Eikon Digital Privacy Manager (USB fingerprint reader) - works with Firefox, Windows Vista, and now Mac
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Product Description

The Eikon(TM) Digital Privacy Manager combines the award-winning Eikon USB peripheral fingerprint reader with the same Protector Suite QL software currently shipping on millions of notebook PCs today. The Eikon addresses the growing need for a simpler and more secure way to protect important personal information from threats such as phishing, password dictionary attacks, and malicious software. Rather than using simple or redundant passwords on multiple sites, PC users can now choose complex passwords and let the Eikon remember them automatically! For Mac users, the Eikon provides a quick and secure method of unlocking Keychain; which allows them to manage usernames and passwords, digital certificates, keys, and private notes. In addition to easier access to their growing number of password-protected web accounts, PC users also enjoy the following benefits by simply swiping their finger: 1) Respond to Windows? Vista(TM) UAC requests to enter an administrator password for tasks such as software installations or configuration changes; 2) Quickly and Securely logon to a computer; 3) Lock/unlock a computer and rapidly switch between user accounts; 4) Launch favorite applications by assigning specific fingers for each one. The Eikon fingerprint reader won the prestigious Consumer Electronics Association (CES) Best of Innovations Award in 2007. The bundled Protector Suite for Mac and Protector Suite QL software is compatible with Mac Leopard and Windows Vista, XP Home and Professional, 2003 and 2000 operating systems respectively. WARNING: This product does not support Apple Open Directory. Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: $54.99. Price at Amazon: $49.99.

  • Log on to your computer with the swipe of your finger
  • Switch user accounts easily and securely
  • For PC users, use the password bank feature to remember all your online usernames and passwords
  • For Mac users, conveniently access online accounts by unlocking the power of Keychain
  • For PC users, launch your favorite software applications by swiping a particular finger
Customer Reviews:
  • Eikon Digital Privacy Manager
    The fingerprint reader works well. There are ocassions when my screen freezes up but for the most part it works well....more info
  • A nice solution to password concerns
    I caused myself a few problems when I installed this device two weeks ago, but they're all straightened out now. More on that below ...

    First I want to say that the Eikon has solved my online security concerns. It's also easy to use, and easy to learn to use, too. I especially appreciate the very secure "Password Bank" in which you can review all of your passwords. Navigation through the software is transparent and simple. But first you have to take a little time and learn how it works.

    I rushed into using the Eikon, and tried to do too many new things at the same time. First, I bought a new computer. Then, I installed the Eikon. Finally, I changed passwords on my most sensitive sites.

    Of course, my secure sites didn't recognize my new computer, and with me immediately changing passwords, some balked. I worked it all out.

    All an Eikon user needs to do is practice a bit on some unimportant sites requiring logins, and soon you'll be cruising.

    The "swipe your finger" function is soooooo reliable - no tricks need to be learned, and it's more difficult to miss a swipe than to get it right. My wife, however, hates all electronic things new to her, and having her enter her prints was like asking her to pet a scorpion. She's fine with it now, though, and actually, "swiping" is as complex as brushing the tip of your nose with a fingertip.

    I recommend the Eikon!...more info
  • great product no problems
    Just got this product and am really pleased I also have roboform so plan to use in conjuntion had no problems registering fingerprint scans. seems to be working fine. only thing that is a problem is the long wire attached for a laptop a smaller wire would have sufficed. ...more info
    This product is absolutely fantastic for the following reasons.

    1- Can be used with internet explorer or firefox.
    2- Very easy to scan your fingerprint and no matter what anyone says it seems near impossible not to get the sensor to read your print.
    3-It populates the fields and then signs you into the website, no need to hit enter.
    4-It stores all of the websites which can be selected from a drop down list rather than having to navigate to the site (though you can do either)
    5-It sets up a virtual volt on your computer where you can store files protected by the fingerprint.
    6-It has a blue LED which looks real cool.
    7-You can export the data to another computer using a flash drive so that you do not have to reenter the data again.

    I cannot see any negative about this product other than it is not compatible with all other browsers.

