Samsung SGH-U600 Unlocked Cell Phone with 3.2 MP Camera, MP3/Video Player, MicroSD--International Version with No Warranty (Sapphire Blue)
List Price: $549.99

Our Price: $242.99

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  • Unlocked for use with your existing GSM 850 MHz, GSM 900 MHz, GSM 1800 MHz or GSM 1900 MHz service provider and SIM card. Note: This phone does not come with service or a SIM card.
  • Bluetooth technology lets you talk hads and wire free
  • 3+ Megapixel camera lets you take print quality photos on the go
  • Video Capture takes your camera to the next level
  • Packed with an array of powerful technologies - 3 mega-pixel camera, TV-out capability, Bluetooth? technology and a 60MB memory
Customer Reviews:
    the phone is so light and small and super cute. texting is simple...reception is great...usage is EASY...but the camera is ehhh...still love it though. i have dropped it seven times...maybe more...but it still works the same...just a few scratches. the user manual was in different languages (every european language but no english). the battery lasts so long too....i use it very often and only have to charge it once every 3 days or so. i only paid $75 for a new one but i would pay $200....more info
  • Major Flaw, watch out !!
    The "touch" sensitive call button on this phone goes off ALL the time. Its impossible to fiddle with your phone, especially when you are scrolling through your contacts and not touch the call button accidentally. I have mistakenly called various persons in my contact list with out wanting to. Very, Very, Very, annoying especially when you end up calling someone you are not intimate with. This is a MAJOR flaw and makes this phone WORTHLESS regardless of its many other features !!! Do not buy, you will regret it!!
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  • Overall happy with this stylish phone
    Pros: Looks, large bright screen, slim design, user interface

    Cons: Might be fragile. I'm afraid if I drop it, the phone will be ruined.

    Overall: First, ignore the reviews from from others who claim this phone is slow. The only slow opperation I experience is the camera can take a few seconds to auto-focus. You can speed this time up by pressing the camera button half way, causing it to auto-focus and take the picture quicker.

    I also have no problems the touch buttons. The touch buttons lock and unlock exactly as if they read my mind. Maybe I have a newer firmware that works better. My phone was manufactured in Jan 2008.

    This phone looks great. It is not a common phone in North America or Australasia (regions I travel and live in). Everyone thinks its slick.

    As a phone, the call quality is fine. Nothing good or bad to report. It works well and I seem to always have a high signal bar.

    The MP3 player works good. Its not quite a dedicated MP3 player. However, when I am out and only have pockets to carry my stuff (no backpack or work bag), I now leave my flash MP3 player (Zune) at home. This phone is a good enough MP3 player for walking around town and on the bus, etc. I would not have bought a small flash MP3 player if I knew I was buying a phone that does music. I would have bought a larger hard-drive based player, since I now never carry an MP3 music player in my pockets (the whole reason for a small player). I only carry my MP3 player when I have a bag with me, so its size doesn't matter.

    If you do want to listen to music with this phone, spend a few dollars and buy an adapter the lets you plug your own headphones in the phone. I got one on Ebay for $5. Its a huge difference over the stock headphones, of course. Although the stock ones have a built in microphone, which lets you transfer from calls to music seamlessly. It really is nice.

    The camera seems very good to me. Other reviews like the photo quality, so take their word too. Lots of photo options, almost too many. The few pictures I have taken so far are very good considering this is a phone, they are better than my last generation digital camera!

    The biggest negative I can see about this phone is I think it won't survive a drop from my hands. My previous phones were all candy bar type. This is my first phone that slides or flips open. The slider combined with the extreme thinness has me worried about dropping it or breaking it by being too rough.

    I haven't used the phone enough to comment on battery life. It does have a very large and bright screen, which probably uses more power. I tend to play MP3s as I walk, which probably makes my battery life lower too. I would suspect any phone's battery life is lower when used to play music.

    Overall I am happy with this purchase.

    I will come back in few months and update this review with comments on long term use.

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  • Samsung has Created a Beauty
    No question about it, Samsung has created a beauty in the Ultra Edition 10.9, also known as the SGH-U600. This Phone is a a minimalist in design, with buttons kept to a minimum. The Two silver Receive and Reject Buttons are actually Touch Sensitive pads and so are the two LED lines on top of them. A couple of times i accidentally called people because my fingers would brush across the call button.

    The U600 slides beautifully but the screen is somehow attracted to my fingerprints, The Display quality of the phone is brilliant though. The Music was Ok though it would be better if their was a 3.5mm audio out. The audio Jack that came with the phone tripples as a charger and a USB Jack. so it limits the headphones that we can use, because i fine the attached microphone to the headphones annoying.

    The 3.2MP camera shot clear outdoor and indoor pictures, but it did not handle low light shots well, specially not in dark places, the U600's small bluish camera light could not do its job of illuminating dark places well. The camera responded slowly also. The unit comes with an embedded 60mb memory and support for expansion with a microSD slot.

    Overall the SGH-600 won me over with its sleek look and slender design.But there are a few things about it that is just not right.

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