Lexmark X4550 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printing/Scan/Copy/Print (1410600)
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Product Description

For busy consumers who require the robust functionality of an All-in-One (AIO) to maximize their productivity at home, the Lexmark X4550 is the most affordable three-in-one printer in the inkjet market with built-in wireless capability. The X4550 allows users to work seamlessly from any location in their home or office, delivering professional quality text and photos. In addition to fast print speeds and affordability, the Lexmark X4550 offers a broad range of functions for productivity-minded professionals, including photo functionality, copying and scanning.

The Lexmark X4550 Wireless Color All-in-One Printer gives you the ability to print documents and photos, scan, and copy from anywhere in your home, thanks to built-in 802.11g wireless networking. The printer can be shared wirelessly among multiple computers, and it can also be connected to a single computer via USB. The printer offers up to 26 ppm black and 18 ppm color printing, and can print at up to 4800 by 1200 dpi for breathtaking photos. Using an optional six-color print cartridge, you can achieve even higher quality photo prints. PrecisionSense technology detects the type of paper being used and automatically adjusts the print resolution to suit it. You can print directly from a USB flash drive, digital memory card slots, and PictBridge compatible digital cameras, and you can even apply photo effects without need of a PC.

The X4550 allows one-touch copying without any need for a computer. It can reduce and enlarge from 25 to 400 percent and can do borderless copying in popular photo sizes. You can set from 1 to 99 copies at a speed of up to 17 cpm black and 11 cpm color. The flatbed scanner supports a maximum scan area of 8.5 by 11.7 inches and easily handles thick books. You can use the included Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to easily scan documents into editable text. The Lexmark X4550 Wireless Color All-in-One Printer is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and Windows XP Professional x64, Windows Vista, and Windows 2000 (release 5.00.2195 or later), and Apple Mac OS X 10.3.x to 10.4.x (Power PC) and 10.4.4 to 10.4.x (Intel). It is backed by a 1-year warranty.

What's in the Box
X4550 all-in-one printer with wireless built-in, black cartridge (23), color cartridge (24), power supply and line cord, user's guide and setup sheet, installation CD-ROM, service and guarantee information, wireless setup cable, and two return program envelopes.

  • Offers color printing, copying, and scanning
  • Print resolution up to 1200 x 1200 dpi black and 4800 x 1200 dpi color; speeds up to 26 ppm black and 18 ppm color
  • Copier can scale originals from 25% to 400%
  • Backed by 1-year warranty
  • Device measures 17.8 x 7.0 x 12.8 inches (WxHxD)
Customer Reviews:
  • I bought 4 of these blasted things.
    I was very happy with the first one of these I bought. I used it with a Windows XP desktop PC that uses a wireless USB card,and it worked perfectly for me, both scanning and printing. Then I bought a second one for use at my girlfriend's house to use with her WinXP laptop. It works perfectly as far as printing, but it will not scan. Instead of scanning it gives the error message, "Cannot load application list". Oddly, it scanned the first time I tried scanning but never again. I didn't know about the scanning problem and went ahead and bought two more of these printers for two relatives who had Vista laptops. The printer is not printing to either of those Vista laptops, even though Vista printed okay for the first week or so. I think this is more an indictment of Vista than of the printers. At one of my two relatives the printer works fine with his desktop Windows XP pc using a USB network card, yet the same printer does not print to the Vista laptop.
    I really do like this printer. But the problem with "scan" is kind of show stopper until I can find a way to fix it. There seem to be a lot of people having that problem based on googling it. As for the problems printing from Vista, it's very disappointing. I do think it's a good printer despite all these troubles. Sadly though, I have not yet found solutions.
    Postcript: I just wasted an entire morning uninstalling and then reinstalling from scratch all the printer's software from my girlfriend's laptop and my own laptop as well. Now the printer works okay (both printing and scanning) on my girlfriends XP laptop; however, on my laptop connecting to that same printer, I can print but it is impossible for me to scan because the message "cannot download application list" appears.
    When it works, this printer is great. But right now I have more of them that don't work than that do work. I would never have bought this printer(s) if I'd had any hint of the problems I'd have. ...more info
  • Kinda Cheap
    First one broke the very first day. replaced for free, second one jams up alot. poor paper handler...wifi is cool tho....more info
  • Ink cartrige not recognized????
    I don't exactly know how to review this item, alas, the ink cartruiges weren't recognized by the printer so I haven't gotton new ones yet. Thus, no product review yet. I read another review by someone who had the same problem. Maybe I should contact man. get recompense?? for the new cartriges I'll need??? ...more info
  • Excellent Wi-fi Printer
    I purchased this printer for the wi-fi feature. I did not have any problems setting this up on my network and it was quick. The 4550 replaces a Canon i860, that I was very happy with but as other reviewers explained you needed your computer on to use over the network. This also replaces a U-Max scanner. I agree with most on the ink being more expensive due to not being able to use refillable cartridges. That is why I give it four stars. ...more info
  • Ink cartridges don't last very long at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we purchased this printer because of its wireless capabilities but could not get it to work right (my husband has never run into anything he couldn't figure out until this). so we settled for hooking it directly to our desktop computer and just plugged it into our laptop when we needed to print from that. kind of a pain... but oh well, we got used to it.

    i also had issues with the paper jamming frequently as other people have commented on.

    the biggest pain for me.... i was horrified at how often i've had to replace the ink compared to our previous printer (an old HP all-in-one). and i don't do a lot of printing either... so after less than a year this lexmark is being replaced... back to a new HP. :0) ...more info
  • Lexmark X4550 All in one Inkjet Printer
    I am very satisfied with my Lexmark All in One Printer. I purchased the printer because it does everything I wanted a printer to do, and because it has a name that I have confidence in. We used Lexmark printers at work, had 10-20 people using them all day, and had practically no problems. If a problem did occur it was very minor or human error. That is the reason I chose Lexmark for you home printer. I am glad I did....more info
  • Great printer, great price.
    The wireless printing works perfectly and it seems to print pretty fast. I don't print all that much, the occasional essay for school or some web pages. I have had this printer for almost a year and never replaced the ink, cartridge prices are reasonable even when buying direct from lexmark.

