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Experience the convenience of printing wireless with the Z1420! Compatible with 802.11g/b, enjoy high-quality printing from virtually anywhere in your home over your secure wireless network. Print fast - up to 24 ppm black and 18 ppm color. Also, create brilliant photos with optional 6-color printing and professional quality text and graphics with up to 4800 dpi. Printer is designed to utilize your network's security (WEP, WPA and WPA2) and broadcast range.

  • Lexmark International
  • Z1420 Single Function Wireless
Customer Reviews:
  • What a nighmare!!
    I originally purchased the the Lexmkar Z1420 after reading many positive reviews. For the first 4 months this printer worked great, but then randomly one day the wireless connection went. After about 3 painful hours on the phone with technical support they decided that it was broken and decided to send me a new upgraded printer. When that arrived a hooked it up and everything seemed fine, until I tried to print!! The new printer did not work!! I am so disgusted wiht Lexmark I will never buy their products again. In addition the guy at my work who does all of our computer stuff said their products really are crap. So please please do yourself a favor and spend the extra 20 or 30 dollars and get a better printer. I would not want anyone to go though the miserable experience I had between faulty printers and poor customer support....more info
  • Wireless Worthless
    This printer was a dud. After installing and removing the driver seven times including a vista update twice it never printed anything meaningful and no response from lexmark support service so it was duly returned for a refund.
    I'll be avoiding this brand in the future.

    CAVEAT EMPTOR!!!!!!...more info
  • Don't buy Lexmark Z1420
    The Z1420 will only allow you to use Genuine Lexmark cartridges (no refills) and their cartridges are twice the price of 'compatible cartridges' for other printers. Lexmark Tech Support confirmed. If you dont mind exhorbantely high priced ink costs, then this may be your printer!...more info
  • Avoid this product
    Printer did not work out of the box. After spending an hour with Lexmark tech support, they agreed to send a new one (which I think was a more current model). The new printer arrived quickly and was extremely difficult to set up on a wireless network. Printing wirelessly via my mac book provided to be very flakey and required constant tinkering. Lexmark tech support said the problem was related to the wireless drivers not working well with Leopard. After about two months wireless printing stopped working altogether. About two months after that, USB printing also stopped working. I guess I got my money's worth getting four months of usage for a $40 printer, but definitely not worth the aggravation....more info
  • Good for the price.
    The two main reason why I bought this printer was 1)price and 2)wireless capabilities.

    The printer setup took all of at the most ten minutes to setup on my laptop. I then had to create an ad hoc connection between my laptop and the printer which was very easy and the instruction booklet explains it well.

    The wireless is great, I have the printer sitting on the floor on the other side of the room, out of the way and I can turn on my wireless communication on my laptop and dont have to worry about having a big bulky printer in the middle of the room hooked up to the laptop.

    I sometimes have a problem where the printer will not print every page I'm wanting to print off, but I haven't had that problem in a few days.

    I believe it was well worth the money I paid. ...more info
  • Bad product
    Had to return this printer. Power button was defective, wireless connectivity was unusable, and the included color cartridge was defective. I guess you get what you pay for....more info
  • New experience !!
    For years I had only utilized printers from Canon. I wanted to try a wireless printer and found the Lexmark Z1420 on Amazon. I was cautious due to years of loyalty to the Canon line. What a pleasant surprise. The Lexmark Z1420 performs all the basics very well. The wireless feature works flawlessly. Set up was simple. I have the Z1420 set up on my desk top and lap top computers. This printer exceeded my expectations. Great deal! ...more info
  • This product should be withdrawn
    1. WI-FI in Z1420 did not work. The WI-FI light was lifeless.
    2. After several attempts to setup Z1420 as network printer,
    I ended up calling Lexmark support
    Saturday , 10/4/2008 , Service call - 1120424433
    3. The tech. informed that this is a known issue.
    4. They replaced Z1420 with Z2420

    Hassle in this process was to call support , repack , setup new printer again. But I was able to setup new Z2420 without any problem.