    All in all an amazing product which saves you time,worry and hassle by remembering all your usernames & passwords.
    ...more info
  • Great Product
    I must tell you that I was searching high and low for a fingerprint reader that was compatible with Vista 64 Bit systems. This was the only one (in my price range) that did what it was supposed to do. I no longer need to remember passwords anymore. After the software is installed, you need to record your fingerprints. You can do just one or all 10. In case you are worried that your fingerprints could be "stolen", don't be. They are in a format that cannot be reproduced or copied. When I come across a web-page that needs a logon and/or password, all I need to do is swipe my finger across the reader and, if any of the fingerprints are a match, voila, your in! The error rate reading my fingeris almost 0%. You got additional members using the computer? No problem, they can be added. If you want, you can use the finger reader to logon at startup. Also, sensitive files can be encrypted onto the hard drive, (tax returns,SS numbers etc.). If you are concerned about this product not working for whatever reason (and you cannot log in), don't worry about it, you can still log-on "the old fashioned" way. There are no moving parts. I cannot see any way that it would ever fail. Two thumbs up for this product!!...more info
  • The thing is just useless for Apple Users and the AD with the package should be changed
    The statement on the package and on their website says: "free yourself from passwords" and everyone reads also the "it works with MAC", so what to expect?

    OK it doesn't work with passwords.
    Only with the login.
    This is enough.
    Apple users beware.

    I am also wondering why no one even at Macworld - see their ad about this - didn't care to say a word.
    Now back at asking my money back....more info
    I've been using this for about two months now. The only feature I set up is the automatic password entering. It worked very well when I first set it up, but then I started having trouble getting it to recognize my fingerprint. Now it's working pretty well again. I think it's trained me to be more consistent in the way I swipe my finger - the starting placement, the angle and speed (slower seems to be better) of the swipe, and I think the pressure of your finger all make a difference. And I often find when I'm having trouble, licking my finger seems to help (better contrast?).

    The main thing I don't like is not the fault of the reader. I have several older legacy applications at work that the reader software can't recognize the screen as having fields for a username and password. These are applications that were DOS-based, and have been upgraded to work in a windows environment.

    One of the reasons I bought it was to see if my 88 year old father (who has Parkinson's, and has difficulty typing) could cut down on the number of passwords he has to type. I now realized this would not work for him. With his shaky hands, I'm sure the reader would have problems. ...more info
  • Must have product for anyone that uses a computer!
    I have used a lot of password management programs and other fingerprint scanners as well. None have come close to the ease of use and great features of this product.

    It was easy to setup (Windows XP Pro) and very easy to use, I have had no issues with the software at all. The scanner reads my fingerprint the first time about 95% of the time and the 5% of the time it doesn't I am usually trying to scan it from an odd angle or just going to fast.

    It is also very easy to use this scanner on multiple computers as well, just export your password file to a thumb drive and your ready to go.

    If you are tired of trying to remember complex passwords or dozens of different passwords without losing security by writing them down this is the product for you!...more info
  • upec fingerprint reader
    A very good product for under $50 and the only one I've found that runs perfectly on 64 bit Vista. Support was there and 100% helpful. I would highly reccomend this device....more info
  • Great Gadget
    I bought this fingerprint scanner a while back, and except for the occasional misread, works perfectly. I have even created my own voice for access allowed/denied and get a laugh out of it everytime. The locked files it creates work great as well. The only thing i wish it had was like a retinal scanner =D...more info
  • Good
    Device works, looks great. Has some issues with php pages though.. so some login pages like godaddy don't store properly, other than that, works great...more info
  • Eikon Digital Privacy Manager Fingerprint Reader likes 64-bit!
    I needed a good fingerprint reader for my new computer with Vista as my present Microsoft fingerprint reader is not compatable with Vista 64-bit. I researched several fingerprint readers and bought the Eikon Digital Privacy Manager USB Fingerprint Reader as it likes the Vista 64-bit! And it has several features that I liked. I have not had any problems with it. Both my wife and I can use the reader after programming her fingers along with mine. So, I have a "backup" person that can use it when I am not available. Jim...more info
  • I love it!
    I got two of these - one for the home office and one for the "work" office. I've used it both with XP and with Vista and LOVE IT! It is nice not to have to type a password everytime I come back from a meeting and it also will log on to web sites etc. I've tried others and they either were not Vista ready or didn't do everythign I wanted and this is the best one I have found....more info
  • Very Functional and Convinient
    I received the Eikon fingerprint reader about two weeks ago. It works great. I stored all the passwords that I typically forget and have to look up. The process of using my finger also saves time because I don't even have to enter my username. I'm not sure if someone could figure out how to outsmart the system, but I had my two assistants use their finger print and neither could get in. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • Works great for my MAC
    Install was very easy, and so far it woks great on my Mac G5. It could use a double sided tape for holding it in place (which is what I did) or some added weight to hold it in place while swiping....more info
  • Unlock Your Computer Easily, and then Some!
    I've been a password mangler for a long time, trying formula's, passwords safe's, etc. But it was always a hassle. Now I have found a happy medium. I use Roboforms to store Web/other passwords, and then the fingerprint reader to unlock them! So when I open a Web page and it asks for my Roborms ID, I just swipe my finger and then Roboforms fills in the username/password. I also use it to lock and unlock the computer. This device could replace Roboforms for the Web browsers, but Roboforms can be put on a USB drive and carried with you. Plus it syncs with my Pocket PC.

