Opteka RC-7 Wireless Remote Control for Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT, ELAN 7NE, K2 & T2
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Product Description

The Opteka RC-7 remote control makes taking group photos easy by allowing you to take pictures away from the camera. The RC-7 allows the selection of either a 2-second shutter delay or instant shutter release. Will work on Digital Rebel, XT, XTi, Elan 7ne, 7n, 7e, T2, K2

  • Wireless camera operation for Digital Rebel, XT and most film EOS (see list below)
  • Allows for shutter release up to 16 feet
  • Instant or 2-second shutter release delay
  • Makes group photos easy
  • Battery included, Typical Battery Life - up to 2 years, 10,000 exposures
Customer Reviews:
  • Good product, flimsy plastic.
    This remote works great, though it has a narrow field it needs to be in to see the sensor on my camera. The only real complaint is that it took me a little while to figure out which way the battery is supposed to sit in the battery compartment, and I ripped the plastic trim around where the battery slides into the remote. It's really tricky getting that battery compartment opened, but I figure for 12 bucks, I'll just get another one when it breaks.

    All in all, it's functionality is flawless so far, both for bulb exposures and regular or timed shooting. So that's all that matters to me. I'm using it w,/ an Oly E-410....more info
  • Never worked with my Rebel XTi
    I tested with this remote extensively, and it has never worked for my XTi. I even bought another remote to replace it (a cheap (hong kong) RC-4 compatible from ebay) and that has worked fine! I bought extra batteries, swapped with the battery that came with my RC-4, and still to no avail... this remote has been $15 wasted....more info
  • Worthless
    No point in buying this product for your Canon EOS, it pretty much doesnt work with any of them. ...more info
  • Not worth it
    I received my remote, and it flat out didn't work. 47th St Camera very kindly sent me another brand,(Micnova) which did work. I wish I'd spent a few more dollars and bought the Canon unit instead, just because of the aggravation of having to get a replacement, return the defective one, etc....more info
  • Remote Thoughts
    I purchased the Opteka Remote and when it arrived it had no battery protector. Purchased new battery. Remote still did not work. Please be aware that there are two types of Canon XTi's. A first batch and a second batch. One of the batches works with the remote, the other does not. Of course, no one knows which batch is the compatible one. I then purchased the Canon Remote for my XTi, worked first time. Comes with a strap holder. You can attach and detach the remote from the strap holder. No camera setting up. Just make sure you set the camera to remote / timer setting to allow the camera to talk to the remote. My advise, get the Canon. Don't buy the Opteka Remote unless YOU know your Canon XTi is the compatible one. However, other Opteka products work just great with my XTi....more info
  • Canon XTi
    I wanted to share my experience with 47th Street Photo as I received excellent service. I purchased three items for my Canon rebel XTi (Samsonite Microfiber Deluxe Camera Bag, Opteka 1200mAh and Opteka RC-7 Wireless Remote). The only problem I had was with the Canon remote, it would not work with my Canon XTi. I emailed the support that replied back within 24hrs and suggested I try a few things to trouble shoot. After these failed the support offered to send out a replacement or pay an extra $10 for the original canon remote. I paid the extra $10 and received the new working remote within two days. I would suggest if you are looking for a remote for the Canon Rebel XTi, pay the extra $10. ...more info
  • Opteka RC-7 is poor quality
    Ordered the Opteka RC-7 from 47th Street Photo. It was DOA (dead). Checked the battery, it was fine. Emailed 47th St. Photo one week ago with no reply to date. Tried calling them during normal business hours, no answer. Needless to say, very disappointed. Is this a fly-by-night outfit?...more info
  • Poorly made great idea
    This remote shipped without the plastic separator so that the battery was dead when it arrived. A new battery showed that it worked great with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT and the XTi. Two days later the battery was dead. Not very good for something sitting on a table top....more info
  • Does not work, bad UI
    Terrible manual, terrible user interface, does not work with the camera as specified. What a piece of junk. Most importantly, the battery did not have a protective piece of plastic and so it was shipped live and now the battery is dead upon receipt. Opteka will never get another penny out of me....more info
  • A complete failure.
    I tested the Opteka RC-7 Wireless Remote on my Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT and on my XTi. I used the Opteka directions and those supplied by Canon for each camera. The Opteka activated the XT once but froze the camera for regular, shutter-driven operations. I had to purge all settings to restore operations. The Opteka did not work at all on the XTi. Don't buy this product....more info
  • Just Fine, thank you
    after reading the negative reviews, I've done extensive testing with this unit. I've had absolutely zero problem under any test scenario I can think up.