    I hope noone else goes through this hassle...more info
  • One is good, two didn't work
    I have had this printer for one or two years and love it. In fact, since the price is so reasonable and I liked the first one so much, I ordered a second one. However, there were compatibility issues when trying to set it up. I simply could not get the second one to find my wireless network. Unfortunately, I had to return it. ...more info
  • Great Printer
    Great printer. Works well even from my deck which is 50 feet away for the printer and through 2 walls. Very impressed. Print quality is not bad. There were comments about this printer going into sleep mode, but hasn't happened to me....more info
  • Printer review - problems with set-up
    I bought the printer because most of the reviewers found it easy to set up with their computers. My daughter has a mac book laptop. We were not able to set up the printer wirelessly. We were able to make it print for a while using the wire, but then that stopped too. I had to pay a computer specialist to download some extra software to make the printer work with the mac book. ...more info
  • Poor Service
    I ordered this product for it's color and Wifi capability. It arived with a crack in the body, would not print and could not be installed on my wireless network. Amazon is charging me to return it....more info
  • Great Printer
    This printer is pretty awesome. The white color makes the printer look modern and slick - it makes me want to have a nice, shiny white laptop to match. :)
    Set up was a breeze. No problem here. I'm not sure why some people are having trouble with the printer. I have a Sony Vaio CR590, so perhaps this information can help someone determine if their laptop/computer is compatible.
    When the printer is not in use, it goes into "sleep mode". When I want to print something, it automatically does it without me having to touch the printer across the room. That's the best part. However, I'm pretty sure the printer is wasting electricity in this mode, and I'm not sure how to turn the printer off completely. I'll figure that out later once I get my electricity bill for the month. I gave this 4 stars because I only had it for about 3 weeks now, just in case something happens later on. Hahaha......more info
  • Will not connect wirelessly on a Mac network
    The reviews on this product vary widely. I am not sure why, but my experience was the pits.

    I have been unable to connect wirelessly with this computer. Since this was the primary reason I purchased it to begin with, this is a major problem.

    My wireless home network works fine with all other devices except this computer. The wifi indicator light on the printer has NEVER been lighted. I have had several email exchanges with Lexmark support and searched their website thouroughly, but have never gotten an answer.

    Lexmark seems to ignore one fundamental issue: the wifi indicator never shows any function at all. All the troubleshooting tips they have given me require the light to show up as orange before they are any good. Since I have no light, the tips do not help me in any manner.

    If you are looking for an inexpensive, easy to set up printer for connecting via a USB cable, this is a good purchase. If you are looking for a WIRELESS CONNECTION TO A WIRELESS HOME NETWORK UTILIZING MAC OSX, IT IS A HORRIBLE PURCHASE. Try another product and avoid the frustration....more info
    I was excited about the whole wireless printing concept until I received my printer and spent 3 hours of my precious time with technical support. They said I have a faulty something and there sending me another printer...ok...more info
  • Corporate disregard for consumer
    I own a Lexmark Z32 ink jet printer. I upgraded my operating system to Mac OSX 10.4.11 and the printer no longer worked. I contacted Lexmark and they responded "Please accept my heartfelt apologies for the problems you are experiencing with your Lexmark product. To the best of my knowledge, there are currently no plans to develop Mac(10.4.11) drivers to support this model. Thank you for notifying us of this request." So before you buy a Lexmark, think about whether the company will be there for you. ...more info
  • Lexmark WiFi printer model Z1420
    This printer is a great idea, but the wireless feature is *unbelievably* slow to print. It takes MORE than *5 minutes* to print a page that would take 5 seconds to print when it is wired directly to the computer. (That is not even remotely an exaggeration).

    The other thing I don't like about it is the fact that the wireless feature is an "either/or" proposition. If you plug the USB cable into a computer, the wireless feature is bypassed, and then the printer will only work with the one computer that is connected via the USB cable. This means, with regard to a "Network", that the printer can really ONLY be used wirelessly.

    The truth is, I could live with these issues EXCEPT for the slow print issue. The amount of time it takes to print "wirelessly" will cause you to think (every time you print) "I'd rather plug the damn printer in when I need to print something!"

    The print time for "wireless" printing is utterly abysmal. The problem is serious enough to question whether or not the wireless feature is even "worth it."

    For me, the answer is: "barely"

    (Note: I have not yet even tried printing from 2 computers at the same time)....more info
  • Lexmark Z1420
    Nice printer for the small bucks. It does the job, but step-up was a little difficult for the wireless. It comes without paper, however all ink and cables are in box with printer.