    All in all, a great product....more info
  • Mac Users Beware
    If you are a Mac user, you are likely to be very disappointed with this product. The ONLY functionality that the Eikon Digital Privacy Manager provides is eliminating the need to type in your password during log in at system startup or if you have your Mac set to require log in when a screen saver starts, etc.

    For me, typing the few characters required does not warrant the expense of this item.

    All other password protection for web sites and other locations are managed already, natively, by OSX's Keychain.

    Additionally, if you have certain other USB peripherals attached to your Mac (notably an Apple USB Modem), it will cause the peripheral to "time out" when the privacy manager is activated.

    I purchased this product with the intent of not having to memorize a lot of different passwords or login items. If that is your intent, you will be sadly disappointed....more info
  • Eikon Digital Privacy Manager works great with my Apple Mac Pro
    The USB Fingerprint reader is very easy to install and the software and hardware works flawlessly with my Mac Pro. I am very pleased with this product.

    Dan G. Lawrenceville, Ga....more info
  • Finally, a great fingerprint reader!
    **LATER - I'll lower my rating to 4 stars, because of the software. It wouldn't work with FireFox 3 when it came out, and I was told that software updates are free only for the first 30 days (an absurd policy, IMO). Also, I switched to a Mac after over 20 years with Windows (a great move!), and the UPEK's software doesn't do much on a Mac.

    For years I used an older model Digital Persona fingerprint reader (FPR) that was clunky, but worked. When I decided to upgrade I started with the Microsoft FPR, because it was inexpensive. Unfortunately, it proved to be worthless, since it pretty much only works with Internet Explorer. So I "upgraded" to the latest Digital Persona model, only to learn that it costs 3 times as much as the Microsoft FPR, but is essentially the same. ACK! Then I bought the Eikon Digital Privacy Manager.

    The Eikon is AWESOME! It does everything I want, from logging on to filling password dialogs to entering passwords in Firefox fields. It even has a feature that lets you open various programs by swiping various fingers. Installation was a snap.

    I'd read in comments here that swiping your fingers is hard to learn, but I didn't find that to be the case. Just pull your fingertip slowly down the center of the sensor, and it reads your print. I haven't had a single failure to read a finger.

    My previous FPRs had windows where you put your entire fingertip at once, and I was worried that swiping might be more of a hassle. But it isn't, and there aren't fingerprints on a window that might be pulled off by an enterprising thief.

    I'm really delighted with the Eikon FPR....more info
  • I'm absolutely delighted with this little device
    I did a lot of research before buying this product. Other devices I looked at were quite bulky and some other had serious software issues. Also the price tags on those devices was more than $100.

    Accidentally, I came across UPEK web site and read technical docs about Eikon. I decided to give it a try. And here we go - this is the most helpful thing I ever had for my computer needs. Few main reasons why I like it:

    1. The scanner did not give me a single error while using my finger. You just need to read a short page on how to scan a finger, and I bet you - you'll never have any problems.

    2. Software that comes with a scanner is a real gem. They just released a new version (v5.8) that is available thru UPEK web site. Just email them and they will send you a link. The scanner comes with version 5.6 that is also very good. It is quite robust and allows you to register any web site (for online banking or shopping or discussion forums) that has user name and password on it. I'm using it for all my secure online transactions and emails. Never had a problem. The only time it won't work - when in order to get to your account you need to go thru several pages. For example, Bank of America and Amazon store credit cards are using this method when they ask you a username on the 1-st page and password on the 2-nd page and some other stuff on the 3-rd page. Of course, you can register multiple pages with Eikon one by one - but it's not that convenient compared to a single registration page. To summarize - Eikon is helpful in 98% of cases with web based password management. It also can capture software dialogs that use username and password. For example, the account settings in Outlook Express - you can save (manage) those using Eikon.