    There are two things that i don't like about it though. One, you have to physically connect the printer to the computer to set it up the first time. Two, to scan you have to go over and click the scan button, you cannot initiate the scan from a piece of software, this really isn't a big deal though because you have to put the page into the scanner anyway.

    For a college student or someone with only light printing duties, this is an excellent printer....more info
  • Not compatible with Mac -- Apple software conflicts
    This printer is advertised as Mac-compatible, but it is not. Apple software (including Safari and Viewer) crashes instantly when I attempt to print from that software. The software "closes unexpectedly," and the document does not print. This does not happen with Microsoft Office software on a Mac. It also does not happen on a Windows PC running XP.

    I conclude that the printer simply can't be used with Apple software, which makes it useless for Mac users.

    Update: I replaced this printer with an HP OfficeJet wireless all-in-one. The HP works flawlessly with the Mac, and connects to my wireless network with a single click. I recommend choosing HP over Lexmark....more info
  • cheap, but expensive
    The printer is cheap, but the ink is not!!! Because of the memory in this printer, you cannot refill cartridges (either by the professionals or yourself). The printer can recognize when a cartridge is empty and will not allow you to use it again-ever!!! The print quality is good, but I'm not writing a novel and only use it for kids stuff and printing info online. I will be shopping for a new printer that will allow me to refill the ink....more info
  • Lexmark printers aren't economic
    If you want to waste money buying ink cartridges every week, then go ahead and buy a Lexmark... !!! I have an all-in-one Lexmark that decided to stop reading the ink cartridges!! The ink cost 25 dollars for each cartridge, which doesn't last very long at all! This printer is a real money hog if you plan to actually use it to print. I warn you to get a printer that doesn't sell its ink all in one cartridge.. Better to have two cartridges... one color and one black. I would never take a Lexmark again even if it is for free!!!...more info
    I have never been disappointed in amazon.com. I have always been satisfied with their service. This Lexmark is the 1st Lexmark I have owned. This printer which I have had about 2 or 3 weeks performs great. Have nothing but good things to say about my Lexmark printer. If it is sold by Amazon you can trust they will take care of you if you have problems....more info
  • Just ok...it works
    I'm grateful I got this using my credit card points so it was `free.' It's just ok. True, the set up for both Mac usage and laptop wireless printing was very, very easy. We had no problems with set up. But the printing is slow, ok quality and when we discovered that we had to disconnect the usb to print wirelessly, we were annoyed. I wouldn't recommend it, but the thing works good enough....more info
  • My Experience
    I knew I needed a color printer with coping and scanning functions, but I didn't have a lot of money. I fell in love with My Lexmark 4550 all-in-one printer. I was so impressed when I had a problem, I was able to call Lexmark and they were able to solve my problem over the phone. My next printer will be Lexmark....more info
  • Full Featured, easy to use, Worth the price, High Ink Price
    Got it for Home use, Setup was easy using the supplied CD. Printer startup is quick without any head cleaning or roller adjustments. Printing is Fast and Quiet. For the price it's a good device, I just hope Lexmark ink prices could be cheaper....more info
  • Last page only
    The title says it all...his printer will only print the last page of a document...this is a terrible machine and the tech support is even worse...for over 3 hours they couldn't figure it out and now they arent answering my emails...keep the 70 bucks lexmark, thats the last money you will get from me...t this point its not even worth te stress of dealing with them...back to HP for me......more info
  • cheap, convenient Wi-FI, good quality b/w print, will not work with VPN(duh!)
    The wi-fi is convenient. I have tried print and scan using wi-fi. But it took me a while to realize why i was having problems with printing from my mac book pro.. it turned out what i was on my office VPN whenever i tried , turning off the vpn helped. (It should have been obvious! )

    I print mostly b&w , it works well for that. I haven't tried printing photos, but i don't expect it to be 'photo quality' or the cost of photo printing from this to be economical.

    The scan quality is good. I have scanned things like passport pages etc.
    But the scan interface is not very user friendly if you need to scan multiple pages, i havent figured out a way to scan multiple pages and send them together or stream them to the computer, you need to wait (when it says downloading applications..) and press a bunch of keys for every page.

    The printer is cheap for the functionality. But i am not sure how much its going to cost me long term (ink consumption, cartridge capacity and cost per cartridge) ...more info
  • Not worth it
    I was so excited to get this printer. I set it up easy peasy on my desktop and laptop, never did get to see how it prints though, every time I tried to print the paper jammed, I cleaned the rollers at the suggestion of customer service and still didn't work. I tried all different kinds of paper, nothing worked. After spending about 6 hours in all trying to get this printer to do it's job, I sent it back. ...more info
  • Paper Jam? Again!
    Wi-Fi? Good. All-in-one? Good! Print quality? Good. Paper jams? Bad! I've had the printer for over 2 weeks and the paper has not loader right the first time yet. What is the point of a wireless connection if I have to walk across the room to "un-jam" the paper? The manual's troubleshooting is near useless in correcting the problem. Best suggestion was to use new, ink-jet specific paper. Done and still jamming. I'm still working on the problem. Not quite ready to return it. ...more info
  • lexmark
    i have used lexmark printers for years and found them to be quite reliable and compatible with both my desktop pc and my laptop.

    i had gotten this lexmark to replace a printer/scanner/copier(other brand name) that refused to work after 3 months. the other company refused to replace it after we had tested the power cord and printer with my laptop and even re - download the program disc.

