RF Link 5.8GHz Wireless Outdoor Color Camera Kit
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Product Description

Receiver supports up to 4 cameras (channel 2-4 sold separately)Built-in night vision up to 7m and microphone for audio monitoringBuilt-in channel-looping functionTransmission rage up to 300' with clear line-of-sightSuitable for monitoring children and elders and widely used in theft prevention home security etcIncludes 1 wireless 1st channel color camera receiver antenna RCA-to-mini plug cable mounting kit and power adapter

  • Receiver support up to 4 cameras
  • Built-in night vision up to 7m and microphone for audio monitoring
  • Transmission rage up to 300' with clear line-of-sight
  • Suitable for monitoring children and elders, and widely used in theft prevention, home security, etc
Customer Reviews:
  • Very nice for an entry-level camera
    I've recently had the "opportunity" to try out several different do-it-yourself security cameras to set up some surveillance to try and catch a vandal. Once I figured out that I really needed something positioned outdoors I first tried an Astak 2.4 GHz camera set and was dismayed to find that I just couldn't get reliable reception. I think there are just too many wireless networks around my place jamming the 2.4 GHz band all the time. Besides that, turning on a microwave anywhere in the vicinity of the camera or receiver totally knocked out the signal.

    So, I decided to try this 5.8 GHz version and was very pleasantly surprised. The camera seems to be identical in every regard to the one that came with the Astak kit except for the change in the transmitting frequency - and that made all the difference. Now I get clear, stable reception that doesn't get knocked out by wireless networks, phones, or microwaves. The picture quality is now good enough to run motion detection software without it getting confused by the static I had in the 2.4 GHz camera's signal (I'm running the signal into my computer via a video capture device). The image is TV quality (standard definition, of course, about 640x480) and the sound that comes through the microphone channel is really quite good. If you purchase additional cameras for the other three channels that the receiver can handle, it has a nice channel selection scheme that let's you choose what channel is displayed manually, or you can let it cycle through the available channels displaying each for a few seconds.

    I give it 4 stars instead of 5 because the color quality could be improved. Grays look fine, but any bright or saturated colors come through quite washed out. Other than that, this little camera works great, even at night with a couple of yard lights that aren't unusually bright by any means. The only thing I haven't really tested is the effectiveness of the IR LEDs for enhancing night vision. But, let's be honest with ourselves, one ring of LEDs won't do much unless the subject is a couple feet away, so they probably shouldn't be viewed as much more than a gimmick.

    Overall, a nice entry-level system that for me was definitely worth the higher price to get out of the 2.4 GHz band....more info