    I would recommend....more info
  • It does the job
    It works well with my intel Mac. But you must go online to get the driver. The print quality is "so-so"....more info
    This is a Wireless printer, and I was extremely pleased with the ease of which the software installed on my 3 Windows XP Home computers. Outstanding step-by-step instructions made the loading process flawless. Using it with 3 computers on my network (wireless and Ethernet cabled too) and it all works GREAT!!! Very cool that it will go into the "sleep mode" for power saving after 10 minutes of non-use. The next print job will "wake-up" the printer, without having to touch the printer power button. That's handy when the printer is located in another room!!! I especially like the Lexmark Rewards (free ink) program, of which I have signed-up for, but ... I hope Lexmark will increase the deadline past the 12 month point for those of us that will not be consuming large amounts of ink. This Rewards program is a GREAT IDEA on the part of Lexmark and will somewhat ease the pain of high cost ink supplies. I tell my friends that "it looks like Lexmark has come a long way in performance and quality, since the last Lexmark printer that I owned many years ago".
    I also like the Lexmark Imaging Studio software that came with the printer which is easy to use, yet offers many options to "tweek" the photos if needed. I used some Kodak 4x6 photo paper to print some shots. Although not "lab quality" I would say that the prints were extremely clear and impressive, considering the low cost of this printer. Black & white documents print out great. Haven't experienced any paper jams yet, in the few months that I've owned it. All-in-all, I'd rate this as an OUTSTANDING PRINTER for the price ... provided that it's not going to be used for high volume printing.
    ...more info
    After 13 Live Chats with Lexmark customer support they decided that my product must be defective. They then shipped me a new printer which they later determined was also defective. When I contacted them asking for support with my THIRD printer, they decided that this one was also defective. I refused to have them send me another printer. They would not refund my money. HORRIBLE!!...more info
  • What a spiffy printer
    I bought this thing a month ago and it's perfect for college!

    It's small and compact. We can put it anywhere in the house, seeing as it's wireless. It was a cinch to hook up. Did I mention that it was cheap, too?

    My roommates chip in for toner and now they can use it, as well!

    If there's one negative thing I can say about this printer, it would be said of all other printers out there - the software that you're required to install on your computer seems to be a little bloated. Speaking of software, I use it on both my WinVista laptop and my desptopXP computers - with no trouble at all....more info
  • Hardware + Software Problems
    Just tried to install this on an Apple (box says it's compatible). I ran into two issues.
    Software Issues:
    Problem one is that when hooked up via USB it acts like it's printing, but pages from Word/Excel come out blank. Test pages print out OK. Other programs such as Adobe Reader & Preview shut themselves down automatically when I tried to print from this printer.
    Hardware Issues:
    Wi-Fi is regularly defective with the Z1420 (regardless of if you're running a PC or Mac). When talking to technical support about this issue they didn't take too long to tell me, "to be frank with you, a lot of the wireless cards are defective in the Z1420".