    the lexmark printer/scanner/copier is absolutely great. it is hooked in both the laptop and desk pc. when i need to send a hardcopy of something for my husband to read -- i send the information to him by using the wi-fi feature of this printer. i have to make sure that whatever i need for myself goes to my printer. lol

    ...more info
  • Best printer ever
    Lexmark X4550 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printing/Scan/Copy/Print (1410600)

    So inexpensive (other than ink)and sets up instantly for wireless use. I can't believe the price. I use this along with a HP Laserjet all-in-one 2840 and I like this printer much better for daily use in my home office. I also have a HP mobile printer that is supposed to work wirelessly; forget it. HP tech support was useless. With the Lexmark it takes just a couple of minutes and you are up and running. Kudos....more info
  • Could be better
    Stupid simple setup, sees my home network (laptop with Vista, and desktop with XP64) through a wireless router.
    Generally many good features for a low price.
    Ink is much cheaper than my previous epson printer

    Scanner and fax cannot be operated through the wifi from your computer. You can send scanned images to the computer using the panel which of course makes some sense, but then you'll have to wait a few seconds every time, to download a list of all the applications that you can send the scanned image to.

    Its either wifi or USB connection. You can't have both. If you connect the printer through a USB, wifi is turned off and your other wireless computers won't see the printer anymore.

    I printed one 6x4 color photo, and the color ink went down to 94%. I doubt thats efficient color printing.

    Scanning and printing quality is not the best I've seen. But thats what you get for an all in one device at that price.

    If you want a cheap all in one wireless to do your everyday office work, this device will fit your needs just fine.
    If you want quality color printing and scanning, this model is not going to satisfy your needs. Go get a separate scanner and printer instead.
    If you want to use the scanner through the computer, you have to connect it through the USB port and by doing so, wifi connection with any other computers will be lost. I think I'll keep it but my feelings are mixed about it. As always, you get what you pay for.
    ...more info
  • Easy setup and operation
    Great instructions for setting up the unit and its operation. No troubles integrating into WIFi network....more info
  • Installation Problems
    This installed fine on my desktop computers but Lexmark's installation setup crashed my Acer Travelmate notebook over and over with Blue Screens of Death. Lexmark's troubleshooting faq was no help. Finally solved the problem myself by doing an uninstall followed by a Windows Restore and then doing the install in Safe mode with Networking.

    The printer is kind of heavy and clunky. Place it somewhere solid, otherwise it will shake and vibrate whatever its placed on.

    The Install has a lot of BLOATWARE associated with it. Do the Custom install and you can eliminate some but not all of it. No easy way to just install a driver without all the bloatware.

    But it is one of the most economical wireless solutions available.
    ...more info
  • WORST PRINTER EVER... Do not waste your money

    Everything that the other negative reviews say is true. Do yourself a favor and buy anything but a Lexmark Wireless printer.

    1. Support is horrible. They cannot answer basic questions even on setup on multiple computers.
    2. The machine appears to be low on ink and constantly gives warnings that I need to replace the cartridge. I've printed over 200 pages after I started getting the nasty "low ink" messages.
    3. Paper jams occur at least every 15 to 20 pages. It had a tendency to feed multiple pages through. I've even gone to a higher grade paper, and still have the problems.
    4. The scanning software is really not "user friendly" and requires that you do a basic setup every time. You need to move from the computer to the printer and back to the computer every time.
    4. About one in three times, the machine will stop printing right in the middle of a document. The best luck that I have had printing documents is to print page by page.

    I bought it for the wireless feature and that works about 75 percent of the time.

    This is without a doubt the WORST printer that I have ever had....more info
  • I Good Replacement
    I recently bought the Lexnmrk X4530 All-In-One after the store I work for recieved 2 off the truck. I checked if any drop damage or if anything was mishandled before even thinking of buying it. After buying it and returning home It took about 30mins to setup due to the fact I had lots of other things to do, and not because setting up the printer was hard. It was actually very simple to setup(I know from first hand experience that you do not plug in the USB cable before you install the drivers because that will screw up any devices install process because the OS will automatically set it's own defualt drivers to the device and that is a pain to fix). My last printer was an old Eposn Stylus Pro, Yes this was the big guns that made the Stylus famous at the tme. Due to Epson not supporting this printer at all anymore and asking $40 for a black cartridge I knew it was time to find a new printer. It took about two years of searching before finding this one which had everything I was looking for. I've heard all the nightmares about All-In-Ones and was very confident that there would be no problem, and I was right. In fact it was easier to set up than my old Epson was. The only downside I have had was that it takes about 30secs to start printing but I also have to remember I was using a pro before which only took 5secs to start printing. The scaning feature is awsome and saved me from having to buy whiteout. The copy feature is great because you never need to use the computer to use it which save time. I also like that it has a programable power save feature which puts the printer to sleep in incriments of 10-30-60-120-240mins which is very useful whether you are using the printer for personal or office use. This printer is a good buy for the price. ...more info
  • Fast Printing? Yes! Wireless? Yes! Wow - Amazing Printer!
    If you are like me, you are reading these reviews in order to figure out whether you should buy the Lexmark X4550 Wireless all-in-one printer. Well, read no further - buy it! I read through all the reviews and most of the people that wrote negative reviews wrote it for two reasons: 1) the user did not understand the difference between local and network printer setup and 2) the user was a MAC user. If you have a PC and have a wireless network already setup, the printer is AWESOME! It only took about an hour to setup. When not in use, the printer goes to "sleep", but the little green power button fades in and out, almost like a heartbeat to tell you it's alive and ready to go. When you print a doc, it takes like 30 seconds for the job to transfer through the network, wake up the printer and spit out the paper (FAST PRINTING!!). A lot of the reviews talked about not-so-good color prints. I disagree - the prints look GREAT! This is the best printer I've ever owned!...more info
  • Ink "eater"
    A great machine but have some back-up black ink cartridges available. It's posible the machine is new and the radio of ink vs.number of copies will get better but I'm not holding my breath....more info
  • I love lexmarks printers
    When I first got a computer years ago I got an HP. It worked okay for awhile up to the point when the warranty gave out. ONE DAY AFTER. Since then I have bought the lexmark brands and they are fantastic. Excellent work horses. I owned my first one for 3 ½ years then gave it away to upgrade to more features like fax and scan independently from the computer. I moved up to the 5100 series all in one and have had it all this time with absolutely no problems in the 4 plus years I had it.