    3. It works very good with windows logon and locks computer from unauthorized users.

    I was so impressed with this tool that I bought a second one last week. I am highly recommending it to anyone who wants to use a powerful tool for secure password management and make all internet shopping and banking much easier and faster. No wonder UPEK are the guys who supply Sony, Toshiba, Asus and many other notebook manufacturers with built in fingerprint scanners for their laptops. You can check their web site for more info. Good work UPEK!!!! Thanks....more info
  • Works great on a iMac (Alumn)
    Very easy to set up. You have to download the Mac software from eikon's web site and then after a quick tutorial you set up your fingers and your done. Set up options are easy and dont believe the reviews here that are bad. Remember you always have to use these reviews for what they are. Many times people have no idea how to set things up and then say "its junk"etc... This product is well worth the money....more info
  • don't buy this
    i purchased this, and when i took it out of the box it was broken, i called the manufacture, they wanted to to test, retest, retest and test again on different computer, thank god i have 4 computers at my disposal, after i was upset and doing their work (full troubleshooting) they did not even offer to fedex a new on when the clearly stated it was factory bad. Told me to goto the retailer, so i called amazon , who refered me to antonline. i went in circled with these fools saying i just want a rma to return and get my monies back. I never got one just wait 2 more days ( i heard that 4 times) i talked to a supervisor who gave me a rma and am awaiting a refund now in 30 day. This was my first and last ever amazon purchase i will also never buy thru or from antonline and i am also over eikon! It's not worth the bother wait til Mac releases their own bio metric reader, this is a joke and a big hassle for nothing and i am still waiting for my monies and had to pay the postage to return the piece of junk! so i am out 3.10 and several hours of frustration!...more info
  • Mac User (Tiger)
    I purchased this for use on the MAC (since it indicates MAC compatibility). You must download the software from the manufacturer site. Unlike the PC version, it does not store passwords, etc into a databank for use of the biometrics when you enter the site. It appears only to allow system log-on and allows you to unlock your login keychain at startup.

    It would really be nice if, when you went to a secure site (that requires a name and password) that it would make you scan your finger(s). It's kind of an all or nothing device. This function is already available via Safari preferences (under edit users and passwords). Scans easily though for log-on.

    If anyone figures this out, let us know. The lack of page specific scan requests gives it a 3 out of 5 since that is what it is supposed to accomplish. I can easily use my keychain built in to do the same thing....more info
  • Just do not cut your finger off
    As long as you do not trim the tip off of your scanned finger while slicing onions or cut if off in the wood-shop, this is a great security device! Having a very complicated data storage system (6Tb) of irreplaceable images on RAID 1 and my main office machine in a very public space by choice, there has been easy access to my computer by anybody who thought they needed it. No more; I absolutely love this simple biometric scanner. It was totally easy to install (do read the directions). It works like a key lock but no key to loose. And, because it scans my fingerprint only, there will be no opportunistic quick access to my system. If someone wants to steal any of it they are going to have to work (hard) at it. ...more info
  • Wonderful product!
    This product works great. I have Vista 64 bit and Microsoft finger print reader does not work with 64 bit. I heard about this product on one of the Microsoft boards and decided to give it a try. It works great. You do have to search for the 64 bit software but it is not hard to find, It remembers all of my passwords and it logs me into my computer, Also works great with Firefox. Wonderful product, just wonderful! I love it! Best purchase I have ever made....more info
  • nice, but has some bugs..
    Item is practical, however, it contains some bugs. For example, you need to adjust the speed of your swipe so that the sensor "reads" your print correctly. More often than not, I found myself swiping my finger over 5 times, adjusting my speed every time, in order for the sensor to read it.

    And, just recently, somehow, my websites are no longer working with the fingerprint reader. They were working fine, but now don't. I might need to go back and register the sites with the reader.

    It's a nice alternative to the whole password thing... however, prepare for some issues....more info
  • Works Perfectly On My MAC (10.5)
    I purchased this product a couple weeks ago. I had to download the drivers from the company website; minor ding for not making the MAC version easy to find on the web site.

    Once installed I trained it with 4 test scans. 100% success. I've never had a mis-scan or had to rescan.

    I only use the reader for system access. When I logon it asks me for both fingerscan and password; for software installs and screensaver wake up it only asks me for the fingerscan. I therefore can not comment on the software's ability to auto-populate web pages etc......

    I will give it 4 stars because I can not comment on the full suite of software. For my uses it works perfectly.