    When the wireless card is defective they have a common practice of upgrading to the X4550, which is an All-In-One...If that works well I'll be happy with Lexmark the company, but still be annoyed with the Z1420 printer. ...more info
  • Wireless Printer
    I purchased this printer for my college-bound son and it was a great deal. We have already enjoyed it at home before he takes it to school. We'll probably have to purchase one for the home....more info
  • Great product
    The Lexmark wireless printer was very easy to get up and running. Took me less than 1/2 hour with no glitches. It has no problem picking up print orders from anywhere in our house. Prints are clear and decent quality for the price. I don't use it for photos so I can't comment on that. It has had very heavy use with no problems so far.
    Goes through ink pretty fast. Overall a great printer for $40.00....more info
    Received this printer today and had it running in about 15 minutes. It connected to my Netgear router right away (as do all wifi & wired devices) and I was printing away. I have installed it on all 4 of my computers and can print to this printer in the kitchen within seconds. Although the wifi light went out after a while, there was no issue with "sleeping" as it "woke up" and printed as soon as I routed a print job to it. Am giving it 5 stars in consideration of the price and value. I only print text and some graphics with this printer but also tried printing pictures and the quality was very good indeed. I highly recommend this printer for both wifi and wired printing....more info
  • Very Impressed!
    I ordered this printer on a Tuesday and I got it the next day! It was sooooo easy to install, the dvd walked me through the entire process. It works great for what I need it for (general document printing). I could not have made a better decision in getting this item. I have a work station, but did not want to have a printer on it to take up space, so the wireless in just what I needed. Would reccomend this to anyone who is looking for a great general printer. Lot's of printer qualities for the value....more info
  • Awesome Printer
    This product is one of the best purchases I have ever made. Now when I pay bills I simply hit print and regardless of where I am in the house it works seamlessly. I usually pay bills on the dining room table and it was always such a hassle to run the computer back to the office and hook it up to print after each transaction. the cost is amazingly low, just a few dollars more than the ink cartridge for my old printer. You just can't go wrong with this printer....more info
  • Not at all what I thought it would be
    I was very excited to be able to print WIFI! I received the printer and was able to print with the USB cord but it would not connect to my router (belkin) I called Lexmark and they said it was my router to call them.. I called Belkin they said it was Lexmark... This went on for 2 days.. just as I was giving up I decided to connect the router to my laptop and try again. With the router plugged into my laptop the printer was able to connect to it. I don't have a desktop and am very disappointed that the only way I can print is to have the router connected to my laptop... this defeats the purpose of wireless!!!! ...more info
  • One Great WiFi Printer
    I recently purchased the Lexmark Z1420 wifi printer to replace a much more expensive printer that only lasted a year or so. The Lexmark works very well and does a great job with color photos. I especially like the verbal comunication you get when working with it. I have it located near the computer but I tried it in a number of different locations around the house and it works equally well some distance away. A very affordable wifi printer that seems to do the job. The setup is simple and quick. Online support in the form of live chat is also available if needed. I'm very pleased with the unit....more info
  • Exceptional Value
    The selling point of this printer is the wireless feature. If you are looking for anything else I suggest going elsewhere for your printing needs.
    The price point is unbeatable for a wireless printer and the quality matches or exceeds printers of the same price range.
    The wireless configuration is a breeze with an included CD and USB cord. It even accepts WEP configurations, which everyone should use on their wireless network.
    I found this printer while searching for an alternative to HP printers, of which I have owned 4 different models, and I have had a horrible experience with HP drivers. I found Lexmark drivers much better. Specifically, I was not required to install an entire software suite to run the printer, although I do wish the CD install was not necessary for setting it up on extra PC's. However, I understand this decision as it makes it much easier to do for the majority of consumers.
    Overall, it is a great printer that fits my needs to a "T" at great price. A great find for myself, and I hope it is for you too....more info
  • Solid wireless printer
    The Lexmark Z1420 has proven to be a perfect wireless printer add-on for my lakehouse wireless network. Established communication instantly with my Netgear wireless router, and all wireless PCs on the network linked up with the printer first time. Printer speed and print quality is fine, especially given the low price I paid for this product....more info
  • The talking printer
    This little machine can run...It works faster than a dot martix.. and makes the kids' eyes pop out when it says" Printing Started".."Printing has ended"... Its a cool thing.....more info
  • lexmark z1420
    product was defective on arrival, however lexmark replaced the unit with an upgraded model x4550 that works awesome. lexmark has excellent customer service that strives to satisfy the customer. very happy with the x4550 model. easy to set up and very good copy quality. do not buy the z1420, for 20 dollars more on amazon get the x4550 which has print, scan and copy along with other features that make it a much better buy....more info
  • great buy & easy installation
    Just got my printer today and right away install it. a little bit nervouse cause some negative feedback. but for this price, I decided to give it a try. I have limited space on my desk. so the idea of having the printer that dont have to attach to my computer is way to go.
    first, I insert the CD that come with it. It give you step by step of what to do. and just for few minutes, I already have wireless printer. I moved the printer to my office room, and I try to print some documents and pictures. they came out good.. I really satisfy and excited so far....more info
  • defective
    Had to return unit. Lexmark was very helpful, sent a new, upgraded printer and provided return label for the old one. New model, a X3500-4500 series works just fine....more info
  • Down to a single star...
    Since I haven't had my own PC for over 3 years now, I will admit my learning curve is a bit steep at this moment. It did take me three goes to get the Lexmark software installed correctly, but now I'm not only surfing wirelessly, I'm printing wireless too!

    I really like the small size of this unit. The printer itself is the depth of a paperback book. With the power cord, a hard cover. It's very quiet. The price ($44.25 w/tax and free shipping!) is amazing compared to what I paid for my ginormous HP printer years ago. I haven't printed pictures yet, but for the mostly black & white printing I'll be doing at home... it's just dandy. Seriously, at this price point how much more could you want?

    Addendum!!!! (August 14, 2008)

    I've run into a pretty big problem with this printer. Consistent and reoccurring problems installing the software.

    I recently had to re-install Vista and re-set my wireless network. I had a devil of a time getting the printer software to properly re-install. After 5 failed attempts, each time doing the exact same thing, I finally got the software installed again. First I thought it was just me (Third time's the charm).... now I don't think so.

    Also, it's taken me this long to get the printer to power down fully. Every time I held the power button down for 2 seconds, as instructed, it would only go into sleep saver mode. I wound up unplugging it for over a month.

    Given these rather annoying problems, I can only in good conscience give it two stars.

    Update (August 22, 2008)

    Now the printer's wireless feature is disconnecting me from the internet every time I print more than once. Three times now, I've had to shut the printer completely off and reset my modem in order to re-establish my wireless internet connection.