    You get so much for your money with these. This one in particular has so many options like picture bridge, wi-fi and is Vista compatible, 2 sided printing and scanning. It works like a charm.

    I already had my all in one Lexmark as I said for over 4 years (not one year and one day like the HP) and I'm very surprised it's still working like new ever since I had to do a marathon printing job that took all night at 200 two-sided brochures a year ago. The copies were even better than what Staples cranked out for us to look at. I thought for sure it would die soon afterwards (especially in the third hour of continuous printing that one time at which time I gave it a short rest period) but it's still going strong after that abuse.

    The only reason I got another all in one is because I got a new laptop that has Vista installed on it and the new laptop doesn't have media card slots for my photos. My seventeen year old is getting a laptop for his computer college classes and it will surely have Vista on it also. The fact that it's wireless means we can both use it at the same time instead of waiting to use the only printer connected to a computer in the house. The wi-fi convience won me over and I just knew with Lexmark I wouldn't have any problems with it. This is my third Lexmark printer in 8 years (my first one I gave to my sister) and I'll never ever buy another brand.
    ...more info
  • Nice printer
    We're very happy with this printer. It was easy to hook up and the wireless capability works wonderful from all over the house. The print and copy quality is excellent. Haven't tried printing pictures yet. It's simple to use, we love it. Ink cartridges are affordable, too. ...more info
  • Great Printer, Great Price - Love the WIRELESS!
    This is a great value for the price. Printer has an easy & fast set-up process. Once you begin you are just minutes away from printing. The wireless is a no-hassel feature that I highly recommend to anyone with a laptop computer! No cords & a great connection. ...more info
  • Spend the extra money to get a canon or HP!!!
    Originally, when I looked at this printer, it had almost everything I was looking for and I was happy when I found it on sale. Initially it performed fine (not the best print, but I expected that from other complaints and reviews). It wasn't until I had to replace the ink the first time that I started encountering problems. I purchased the high density ink at Staples. This ink did not work (even though it said it was for this printer). After calling Staples, they had me return it and purchase the #23 black and #24 color ink (which were quite pricey!!!). I figured that should last me a couple of months since we don't print that much. I was wrong! About 2 weeks later we ran low on black ink again. Now, I'm thinking my wife is printing a dictionary, but she assured me that she only prints a few pages a week. I spoke with a couple of salesman at a few office supply places that sell Lexmark. They mentioned the problems we were having, many of thier other customers were also encountering --( Ink, print quality, availablity of Ink). The cost of ownership was definitely quite high. I eventually decided (after a few more ink cartriges) to purchase an HP C7280 (same features, but more expensive). I will not touch another Lexmark printer! I think they are using the gillette business model -- give away the razor and make money on the razor blades. In this case it's give away the printer and gouge the consumer on the ink. ...more info
  • Lexmark Wireless All-In-One
    The Lexmark x4550 is a very impressive product. We have 5 networked PCs and 2 networked laser printers in the house and we needed a networked scanner and inkjet printer but have no space for any additional equipment in the "computer room". Going wireless was the best solution and it has worked out well, with the following observations:

    * Installed cleanly on 2 XP and 2 Vista networked PCs
    * Excellent Scanning quality
    * Excellent Printing quality
    * Reasonable Price for the features
    * Reasonable Price for the ink cartridges
    * Automatically detects paper type (plain, glossy, etc) and changes print quality to match
    * Automatically aligns print cartridges

    * Scanning must be initiated from the device, can't be started from the networked PC (the x4550 communicates with the selected PC and presents a list of programs that can "receive" the scan...actually fairly cool, just inconvenient).
    * Had to call the Lexmark helpdesk for installation problems on a 3rd Vista PC. While friendly, they were not able to actually help. I ended up resolving the problem on my own after speaking to the 2nd "technician".

    Over all, this is a very solid product for the price and meets the requirements I had for it. I would recommend it.
    ...more info
  • Lexmark Wireless Printer
    The first Lexmark that I received had a defective paper feed. Amazon replaced the printer with a new one. I have used the new one almost on a daily bases for the last three months. The colors look great and I have not had a single problem....more info
  • great all-in-one, great capabilities, interferes w/ my laptop
    easy to install/use. great, intuitively designed features. saves me a lot of hassle.

    one problem: the wireless card seems to interfere with my macbook wireless. if the macbook is <~8 ft from the printer, the macbook can't connect to the internet. this problem is less obvious when the macbook is plugged in (which i think is a macbook-specific problem).

