Opteka RC-7 Wireless Remote Control for Olympus Evolt E-510, E-500, E-410, & E-330
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The Opteka RC-7 remote control makes taking group photos easy by allowing you to take pictures away from the camera. The RC-7 allows the selection of either a 2-second shutter delay or instant shutter release. Will work on Olympus Evolt E-510, E-500, E-410, & E-330

  • Wireless camera operation for Olympus Evolt E-510, E-500, E-410, & E-330 (see list below)
  • Allows for shutter release up to 16 feet
  • Instant or 2-second shutter release delay
  • Makes group photos easy
  • Battery included, Typical Battery Life - up to 2 years, 10,000 exposures
Customer Reviews:
  • Opteka Wireless Remote for Olympus E-500
    One needs to play a lot with it to use all the power of the Opteka but, if you have a DSR, you can figure it out. The instructions suck rocks and that is a huge but singular deficiency. Pull the plastic tab to connect the battery and this remote shutter release is ready to go.

    Fire from the rather narrow front window of the E-500 and it takes a series of pictures that make me smile from ear to ear. ...more info
  • The worst remote ever made
    I was VERY disappointed with this remote. it came with the most awful set of instructions, if you could even call it that! It is cheaply made, very flimsy, and a real piece of junk. If you read this review, save yourself a lot of aggravation and money and look for another remote!!!...more info
  • Great after I got one that worked
    The first remote sent me didn't work. When I emailed 47th Street Photo's support they sent me a new remote that works very well. Good prompt service. 5 stars if only it worked the first time....more info
  • You get what you pay for..
    The remote worked perfectly For about a month then it completely died.
    I'm getting another, but I'm going to pay a little more and get a higher quality product this time.

    Sorry Opteka, I'm just not impressed with yours....more info
  • I think it's waterproof!
    I bought this for an Olympus e-510 and it has worked great. It also worked immediately for my brother's Rebel XTi.

    Aside from what it is supposed to do, I recently had this remote in a non-waterproof pouch in an extremely heavy rainstorm. The remote and fiber cloths in the pouch were very very wet. I didn't try to use it right away but it did work the next day.

    EDIT: The remote has stopped working. Maybe the moisture finally screwed it up. I'm somewhat disappointed but it's ok. I found that my RM-2 remote from my old Olympus C770 UZ WORKS W/ MY e-510! So I guess I don't need to buy a new one....more info
  • Poor quality
    Product is of very cheap construction - battery compartment lip breaks easily when you access battery. Dissapointing......more info
  • Opteka RC-7 Wireless Remote Control
    I bought the wireless remote to use with my Olympus E-510 camera. The remote works perfectly and I recommend it to anyone seeking a less expensive option to the Olympus brand....more info
  • With Olympus E-510, All 3 Advertised Buttons Work
    I have only used the RC-7 with an Olympus E-510. It also has separate sets of buttons for Minolta, Nikon, Pentax, and two varieties of Canons.
    The E-510's own manual only documents the usefulness of three buttons of their brand of remote; Normally only shutter release (S). In manual BULB mode, the W and T buttons will open and close the shutter manually. The - and + buttons are not documented in the E-510's manual. So it's not shocking that on the RC-7 the + and - don't do anything; working as Olympus designed. Olympus apparently only enables these buttons on other models of cameras.

    I've used the RC-7 to snap pictures of the moon without shaking the camera on the tripod. Worked great.

    Some reviews have complained that the remote doesn't work. Mine appeared to be brand new, but didn't have any plastic tab isolating the battery. It worked right out of the box. Well, that's after I figured out that I had to go through the E-510's drive-mode menu to enable the E-510's ability to react to a remote (top left of camera, left silver button closest to user, near flash button). With this button, you can set the camera to snap a pic immediately after clicking the remote's shutter release button, or to wait two seconds and then snap the pic. RTFM.

    If you're in doubt as to whether the RC-7 is sending a signal, then put your camera into live view mode (where you can see the image on the LCD). Then point the remote towards the lens and press and hold any button on the remote. The human eye can't see the signal, but when it is translated onto the LCD screen, there is a noticeable pulsing light from the remote when it's working. If you can't see it, try again in a dark room. Alternatively, try viewing the signal with another digital camera or camcorder - they all should be able to see/reveal it. (You won't see this through any camera's optical viewfinder.)