    This printer has given me nothing but problems. One after the other.
    One star....more info
  • Love it!
    I am a Lexmark fan and this printer doesn't disappoint. The WiFi feature is terrific....more info
  • WiFi doesn't work
    This printer prints ok through the USB connection but the wireless part does not work. The wifi indicater does not light up at all and my router doesn't even see the printer. I had to call Lexmark and they determined after having me do several things that the wireless part is defective. Lexmark is sending me a brand new free upgrade to the X4550 model. I would NOT RECOMMEND this printer if you want to use the wireless printing. Do yourself a favor and get something better....more info
  • All in all a 9 out of a possible ten.
    Fast setup just follow the CD. This printer is a good quality product and shipped quickly perfect for home or small office. All in all a 9 out of a possible ten. ...more info
  • A nifty little printer for $49
    If the only computer you have in your home is a desktop, you might want to spend a few bucks more on an upscale printer. However, if you're like me and have anywhere between 2-5 laptops and a desktop in use at the same time and they all want to print out directions to their friend's house or print out a recipe, then this printer should be given serious consideration.

    First the bad. It has a big footprint for a printer. Of course, since it's a wireless printer you can put it anywhere. Also, it loads a bloated program called Lexmark Imaging Studio that is absolutely useless.

    Now the good. Ink use isn't bad for a inkjet. It's in draft mode 90% of the time for me and so far, so good. You have to install the printer on each computer, but that was really easy. Well, it was after I remembered the password to my network. I wouldn't print digital photos on it if I had another choice available, but print quality isn't bad.

    Bottom line: if your primary use of a printer is to print nice looking resume's or quality pictures to hang on your wall, you might want to go elsewhere. But if you're tired of disconnecting the usb cable from your desktop so your kid can print Mapquest directions from her laptop, then this is the printer for you. It's a nice workhorse printer if a lot of your printing is recipes and directions.
    For what it does, I recommend it.
    ...more info
  • WiFi doesn't work, but...
    The WiFi on our unit does not work. The light doesn't even light up. We can only print through the USB. Called Tech Support, they're upgrading us to an X4550, no charge and very little hassle (apparently this is a problem they're used to seeing). If you don't mind dealing with Tech Support, give this printer a shot. Either it will work fine (the print quality on ours is okay, not presentation quality) or they will upgrade you to a better model that does work, for free. Can't beat that....more info
  • waste of time
    WiFi didn't work. Printing quality was terrible. Build quality was very low. Sent it back, not buying another....more info
  • Brilliantly simple
    Got this as I needed to print from both my laptop and desktop and it is perfect. Within 20 minutes I had it setup on my wireless network and installed on both computers.

    The black ink usage is a little high I guess, but for the price it does what it says. I haven't tried the colour printing of photos, but that's not why I got this and I would buy a proper photo printer if quality were that important....more info
  • A work in progress
    I am still figuring out the intricacies of this printer. I bought it and screwed around with it a little too much at first. I had to call India and get tech support to set up the wireless on my Mac. So I got it working wirelessly with my Mac, but my two PC's only want to connect to the printer via USB cable. This was an okay setup until the wireless decided to be flaky with my Mac. I'm not sure if it's something that I'm doing, or it's the printer fault, or my Mac's fault, but something is not adding up at the moment. Right now I am printing my final essays and papers from my Mac via USB. Go figure......more info
  • Excellent for the price and application
    After attempting to hang a USB printer on an Apple Time Capsule to absolutely no avail, (I still don't know if it is a TC problem, an incompatible printer problem, or cockpit error), I decided to solve my wireless printing requirement with the Z1420. What a good decision!

    This cool little printer practically installed itself, (more on that later), and my wife and I were each printing from our MacBooks in no time.

    I haven't tested the photo print quality yet, but that was not the reason I bought it. It is supposed to be adequate, and that will be a nice bonus. As for printing receipts, internet payment vouchers, order confirmations, recipes, et cetera, it is perfect.

    Mine arrived from an Amazon vendor with only a Windows install disk. The instructions referenced an OSX disc, but it was missing. I knew the drivers were available from Lexmark via a download, so I was not too dismayed. In reality, it turned out to be a blessing, since the written documentation outlined a multi-step manual set up procedure, kind of daunting on first read, whereas the download included a series of "click-and-continue" set-up screens that were extremely easy to negotiate.

    All in all, I am very pleased with both the printer and the vendor....more info
  • Does what it says
    Real easy to install. Hooked up to both my pcs in less than 1 hour. Simplistic, not many bells and whistles, but prints wirelessly. That's why I gave it 5 stars - it does what it's supposed to....more info
  • Nice overall, but annoying power saver feature
    One very annoying feature of this printer is the power saver feature. If the printer is not used for 10 or so minutes it goes into power saver mode and you have to press the on switch to get it back out of its "sleep mode". The problem is, it will not accept a network job while its "sleeping". The whole point of buying a network printer was so that the printer could be up in the loft and laptops could print to it. It kind of defeats the purpose if we have to walk upstairs, wake the printer, and then print. I called tech support, and they informed me that the printer just works that way. Nothing can be done.