    but i recommend it. cheap and easy....more info
  • Good Printer For A Good Price (Like Lexmark)
    I give this a five even though installation took a long time because that was my fault for not paying attention to versions of Mac OS the installation CD was set up for. Plus I'm not a real technically savvy person (so sue me). The installation for my desktop which has Windows XP was a little slow (but my computer is so old, it should be in a museum), but it went totally fine. The problem started with my MacBook Pro. The installation CD took me through the entire process but I could not get it to print over my network. I called Lexmark and was on hold for over 20 minutes. However, once I got a technician on the phone he was very helpful. I found out I just needed to download a driver that was compatible with Leopard; but I don't know if downloading the driver did the trick or if disconnecting the printer from my desktop made it possible for the wireless printing option to work. Plugging in the USB cable to print from my desktop and then remembering to unplug it so it connects to my network and prints from my Mac is a bit of a pain since the printer is downstairs; but since I'm on my Mac most of the time that's no big deal. I just have to keep it unplugged from the desktop. I think I'm gonna drive myself crazy remembering I need to plug the USB cable into the printer on those rare occasions I need to print something from my desktop computer. I know other reviewers have totally trashed Lexmark, but I am very happy with their printers. My first printer from Lexmark lasted for about seven years before it gave up and died. The only reason I'm replacing my current all-in-one printer, which replaced my first Lexmark that died, is that it does not have the wireless printing option; and not being technically savvy, I did not think about that when I was purchasing my MacBook Pro. The only problem I have with Lexmark is that their ink is tooooooooooooooooo expensive. The amount I spent on ink I could have bought about 3-5 printers over those seven years, especially while I was in school and was constantly printing stuff for my classes and going through ink like it was water. ...more info
  • GREAT Wifi printer for the $$$
    I read some questionable reviews, and maybe some of the earlier models were lemons, but my experience has been very positive. It did take about 45 minutes or so to set up, but once over that hump it was extremely easy to use. No problems. The wireless works flawlessly, and I've never had to reload a driver or do anything else- works perfect every time. Prints both text and colors very well, and pretty fast for a very inexpensive printer. The print cartridge seems to last just as long- if not longer than the HP I use in my office. I LOVE the feature that allows you to print only text- helps save ink which is maybe why I've not had any complaints about cartridge life. Cartridges cost 1/2 of what my HP cartridges run, so that's a plus also.

    I gotta tell you- I'm very pleased with the printer and would very highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Excellent Printer
    This is a nice printer, we use it with our notebook and can print from anywhere in the house. The copy feature is great, it allows us to enlarge copys or photos. The standby mode is also great, because you can turn the printer off and it comes on automatically when you send a print job to it. Overall, a great printer for the price....more info
  • Disappointment in a Box
    This all-in-one device was virtually one disappointment after another. The USB cable provided wasn't shieded properly, or it was just junk. Thankfully, I had an extra lying around. It took about 2 hours to get it set up and running properly, then would print intermittently from my laptop. The desktop didn't have any issues printing. I actually like the lexmark toolbar option for Internet Explorer.
    The scan function was by far the most frustrating. I was unable to scan using the wireless funtion, so I tried with the USB port. The USB produced no results, either. I finally entered a chat session thru the Lexmark website. After 3 hours and several starts/stops, we finally got the USB scan function to work. Then, it was on to tackle the wireless scan function. It worked for one try, then stopped working and shut down two related applications on the laptop. At that point, I thanked the rep for his time, put the all-in-one back in it's box, and retuned it for a refund.
    If you want a wireless scanner, this definitely isn't a good option for you. Also, the print quality left something to be desired....more info
  • The definition of above-average
    Don't expect this product to Wow you, but it is definitley a hard printer to beat based on its price. Basically, you get what you pay for. You get an all in one printer/copier/scanner/fax but it occupies quite a bit of space and I have never been able to use the wireless component to it. I recommend it if you simply want a do it all printer for a low price. If you are looking for something better rather than cheap, then you might be better off looking elsewhere....more info
  • love it
    i LOVE this printer. most of my printing is black and white, maybe its because im not used to newers ones but it spits black white copies really fast.

    the color that came with it didn't last long. only a few full print pages.

    high yield is recomended for both cartridges...more info
  • great wifi, disappointing pictures
    I was thrilled at the ease of installing and using this printer. Its wifi component works very well, it's fairly quick, ink is affordable. However, today I printed my first pictures, and am VERY disappointed. I did not buy it to print photos, but with my old HP, I did this with great ease and great quality. The photo-editing software from Lexmark makes it very difficulty to see your photo while you edit, and isn't very easy to use. The pictures are very grainy. I am very disappointed. ...more info
  • So far so good.
    After some initial problems with my install of the software on Windows Vista, I called support to figure out the problem. The tech support guy was able to remotely enter my computer and reinstall the software while also tweaking the print spooler utility which got the printer up and running. After that point, I have been happy with the capability and performance of the printing. For the price and wireless technology, not a bad deal....more info
  • Put money and time to better use elsewhere
    Printers should not be this difficult to set up and use. I've had Epsons, HPs, and Brothers. This particular Lexmark has to be the worst, by far, in regards to print quality, user manual and troubleshooting. Since it is too late to get my money back, I will try again to set it up and get it functioning correctly. Correctly meaning it works how I want, when I want. That's what it is supposed to do, right? (That's what my Brother all-in-one does, every time.) But for those wondering if this is the printer for them, buy something else. It's not worth it....more info
  • So far, so good!
    I just received this unit but so far it works great. The setup instructions on the CD are excellent, very easy to follow. My unit worked the first time, and every time I turn it off and back on, it establishes a wireless conncection without problem. So far I've only printed, but I am very happy with this printer!...more info
    I run Tiger on a 3 macs in the home office and bought a 4550 before xmas. I have been through the set up a thousand times. Safari can see the printer and the 4550 says it joins my network - it even has an IP that it was assigned by the network but I can't ping the 4550 and no computers can see it. I abandoned the macs and hooked up a Dell PC to try to set up the printer. The PC set up utility launches OK, it sees the network but crashes when it attempts to get the printer to join. Ironically the printer says it has joined successfully when you print a status page but the PC can't ping it either. I got nowhere with Tech Support too.

    I work for a living - it is not my job to trouble shoot this pig. Don't buy Lexmark - just set your money on fire - it's less of a hassle and the result is the same....more info
  • Mac users beware, a second opinion
    I'm the second person to post a warning to Mac users. The Lexmark X4550 appears to work well with other operating systems. I base this on the number of positive reviews it has received. However, I have a Mac Mini with dual core Intel and Leopard. I spent several hours with the Lexmark manual trying to get the printer drivers properly installed but never succeeded. I would advise any looking for a printer to work with a dual-core Mac and the latest OS to stay away from this printer....more info
  • Super impressed
    My husband and I both have had notebook computers for a couple of years now, and our (not that) old HP all-in-one was starting to have some major issues, neither copying nor scanning, and printing only in purple. So, when I started researching new printers and realized that there actually was technology out there for wi-fi printing, I was very happy.