    The RC-7 is a better value than the Olympus version, and it can control other camera brands that you may already have, or buy in the future. Or maybe you have another Olympus model that actually has a use for the + and - buttons....more info
  • DOA
    The product was dead on arrival. The instructions said to remove the protective stripe from the battery. There was non. I called 17th Street Photo, they said that maybe the battery was dead. I checked it with my Volt-Ohm meter .... checked OK. They said they'd send me a new one. They never did.
    ...more info
  • Works great!
    I purchased this wireless remote for my Olympus Evolt E-510 camera. The build seems a little cheap (battery door feels a little flimsy), and the battery that came with it was dead when I got it (I wasn't sure if the remote was working or not until I replaced the battery), but the remote works very well. I brought it with me on vacation, and was able to get really great group shots and it really came in handy. It even works at a range of 30 feet too!

    Overall, it was definitely worth the purchase, however, the the build quality could be a little better....more info
  • remote
    first why i gave it two people read all stars of review so I wanted them to think first. secondly read the reviews on the original olympus remote some does not work either , so this leaves me to belive that the problem might be with the cameras as well YES your camera. If u go to buy your camera u may be better off testing a remote with the camera at the same time, u will fear much better than buying online u will get both that works or just prepare to lozzzze & if it works jump for joy .So for me why looozzze $24 when u could only looozzzzeee $12. Bottom lint to hell with the remote get the triger switch it is direce conection or use 12 .second timer how long does it take to get in front the camera anyways. CHRISTOPHER IT DID NOT WORK.

    After messing around with this remote I found a peice of plastic stuck in the battery compartment I took a needle & remove the chunk of plastic and tested the remote again , after a few test the remote worked and is still working. WEEEEHHHHAAAA ,YYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSS. I THINK NOW I GOT MY MONEYS WORTH AS I DID NOT RETURNED OR DUMP IT . Yes it work 2 days after I found what was wrong. Now I am HAPPY....more info
  • Mirror, mirror, in front of the camera
    My wife asked me to make digital copies of some turn-of-the-century photographs so I bought a camera stand, a macro lens, and this wireless remote. The problem, of course, is the remote has to be in front of the camera, which was only a few inches above the old photograph. The solution was a small mirror, propped slightly out of the camera's view, next to the photograph. The remote then worked perfectly from behind (above) the camera, just by pointing it at the mirror. ...more info
  • good remote, poor company
    When I got the remote it wouldn't work, so like many others I got a new battery, put it in, and then it worked. The little button to press to open the battery slot had obviously been used before and was pretty marked up so it was not a new remote like it was supposed to be. The remote works well, it is pretty direct so it takes awhile to get the hang of pointing it the exact right way, but for the price it is worth it. Just remember that you may have to either pay $5 more to buy a battery when you get it, or wait a few more weeks for them to send you another one....more info
  • Waste Product !!!
    I bought it for my XTi, and it never worked. Reading other reviews, initially i thought that the battary was dead. I tried it againd with the new battary. But no result.
    I couldn't even return the damn thing. I'd recomment not to buy it. ...more info
  • Opteka RC-7 Wireless Remote Control
    The first remote that they sent did not work so they sent another by post and it works just fine on my Olympus E330 and E510. I have not tried it on any other brand (it's good for Canon, Pentax, Nikon and Minolta too)but when I go to the next Camera Club meeting we will certainly try it out. Thanks, for a good and reasonably priced remote.

    EL...more info
  • Does exactly what it says
    I purchased the remote for my Olympus E-510. It has buttons on it for a number of different makes and models of cameras, but the only part I was concerned with was the buttons on top.

    There are 5 Olympus buttons on the remote. Two are digital zoom buttons for point and shoot cameras, two are for controlling something similiar to the aperature (but not it...I'm kinda new at the DSLR lingo), and the last is the capture button.

    The most important thing to note about the record button is that its only one stage. This being the case, you have to make sure the camera is already focused and set up before you use the remote to actually take the picture. I have found it's use to be best when either taking self portraits, or when using slow shutter speeds where you can't be moving the camera at all when you click capture.