    Still, overall a nice printer. Some wifi "print servers" cost nearly as much as this printer. Why buy two boxes and risk something not working with the other. This thing worked great. You do have to use the USB cable to properly setup the printer and get it onto your network. But, once the printer is setup you can put the cable in a drawer.

    The instructions are very good. They cover how to connect the printer with both Windows and Mac. The instructions also show how to connect the printer as a standard USB printer, however, this would defeat the point of buying a Wifi printer.

    The printer prints fairly fast, for an inkjet. Some people are tagging this as an "all-in-one" printer. It is not. It does not fax or scan. But then, it never said that it does!...more info
  • Received 2 Defective Z1420s
    After calling Customer Service (generally very helpful) to install the first Z1420 that I received, we diagnosed an inoperable wireless print server. OK, Lexmark said to keep that one and use it until a replacement arrived. The second installation stalled at the exact same step. Figuring I must be doing something wrong, I called Customer Service again. After going through all sorts of restarts, the CS Rep said that I had a second defective wifi unit! What sort of error rate would they have for these printers that I got 2 defective ones?!? Since this was a great inconvenience to me, Lexmark said that they would send an "upgraded printer that might also be a scanner". I thought, "OK, whatever, just get me one that works!" The 'all-in-one' that I received next did not have built-in wireless. What kind of an upgrade is that - not having the one feature I bought the printer for?!? Fortunately, when I called Customer Service, the rep quickly agreed that I was sent the wrong type of printer and agreed to send me a wireless all-in-one (X4530). Well, two days later an X4550 arrived. That one installed fine on my 'base' desktop computer that is connected to my wireless router, but I had to call Customer Service (again) for help installing my laptop. This CS rep was not so friendly, and tried to blame the problem on the amount of RAM on my laptop. While helping me, he also tried to insult my internet connection, but I told him I have a high-speed cable connection, so he gave up on that. I could not accept the RAM explanation, and I told him that there was no way that the low amount of RAM was preventing my laptop from sending a simple document through the air to my wireless router! After some reconfiguring of some settings, he was able to get the printer working properly.

    (Note: Except for the fact that my computer was running slowly as it was apparently still trying to "wake up" and the software incorrectly directing me to use the USB printer cable when installing the laptop, I think I could have installed the laptop without having to call CS.)

    So, to sum it up, the printer is wirelessly printing now, both from the base computer and from my laptop. Quality is just fine for school projects, maps, and other household uses. I haven't tried photos yet, but the sample page had a picture that came out OK. I have had quite an ordeal with what I expected to be a simple printer purchase, but Lexmark has done the right thing, and I expect I will be happy with the printer now. ...more info
  • Wireless Printer
    I purchased this printer as a supplemental printer for its wireless capabilities. We have 2 portable computers we use in another part of our home from our desktops. This printer was the easiest to set up with its excellent software. Had it up running in a total of a half hour (including unpacking it), and I/m no computer guru! The print is fine, good color. Knowing its capabilities, I would purchase it again (even at a higher price)....more info
  • Great basic printer at a great price
    I purchased this as a second printer that I could take on road trips. I also wanted a wireless printer. The features and price of this printer made it attractive. I have also owned several Lexmark printers in the past and was impressed with the quality of the machines and the output.

    It is compact and light. Set up was easy. Print quality is good but not spectacular. It is just a basic, entry-level printer. Both black and color cartridges were included in the box.

    If you need a basic printer with wireless capabilities, perhaps that second printer you can use with your wireless network at home, this printer would make a great choice.
    ...more info
  • Misleading product listing, terrible design
    I purchased this printer because I needed a wireless printer that would fit into a tight space: on a bookshelf that is eight inches deep. Amazon's product listing reports that this printer is 7.8 inches deep, which was the primary reason I picked it.

    I just unboxed the printer and placed it on the shelf. It fits beautifully... unless I want to plug it into the power. The way the power works for this printer is that you have to plug a big power brick into the back of the printer and then plug a power cord into the the back of the brick. All of this adds another 4.5 inches to the depth of this printer.

    Someone at Lexmark should be fired for this idiotic design.

    How well does the printer work? I have no idea... first I need to install a deeper shelf before I can actually use the printer....more info
  • I'm a Believer. A Very Good Value.
    I never bought a printer before -- I always would sneak at work & do my personal printing. I read nearly all of the Amazon reviews on small printers - and chose this one. I am more than pleased.