    After some research, I ordered this printer.

    Set up, even the wireless connection, took approximately 10 minutes. My husband had it on his notebook, wirelessly, in another 5-10 minutes. The color is very true. Although photo printing is fairly slow, it is very good home quality for a "not photo" printer, and it does something the HP never managed to do, no matter what the settings - print an actual borderless 4x6 photo. I do use Snapfish for most of my photo printing needs, but this is terrific for my kids' school projects and other times when I need a couple of photos printed right away.

    The scanning function is very cool - we can scan and send to either computer, even choosing multiple programs for the destination, all wirelessly.

    The copying function is also quick and easy.

    There are plenty of settings for changing the quality of any output. The software that comes for photo editing is fine, but as I have both free and camera software, it's unnecessary for me.

    The printer does also have the slots for memory cards or camera connection right to the printer. Again, not something I use much, but it's always good to have the option.

    I know I'm doing a lot of comparison to HP, but as my last several printers were HP, that's what I know. The ink for this printer is significantly cheaper, which is another bonus. Also, the ink status is shown with every print, so you won't be suddenly surprised by the "your color ink is low" message in the middle of a job.

    All in all, this is perfect for us - a stay-at-home mom and a husband who needs to print some work stuff, and two kids who love to print stuff off playhouse Disney or Nick Jr.'s websites, with some photo printing thrown in. I love the all-in-ones as I do need to copy from time to time, especially for the kids' school.

    My only complaint: there is a great sensor function for adjusting the printing quality based on the paper that's loaded, but there is not a secondary tray for photo paper, so you have to manually switch papers. Other than that, all is good!...more info
  • 100% Satisfied
    I read other customer's reviews before I made the decision to purchase this printer. My goal was to buy an inexpensive wi-fi printer that would be reliable. It's early, but so far this printer performs as advertised. The CD supplied with the unit contains the necessary software for installation, but also contains the setup procedure which I thought was straight forward. I followed the instructions and in just a few minutes I was able to print a document. I have printed one 8"X10" photo and several documents all without any problems. I have a very good wireless signal since I'm on cable. This could be an area where some folks could have problems if they're not using cable. My printer works fine from a very isolated location in my home. I definitely recommend this printer....more info
    Primary reason for selecting this product was its internal WiFi. That is also the primary reason I do not recommend the X4550 and/or LEXMARK. My OS is WindowsXP SP2. WiFi works when initially installed. However, if you power off or switch to USB, when you power back on or switch back to WiFi, it will not work........ cannot communicate with computer wirelessly. Must always be uninstalled and reinstalled. So, simple quick scan jobs can run into about 15 minutes of wasted time. So, fairly reliable scanning is only possible using the USB cable. Paying a higher price for the WiFi is just like throwing money into the shredder. LEXMARK technical support is not even familiar with their own products. You can get anything from a tech support person giving you useless information pertaining to a model completely different from yours (even though you repeatedly point out the correct model number to the tech) to a support tech who blames it on your antivirus software (which you remove from your system and still cannot get the WiFi to work properly). You request and eventually get a call from a supervisor to whom you turn over remote control of your desktop. He spends an hour trying to solve the problem but cannot. He then promises to call you again within an hour. A week passes and no call. No more LEXMARK.
    ...more info
  • Awesome wireless printer
    I've owned this printer for 4 months. I wish I had bought it from Amazon. I would have saved $30 plus S&H. I love this thing. I've had no problem with wireless connectivity, and I'm a newbie to this. Just follow the directions. I run it off my home network with a desktop and lap top, both wireless. The printer lives in a room on the other side of the house from my office and bedroom (where I use my computers most). It doesn't matter which part of the house I'm in, it picks up the signal and prints high quality documents fast. The resolution and color printing for photos is awesome, unless you are a photographer and must have the best of the best for professional work. Then you wouldn't be reading this anyway.

    The fax works flawlessly and was simple to active, even though it was my first time to do this. The scanner and memory card features work perfectly as well. The copier saves me so much time and money - no more running out to the local copy shop! The printer options are extensive, and you do have the option to print 2 sided documents. Choose that option and then turn the stack over when prompted to. It WORKS. And - the interface TALKS to you. Freaked me out the first time.

    It does use ink pretty fast, but so do most other printers. Replacement cartridges are expensive, again, ditto for other brands. At least Lexmark has a recycling option for used cartridges that gives you a little price break. Plus, it's easy to reorder online. The lexmark site is easy to use and you can order replacement parts from there if you need them.

    I don't know if this package has the the photo and picture Ulead software with it for photo manipulation, making greeting card, or other projects. Mine did from a different seller. I would have chosen to not have that to save the $30 here!

    BUY IT!