    I'm quite pleased with the thing. ...more info
  • Opteka RC-7 Review
    Small, easy to use.

    Seems less sensitive, sometimes does not work. I think I may hold it in a signal dead zone. I had to swing around to find the right spot, then it'll work OK....more info
  • If in doubt --get it!
    This works great. You just have tio remember which button works for your camera (it's a multi-camera control). It's easy to use and it works. You just have to make shure it's getting the attention of the IR of your camera, which obviously makes sense and is not hard to do.
    Get it.
    ...more info
  • Does not work with my XTI
    I also am one of those unfortunate to have an XTI that it does not work with....more info
  • Very happy with this item
    I am very pleased with this remote. It's much cheaper than the Canon remote and it's useful for many other cameras. It works out to about 10 feet in front of the camera in or just out of the field of view. The number of buttons are a bit confusing, but after a few times you figure out which ones to press. I am using it with a Canon XTi and it works fine. As another reviewer suggested maybe it does not work with certain XTi's....more info
  • Ok.
    No problems with this except that there are too many buttons for other cameras taking up space. I wish I had got the canon only remote which only has one big button. Easier when trying to take pictures!...more info
  • Remote
    Have been using it with my XTi and I'm loving it. Almost bought the Canon one for 2x the price but then I saw this one.

    ...more info
  • Does not work with Digital Rebel XTi
    as noted before, this does not work with my new model of the Digital Rebel XTi, incompatible. Purchase Canon's remote and not Opteka's for this camera....more info
  • Not a recommended buy for Xti Users
    Even though in its description, it claims to be compatible with Rebel Xti. After opening the package and setting my Xti to self timer/remote, I clicked the button and nothing happened.....

    I called tech support and apparently it works with only "some" XTis. They're sending me a new Canon RC1 remote for the $10 difference.

    If you own an Xti, I recommend spending the extra $10 and getting one that you know will work. ...more info
  • This is not a good thing to purchase
    when I first received and tried this remote I thought the battery must be dead so I bought a new one and it still didn't work so I wouldn't recomend buying it. Although the company that sold it might make it right you still have the time and money invested to get a good one....more info
  • lovely little remote control
    I bought this remote control for my Canon SLR in hopes of saving money by avoiding the one-button Canon version for a few dozen dollars more.

    This remote control lived up to my expectations: it is very small and it does what it is supposed to do.

    Once you find the buttons for whatever camera you use, the "S" button means 1 second and the "2S" button means 2 seconds until the camera shoots. Remember to put your camera into the timer mode to use the remote. If you are in AF mode, the remote will make the camera focus and shoot, and if you are in MF mode, it will, of course, just shoot to your pre-determined focus.

    I do mostly close-range highly-detailed photography and the true reason I purchased it is to shave off 8 seconds off the timer - almost any physical contact with the camera (even on a sturdier tripod) can and will cause the end result to be out of focus due to movement - "been there done that." And waiting the full 10 seconds is a waste of my time.

    The only major limitation with this remote control lies in your camera and its location of the wireless receiver: the remote has to be in clear view of the camera's sensor.

    I haven't had to change the battery yet, thus I can not comment on that aspect. ...more info
  • good, could be better
    I got this remote so I could shoot pictures of myself, without using the timer. It basically does the job, it's just that the remote feels cheap, and is a little temperamental. It takes a few pushes of the button to work, and the remote must be in direct sight with the camera. With those drawbacks, it's tough to get a natural pose. You're hoping it will work on the first push....more info
  • Bird shots are so easy now.
    The RC7 has been work fantastic. I have been placing my Canon a few feet from my bird feeder and sitting still in my chair. The shots have been great, only requiring a little cropping.

    To the above reviewer, this item is for a remote made for Canon digital SLR cameras. Why would you assume that it works for Pentax???? Lol
    ...more info
  • Fully compatible ir remote for cheap
    A long time user of Opteka's canon battery grip for the rebel, I was confidante that this remote would work as stated. The remote shutter works great. It is very light and made well. I saved about $10 by choosing the Opteka remote instead of the Canon one.

    That fact that it also will work for other brand cameras was the icing on the cake. I am a camera addict that owns many Nikon, Olympus, and Sony cameras. *Golf Clap*...more info