    I am a computer-dummy, and I set the WiFi up all by myself! I have operated it for about 2 months & No problems! WiFi is SO convenient with my laptop. The printing is good. I love the small size/footprint of the printer itself and the low price.

    I am so glad I bought this printer rather than the more expensive ones I reviewed!
    ...more info
  • Great wireless printer! Superb value!
    I've had this printer now for about a month, and I am super pleased with it. I wanted an inexpensive, wireless inkjet to do general B&W and color printing, and this one definitely fits the bill.

    You simply plug the printer into your USB port to begin with so the software can configure it, then disconnect it and it jumps right onto the network. Make sure to have your WEP or WPA key available, of course, when configuring it.

    The print quality is excellent. The speed is satisfactory. I've printed out some color pictures, and they have come out fine on best mode (printing slows way down, though!).

    For the money, I can't think of a better value. Lexmark has made a very nice product and I hope it lasts....more info
  • WiFi failure right out of the box, poor support
    Was excited to get this printer, set it up, it has a hardware failure in its WiFi access according to Lexmark support. Typical offshore tech support, everything takes longer as communication is more difficult, don't know state abbreviations used in addresses (since I already provided a zip code you would think they could decode city and state without needing me to spell it slowly...). Needed me to fax proof of purchase (from earlier this week!) but could settle for forwarding copy of Amazon invoice. Hassle, hassle, hassle. Now I wait.......more info
  • Great for the price
    This is a great little office printer for a real cheap price. It is not a great photo printer but it does a good enough job for all around office purposes. For B&W docs and color docs it does a pretty fair job. I have 3 different Lexmark's in the office and I am happy with all of them....more info
  • Lexmark Z1420 WiFi
    Ease of use- 5
    Speed of wifi printing- 5 -(fast)
    Quality of prints- 4 -(but not bad at all!)
    Durability- unknown
    Life of ink cartridges- 3 -similar to other printers. They do not last as long as you would like.

    I have had this printer about a month now. No problems as of yet-- It installed on all my computers in the house and I have not seen any glitches in printing yet. It is very handy to have setting downstairs (away from my office upstairs with 3 computers and 3 LPT1 printers attached). I can use my laptops to print to it wirelessly from anywhere in the house (kitchen table-countertop-front seat of car in garage).
    The drawback I have noticed is that the install program installs Microsoft Net Framework 2.0 and the Lexmark Imaging Studio programs on all the machines you want to use the printer with. These are 2 HUGE programs. And the Lexmark Imaging Studio (a photo program) launches very slowly on all machines. A "read me" file with the install tells you to wait a minute or two before launching the Imaging Studio if you have to close it for any reason. That leads to to believe there might be a problem with the program the way it is written if they warn you not to re-launch it for a few minutes. I like my other photo programs better. A call to Lexmark Support says that you cannot just un-install the Lexmark Imaging studio program. It is required to have the printer work (???) I have not tried un-installing the imaging studio after hearing that.
    All in all- a NICE printer--very responsive--fast--easy to setup by following the CD wizard.
    Lexmark Imaging Studio" has to go-- I give it a thumbs down. If I could un-install the Imaging Studio program and have the printer function normally I would do it. Maybe I can and Lexmark's answer was not true? But I have not tried it yet. I hate to disable the printer and have to re-install--- even though it is not hard. But--YOU know what I mean. Why wreck something that is working.
    ALL in all- I would buy the printer again. The wireless conveinence is just to good to give up. I just have to stop thinking about the bloated "Imaging Studio" program and not use it.
    Mike in Ohio...more info
  • Amazing Technology - A "Must Have"
    The low cost of this amazing printer is less than I expected to pay for just a Wireless Card to connect a printer to my network. Even better is that the included software configures the printer to the network (mine is a Cisco Linksys) and all you have to tell the software is the Network Passwork and it does the rest. Then, a quick visit to each additional household computer (with the software CD) and the entire network can access this printer. Since it's wireless you can place it anywhere in the house that you have an electrical outlet. A bonus is that once you understand the simple beauty of a wireless printer like this, you will be confident to add other new wireless devices to your network (security systems, entertainment systems, heating systems, etc). This is a great little printer AND you should definitely buy it....more info
  • The Best
    I am absolutely amazed by this printer. I have purchased 5 or 6 printers before, paying 4 or 5 times as much and not getting the print quality I get with this Lexmark. I bought this as a back up printer, and now it is my main printer. It is small enough so that I can take it on the road with me. And I love the wireless feature....more info
  • Nice, for the price
    I had some trouble getting it to connect to my wireless network. Although the installation CD gave clear, easy, setup instructions and everything seemed to go just fine until it was to connect to my network, then I'd get a flashing WiFi light and nothing would happen. The good news is that once I was able to get a phone number for support, everything went fine. I had to download another installation script from the web and run it via the printer's USB port. The support tech stayed with me until everything ran right.