    Just keep the power cord out of your dog's mouth.... That's why I came here, looking for a new cord. I found one easily on the Lexmark site - I just hate paying that much for a cord....more info
  • Would have given it a 5, except for customer service
    Just bought the x4550 and its been working great. I have it working wirelessly with my windows laptop and windows desktop (both desktop and laptop are using b and not g... but works great), but trying to get it working with my mac-mini. Not sure if I can have the mac connect to a windows network, but emailed Lexmark about it late last night from their help page. It said that I would received an email from customer care shortly... that was 14 hours ago (customer care should have been in the office for at least 6 hours by now) and no reply... not even a auto-respond saying they got my email. I would rather not call in and wait on hold, but I may have to if I want my answer. Other then customer care, it was easy to set up and working great with my windows machines. The amazon prices were moving from 99 to 119, and I found it at BestBuy for 109 and didn't have to deal with shipping.... for 109 to get a all-in-one and wireless, I found this to be a great deal even if I can't get my mac set up wireless (luckily the mac is close enough to the printer that I can wire it up if I have to)....more info
  • Love this printer
    This printer is much more than I expected. We have 3 computers in our home and all 3 print to this one printer-wireless which is just fantastic. My son loves that he can just hit print from his laptop and viola, the page prints in my office...he already has a ton of wires in his room. The quality is superb. You do have to use the USB cable and hook the printer to each computer at the time of install but that is such a small task compared to the convenience of being Wi-Fi. I have looked around and this price can't be beat....more info
  • love love love this printer
    The wireless option is great. I have one computer hooked into the router, one wireless computer, and both connect to the printer seamlessly. You can put the printer anywhere your wireless network goes -- your office, your closet, your laundry room, and still be able to access it from any computer on your network. When scanning, you just push a button on the printer telling it which computer to send the document to, and as long as the computer is powered on, it'll send! I love it.

    I'm using this for casual printing/copying. The printer/scanner/copier works great. The fax option also works perfectly, but you have to use your computer/fax modem as an intermediate. The printer has an automatic sleep option which is nice, because you can leave it alone and it turns itself on and off when you need it. I had *zero* problems installing on my computers running XP and XP Pro. Setup took *max* 20 minutes. I would recommend this printer to everyone who needs a printer/copier for casual purposes. I'm sure I'm going to save a ton of money not going to Kinko's anymore. ...more info
  • product info is misleading
    X4550 does not come with automatic document feeder, and it does not have fax function. Wireless printing is easy to set up by installation program on CD....more info
  • Absolute piece of junk
    I have owned this printer for three months now -- buy something else! The drivers are horrendous to install, the device loses connectivity with the network at random and for no apparent reason. When this happens, and it happens EXTREMELY frequently, your only choice is to re-connect the USB cable and re-install the drivers all over again. If you love wasting time and not printing, this device is for you. ...more info
  • Lexmark X4550 Wireless All-in-One
    Lexmark Wireless Multifunction Inkjet Printer (30B0283) Easy to set up and even easier to use. Inexpensive hardware and it does not have to be physically connected to your router....more info
  • Great wireless printer
    This printer works like a charm. After the setup, which was very easy, we put this in the middle of the house for everyone to use. It works just as you would expect. Scanning is simple, you just need to be at the printer to put the items to scan on the top part of the printer. I had read reviews about people having trouble with the scanning and set up. We are running Vista with this printer, and have no problems. We've printed pictures on print paper and it is very good quality....more info
  • Wow! That was Easy!
    I have computers hooked up wireless and wired, XP, Vista, Mac (10.4) and Linux. I'm not an expert - just a tinkerer. So - I'm used to hassling when adding something to the system. I don't believe there is a driver for Linux (oh well..) - but everything else was SUPER easy. I took one of the reviewer's advice and did the printer setup wireless then hooked it to the Macintosh first (easy directions). Then I went and hooked it up to both my XP and Vista machines - just put in the CD and it all worked. The quality of the copies is great, and I managed to scan (wirelessly) from the scanner to a file on my xp computer. I haven't been this thrilled since I got the Dyson vacuum (and that was 4 years ago.) ...more info
  • convenient for business
    Great for office able to use wi-fi with multi set-ups.One draw back is that cartridges are hard to find. ...more info
  • Terrible device, but Lexmark support is even worse!
    I bought this printer to be used with my Vista desktop, Vista laptop, and MacBook Pro laptop. On my first attempt, I was able to get only the Vista laptop to install properly, both other devices refused to locate the printer on the network (although I could ping it from both, and even hit its internal web server.)

    Tech-support was atrocious, the guy told me that I had to install the Mac first (!?!) and then everything else would work. This seemed pretty stupid to me, but I tried it, and it worked, but not for the reasons that the tech-support moron described. It seems that running the first-time configuration of the printer from a computer is the only way to get a proper "alias" on any computer, be it mac or windows. You can try the "printer is already installed, adding to another computer option" but it never seems to work, it never locates the printer.

    So I got the Mac laptop working, then the Vista laptop, and then for some reason, even with a USB connection to the printer, I couldn't get my Vista desktop to ever connect. The alias would appear in Control Panel/Printers, I'd disconnect the USB cable, and the printer would just never respond over WIFI. So I contacted tech-support again, and this time I was told "Well, it seems like you've tried everything, so we can't help you." No offer to open a ticket and get back to me, no offer to escalate to the devs, just "Give up." When I asked for the support guy's supervisor, he told me that Lisa wouldn't talk to me, that there was nothing that she could do. He wouldn't even help me initiate an RMA (which I was able to complete on my own, the next day.)

    I will never, ever purchase a Lexmark product again. The printer itself wasn't even that bad, but the drivers are crap, and their support is even worse. Please, please, do yourself a favor, and do NOT buy a Lexmark printer....more info
  • Wi-Fi All in One!
    This is my 3rd Lexmark All in One. My setup is one etherneted desktop and 3 wireless laptops-all running Windows XP Home Edition.

    Once set up, all PC's will run fine from a wireless router whether you have PC's etherneted to the router or via a wireless adapter. Very nice!

    If you follow the directions and set up all computers via wireless there will never be a need to use the provided USB cable except for initial PC setup--very nice! The directions were not as clear as I would like and I did have initial set up problems but the included start up CD is a big Lexmark improvement and it detected my network and did provide mostly clear directions for installation.

    Getting through to Lexmark tech support was virtually impossible at nighttime, but when I called back promptly at 8:00 am ET I got right through to the wireless dept of tech support and I was up and running on my ethernet PC in about 30 seconds. (I would have been set up right out of the box if their documentation included was written better-they had a picture showing my setup but not clear directions and I improperly assumed my etherneted desktop had to be cabled in to the printer!)

