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Product Description

The Autocloser automatic garage door closer attaches to most residential garage door openers and will automatically close the door after the user specified closing time. The times can be set to 2, 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes. Autocloser comes equipped with a disable button that will allow the door to remain open if needed.

  • Closes garage door automatically if it has been left open.
  • Works with any common residential garage door opener.
  • Never worry whether the garage door is closed again.
  • Provides audible and visible warning before closing.
  • Works with all garage door opener safety features.
Customer Reviews:
  • Great Idea (Why isn't this a standard feature on new openers?)
    The product comes with the sensor, reflector, wire, velcro, and instructions. It took me all of 30 mins and 3 tools (wire stripers, wire cutters and flat tip screw driver) to install it and that was only because I was taking my time.
    Basically it's a door open alarm that triggers the garage door to close via the same two wire connection used on the wall button. This is such a great idea that I wonder why the new openers don't come with it as a standard feature. You can change the time interval from 2 to 30 mins before it closes the door. Also, if you work in the garage and want the door to stay open there is a disable button that will turn it off. Once the doors closes and re-opens the auto closer is on again. It has a very high pitch beep to warn you before it closes and works with most every garage door opener out there. Great instructions and easy steps to get it installed.

    This is an very good product that works just the way it should and requires Zero modification of your current garage opener. Great Idea!...more info