    The printer itself is just fine for basic home or office work. I don't like the fact that the paper tray is upright from the printer, it makes the unit tall and limits where you can put it. The print quality is normal for these type of printers. High yield OEM replacement cartridge sets cost nearly what the printer does (as is typical of this class of printer).

    But the wireless printing, that is just fabulous. No more print servers, no more going out to my office to boot up my wired computer so I could see its printer on the network. Just leave the Lexmark on standby sitting in the closet in the den. Print from anywhere, anytime. Oh, and let me mention the price again. A real bargain. ...more info
  • would not work for me
    Would not connect to network, mfg. replaced with another one that also would not connect to network?...more info
  • lexmark printer
    i love this printer! i don't do much with photos, but it seems to print photos just as good as any other printer we had. i would recommend this to anyone interested in wireless printing! ...more info
  • Great Little Printer
    This is one of the easiest printers I have ever installed and I'm not very computer savvy. The directions were to the point and it worked perfectly as soon as I turned it on. It looks great and since it is WiFi we can print from any of the four computers in the house. The price was the final selling point and I'd recommend this to anyone. ...more info
  • Way more than I expected
    I purchased this printer expecting to be completely baffled when setting it up. But I thought it was a cool concept, so I figured I'd give it a try. I have a desktop and my husband has a laptop on the name wireless router. It was a snap to set up and install the wireless printing. It took me no longer than 15 mintues total. Printing is very quiet and quick and the quality is pretty good. About what I expected from an inkjet at this price. This was a great buy, especially for the price. ...more info
  • Lexmark Wireless Printer
    Fast, easy setup. Good quality printing for the price. Wireless setup without any compatibility issues. Windows Vista desktop and laptop running XP both work fine. Would recommend as low-cost, low-hassle printer....more info
  • Doesn't support Mac 10.5 Leopard
    Printer works well on Mac 10.4, but I tried installing it on 10.5 first which cost me an hour of frustration and a call to tech support. They told me an update for Mac 10.5 will be available on Jan 19.

    One other complaint -- the paper feed is clunky, and sometimes pulls the paper in at a slight angle.

    Still, a good printer for basic office stuff, with wi-fi allowing you place the printer anywhere and print from multiple computers....more info
  • Lexmark Inkjet Printer
    Excellent product. Easy set up instructions. Works well with both Vista and XP Professional Software....more info
  • Setup of Z1420
    I just recently purchased 2 computers; one Mac and one Dell; to add to my existing WiFi network. I had been using an HP all in one and wanted to be able to print with all of my computers on it through the WiFi network. I purchased a Linksys print server and ended up with a day of frustration. The Linksys software crashed both my new Dell and my old computer and it was worthless with respect to the Mac. I ended up returning it for this Lexmark printer. The setup for this printer was flawless. Not only on the PCs, but the Mac as well. Total time was about 20 minutes. I don't know about how the printer will last over time, but I would recommend the folks who don't have WiFi printing as yet (HP and Canon) to copy the ease of setup....more info
  • Great printer for wireless printing
    I've always had to buy a wireless printer server to accomplish wireless printing and it was always a pain, sometimes it would work for a while, then quit for who knows what reason, then you redo the configuration and the cycle repeats.

    This printer had some bad reviews, but considering built-in wi-fi and the fact that this printer costs less than buying the wireless printer server box (where you'll need a printer to go with that, separately) - I gave it a go.

    The quality is ok, totally usable for office, home environments, where you don't need blinding quality. If you're looking for a very sharp, high end, photo-quality color printing - this printer won't do. However, for vast majority of printing tasks - it's more than sufficient. Wireless config and reconfig is a snap with the software that comes with it. I was able to easily reconfigure it to work on various wi-fi networks, including WEP - all very quick and hassle free. The config is typically done via the USB cable, which is also supplied (which is unreal, since most printer s that cost more don't come with one).

    Definitely recommend this printer....more info
  • Flawless
    I waited to post a review on this printer. I have had no problems to date.
    The installation CD walks you through the set up for your PC, and then I just loaded the CD on addtional laptops.
    I first saw this on QVC for a higher price, and once again, Amazon had the lowest price with free shipping.
    There is also imaging software included to manage and print photo's.
    Would highly reccomend this to any house hold that has a wireless network. ...more info