    I am purchasing one of these for my parents for better password management......more info
  • Great product.
    It logs me in to everything with ease. I'm running Vista and I mainly use Firefox. So far I have absolutely no complaints. It took me a few tries to realize that slowly swiping my finger is the key to login with only one attempt (I didn't read the manual, I just watched the demo on screen)

    I also use RoboForm to generate and manage my passwords and they work great together. Since I also use it to login to Windows I opted to use a password as backup... just in case.

    The device itself feels solidly built and it looks great on my black desktop....more info
  • Macintosh users -
    I received the fingerprint reader from UPEK as a gift at Christmas. I am running a Mac Powerbook 17" with 10.4.10. Please note that the software for the Mac is BETA. OK, so I gave it a go and it read my fingerprints just fine. No problem 'registering'. From there onward it did not work. So I emailed the manufacturer.

    To my joy and satisfaction they replied with a detailed series of fixes. Many of them involved getting it on a PC, so that was not an option. After a while of testing (we have been Apple Developers for many years), it just did not work.

    Tech support at UPEK was emailing me daily, wanting to know if it worked, what the issue(s) were, etc. They were truly on top of the situation. When we realized that it might have been a hardware issue they said they would send me one in the mail.

    A few days later I asked them if they had sent it. Within an hour I received a courteous and amazing letter from tech support saying that they apologized (how many manufacturers every say that?) and they would send me TWO units next day delivery.

    The two units came and work just fine. Again, the Mac software is not what the PC software is, but hopefully that will be up to snuff soon.

    Kudos to UPEK and their team, especially Brian! It means more to me to have someone listening and actively working with me, especially on something which is relatively inexpensive, than anything else.

    April, 2008 - The Mac software was just released. This should improve functionality greatly!...more info
  • I couldn't get it to work properly
    However I'm using Vista Ultimate 64bit. I know I know but I'm testing the OS. It says it's compatible but it runs extremely slow if not at all. Just a note the autorun on the CD provided installs the 32bit version. you have to explore the CD to find the 64bit software. The website only has the drivers and not the software. i reinstalled the software twice but same results. this is on a clean OS install....more info
  • Great product-Works perfect in Vista 64
    Since Microsoft deosn't support their fingerprint reader in Vista 64 I was looking for someone who does. I ordered this product with great hopes. It installed without a problem and was working within minutes. It works better than the Microsoft product when I used that with XP and then Vista 32. It did a better job of recognizing fingerprints the first time versus the MS reader. Plus, it has other features that the MS reader doesn't have and best of all, it is less expensive. Great product....more info
  • Waste of money nd time
    I was hoping for a product that would increase security as it streamlined my access to various accocunts and websites. That won't happen with this product. First of all, it arrives in one of those plastic vaults that requires serious hardware to open. Then... in a tutorial that includes a practice screen with four fingerprint areas and instructions to swipt the same finger four times... I was never able to get above three. I've used plenty of fingerprint readers in the past, and I have never seen such problems. I tried dirty finger, clean finger, damp finger, lotioned finger. Nothing worked. I was never able to produce four scans in a row....more info
  • Eikon not an Icon.
    I bought this product thinking I would be entering some cool new era of personal computer security. I was wrong. Instead of security, I ended up with a product not really designed for anything other than logging into windows. Oh it has other software features, though non of them are worth mention. The password manager is the silliest and most misleading part of this package. Suffice it to say that it is easier to type in your email address and password than it is to try to log in via the Eikon. See, you cannot visit a website to login and use your Eikon. Instead youre supposed to scan your finger, then choose the website from a list of stored sites. Now if the Eikon actually read your scan each time and reacted as advertised, then this might not be so annoying. However, the item does not work as advertised and often you will find yourself running your finger over the scanner 3-4 times before it even responds. A momumental waste of my hard earned money....more info
  • A truly amazing product...
    This product is really cool. I used to always get my passwords confused because even though I tried to use just a few passwords (one for my bank and credit card accounts, one for stuff like webmail, and one for sites that don't matter), different sites have different requirements. Some require a number or symbol, some don't. So I used variations of a password, but I could never remember which sites I used the variations for. And then I'd either have to request to receive an email that reset my password, or sometimes I'd even get locked out and then have to call customer service. Arghhh!

    It takes a little practice to learn how to swipe your finger, but once you get it the Eikon always recognized me and got me into my password protected websites in a flash. I tested to see if my friends could get in... it wasn't scientific, but it was comforting to know they couldn't. There is a one-time "registration" of all your accounts, but once that's set up there's no looking back. I counted over 50 websites with passwords that I don't have to worry about anymore!...more info