a sloped windshield, trying to get the camera close to the windshield becomes geometrically impossible. It also appears you are tailgating when you are not. One of the online videos I saw shows a car following another as it commits that violation. When I played my own recording I appeared to be doing the same tailgating--when I clearly was not. It took a 2 gig card just fine, but the loop that begins the cycle over has a delay of roughly five or six seconds. Wouldn't it be a kick if that's when an accident occurred? And why not have it turn on automatically with vehicle power so you don't forget? Applause for attempting an inexpensive device that I believe would find a market, but for constantly providing an accurate record of what occurs just beyond my windshield, I will wait for version 2.0. (My purchase was not from this seller and therefore reflects only the device.)...more info
  • stay away like the plague Ultra cheap product not worht 80
    At first when I purchased this I assumed it would provide some decent recording of my driving. However, it just doesn't work well.

    The video is very grainy. The device itself is ultra cheap. You can feel the cheap plastic that is used for this device. It feels like it is about to melt when I am driving under the sun. The buttons haven't broken yet, but because of the way they are designed, will be embedded into the unit if you press too hard.

    Worst of all, this device does not work with batteries. I don't know why. Also if you wish to use the car charger, the a/c hole is on TOP of the unit! It does not look good already having the unit placed on the dash but now a wire sticking out from top just looks worse.

    Sure, it was pretty flashy cover box; however this Made in China brand is probably worth only $10 dollars. No response from my seller duangnapas.

    Stay away like the plague!!!

    Oh yea, just like to add it does provide a 3M sticker, which is probably the most expensive part of the unit. Then might be bootleg....more info