    All in all, for only $12.95 this was an excellent purchase. ...more info
  • Inexpensive, no burden to carry and it does the job
    My headline pretty much summarizes this product. Costing much less than either the Olympus wireless remote control or Olympus wired shutter release, this little remote control is small and lightweight enough to carry in your camera bag at all times. It worked flawlessly with my Olympus Evolt E-510 right out of the box. The camera's infrared sensor must, of course, be turned on for it to work and the remote control must be pointed at the sensor. Not having to rush to get in front of the camera before the self-timer trips the shutter is a luxury for those who want to photograph themselves alone or in a group. Great product at a great price....more info
  • Opteka RC-7
    I got mine from 47th St Photo. I bought three. The batteries were dead. 47th paid for new batteries and they work great with my Olympus Evolt 500. I've used it outside in low sun angles and indoors. It is very useful and handy. It will also allow you to page through the pictures in your camera while you have the video cord hooked up to your TV....more info
  • Haven't got it to work well
    We've tried new batteries in the remote and we've held it at every distance and angle, but its only worked once from about 6 inches away. ...more info
  • Nifty little remote
    I bought this remote for my Husband for Christmas, He loves it! It took a few minutes for the remote to work. I think the remote just needed a few seconds to recognize the camera. It still glitches every once in a while, but overall works consistantly.

    The remote also works well from a distance. We tried it from 100 feet away and the camera took the picture.

    We love the fact that this remote works with multiple cameras. We used it with our Olympus E-500 and the next day with our friend's digital Canon rebel. Great idea for family reunions when every body wants a picture. Just set up all the compatible cameras and click away!

    We can't figure out what the + and - buttons are for. They definitely don't zoom the camera. The W and T buttons are for the bulb function on an SLR. If you set your shutter speed to BULB then the W takes the picture and the T stops the picture...or vise versa, can't remember, only tried it once.

    Overall it's an excellent buy!...more info
  • Remote for Olympus e500
    Remote works as described and for a lot less than the Olympus brand. I would recomend this remote to anyone....more info
  • wireless remote does the job
    Although there are a lot of buttons on the remote, it is a simple remote to figure out. It works at a good distance (at least 20 feet) from multiple angles. It makes family pictures as well as shots where you need to keep your hands off the camera for shakiness....more info
  • what more do you want
    small, works very well with my e-500. a friend got one after seeing mine.
    very inexpencive, i payed more for after market wired remote for my minolta....more info
  • Nice Remote
    It works really well with my evolt e-510 but the battery is dead when i got it the seller....more info
  • Opteka Remote for E-300 SLR
    The Product works perfect for shooting pictures. However, for only one thing. It needs more detailed instructions on how to use the + and - better. Other than that if you want to take pictures without shaking your camera or taking pictures of yourself, then it does the job. Marry Christmas...more info
  • WOrks very well and much cheaper then the actual Olympus remote.
    I have had no problems with this remote on most of my Olympus cameras. Shutter control is very fast, no delay and the range is very good. It is very light and small. I would give it 6 stars if possible. ...more info
  • Good basic remote
    The Opteka remote control unit is conveniently small. The 4 buttons at the top were dedicated to Olympus (I have an E510), but there are buttons for other major brands. The unit works with the built-in sensor in your camera. While it is meant to be used from in front of the camera, I was able to trigger the shutter from behind while indoors ( I haven't tried it outside yet, or at distances over 5ft.).

    The W and T functions are turned on when your camera is in BULB mode (dial to max shutter time) so you can manually open and close the shutter. I can't figure out what the + and - buttons do (they exist on Olympus' remote too) but there is no explanation for them in the Olympus manual. The RC-7 comes with minimal information. The remote works fine and offers control for 4 other brands of camera. At $12.95, it's about half the price of the Olympus remote.

    Follow up: I've been using the remote for about a month now and have found it useful for quick hands-off shutter release (instead of using a shtter delay). I have upgraded my original review from 3 to 4 stars (though the edit won't let me change the stars)....more info
  • remote for slr
    The remote is easy to use. Not dedicated to my slr but works just fine.It was very inexpensive and I received it in two days.I am very satified....more info