Doorminder with Motion Detector Kit
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Product Description

The Doorminder is a little black box that attaches to most garage door openers and will give you peace-of-mind knowing that your garage or shop door will close if you inadvertently leave it open. The Doorminder incorporates the latest micro-controller technology, infrared light sensors, and advanced software algorithms to deliver a safe and reliable product. The Doorminder functions by monitoring the garage door's position a disable button, and the motion detector. When the device senses that the garage door is open and the disable button has not been activated, it begins its delay time countdown. The delay time can be set from 15 seconds to 20 minutes with a 10 to 30 second warning beep. Every time motion is detected by the motion detector, the delay time countdown is restarted. After the delay time has elapsed with no motion detected in the area, the garage door will close automatically. The operation of the garage door is achieved by connecting the device to the garage door opener wall button terminals. This enables the device to simulate the depression of the garage door opener wall button.

  • Automatically closes garage door if it has been left open.
  • Works with any common residential garage door opener.
  • Never worry whether the garage door is closed again.
  • Incorporates a motion detector to keep door open while motion is detected.
  • Works with all garage door opener safety features.