    If you plug the usb cable into the printer it "turns off" the Wi-Fi aspect of this printer, but if you have a router, there's no need to ever have to use a usb cable except for initial installation of your printer.

    I love the upgrades on this all in one--digital display, multiple scanning formats, automatic paper type detection, borderless printing, multiple replacement cartridge choices (high yield, low yield, photo).

    I have my printer upstairs in my office and I printed a 3 page text document via my wireless laptop. It was done printing before I walked upstairs to retrieve the papers. Very impressive!

    I am not a big photo printer; my main use is text printing (reports), and occasional copying, scanning, faxing and limited photo printing. For my purposes, this is a great all in one. ...more info
  • Best by for the money
    I bought this printer when I saw it on sale and decided to take a chance despite a couple of bad reviews. It was a good move on my part. I set it up in 10 minutes and am printing from my bedroom watching TV. I recommend this if you want wireless and are on a budget."

    ...more info
  • Lexmark WiFi All in one Printer
    It took me a month to get this thing working fully wireless with my 2 laptops, desktop and iMac at home. Right out of the box it connected to the Wifi network for the PCs but I couldn't get it to work with the Mac(which I use most). I used it for a month connected through the usb to the mac and finally decided to give it one more try. My advice is follow the instructions exactly and connect with your Mac first if you have one. Make sure your printer is on and through the whole warm up setup process before you even try to install it to your computer. Also make sure it's in range of your wireless router. Now that it's connected its great. I just leave it on all the time and it sleeps on it's own. Whenever you print to it, it turns itself back on and get the job done everytime. The only other thing is the color printing takes forever, much slower than whats posted in the overview. I think those speeds are for when the printer is connected via usb cable and not through wifi. In conclusion I love it very convenient if you have a few laptops in your house and don't want to connect to a printer. The connection to PC is quick and foolproof, it's connecting to a mac that has to be done exactly as the instructions say. Almost forgot to mention, you can scan images and load images from a sd card directly from the printer to the computer of your choice wirelessely which is a great feature....more info
  • Amazing bang for buck
    This is a really good piece of hardware. Easy to install and set up -- just follow the instructions to a T. The setup and software for scanning, and image management is way better than anything HP has. I've been using HP printers for over 10 years, and will no longer be buying them. HP refused to sell replacement parts for the all-in-one 7400 which I'd bought for $540 and went bad a month after warranty expired. I was not asking for a new printer or anything, just that HP sell me a carriage head.

    Anyways -- the Lexmark is just perfect. Works with my PCs and Mac....more info
  • Buy One
    I purchased one of these locally on Sunday, two days ago. I found the setup to be easy and the quality of the print and scanning to be great. The printer is quiet. It does not work with our older desktop running Millinieum Edition operating system (came out before XP and after 2000) but it is not advertised to do so. I bought it to work with our laptops and it does that well.

    Wi-Fi printers connect to the computer through the wireless router. The initial setup includes telling the printer (through a hard connected computer) the name of your router and if you have protection on it (and you should) you also need to tell the printer the password. If you set up the router, it should not be an issue. If you did not, you will want to find out this information before attempting setup. I set ours up so other than locating the information it wasn't an issue for me. The instructions assume you know about this stuff, the setup disk does not provide a lot of coaching on this point (or possibly it does and I did not find it because I didn't need it). There is support available from Lexmark too.

    If you want to be able to print from several computers, especially if they are connected to the internet with a wireless router already, then I think Wi-Fi printers in general are a great way to go. All that has to be on to use the printer is the router, printer, and computer (no central host computer is necessary). This Lexmark is working well for me and costs no more than other all-in-ones that lack Wi-Fi....more info
  • a little misleading
    The printer is easy to set up and works great, BUT.. you cannot connect it by USB to your main PC and also use it as a wireless. It's either one or the other. You'll need a network and router if you physically connect to a PC, in oder to use multiple satellite PCs (laptops)....more info
  • Impressive Wi-Fi Printing Technology
    Easy to setup. Got it today and I love it. The wireless feature extends to my walk-in closet. That is where I decided to keep the printer. So far, no problems. I tried scanning and it is awesome. It lets you choose the software you wish to save your scanned document to. The copying is super easy. I mean, this is a great product overall. And, last but not least, I checked the prices of the ink cartridges, and compared to other brands, these are very affordable. Highly recommended printer!...more info
  • We love it.
    It was easy to install. So far has provided excellent service as a printer and copier. Have not used the scan or photo card mode yet. The wireless works great. For the price one can't do any better....more info
  • Lexmark printer evaluation
    Printer works relatively easy however, installation of this (wireless) printer was rather frustrating. The computer it is working with is a laptop and instructions were inadaquite. It took three or four tries but once installed operating instructions are easy to follow. ...more info
  • New and untested by time
    I have only had this printer for a week.So far it has been perfect.It was easy to set up the software guides you through it step by step.You do have to use the software in each pc you are going to use with the printer.I have it set up on my desktop pc right beside the printer and my wifes laptop that is on the other side of the house with several walls in between.The printing is good but to get it black you have to set it to dark.In a few min. it resets to medium by itself.I havent explored if there is a way to keep it on the dark setting.The pictures are not as good as my old printer but this printer cost less than half what it did.The printer comes with 2 starter cartridges 1 black and 1 color.So far the printer and the built in wireless work fine.Now only time will tell.4 months later and I love this printer I am going to up the stars to 5 wish I could give it more.I could not change the star rating so take it from me it is a 10.I have had this printer for six months now.The only problem I have had is I ran out of paper while it was printing.I tried to put more paper in while it was printing and created a paper jam.I found there is no built in way to clear a paper jam and customer service was no help.Thy did offer to send me another printer but I finally got it cleared.I am going back to the 4 stars for this designe flaw. ...more info