AXIS 209FD-R Network Camera - Network camera - dome - tamper-proof - color - fixed iris - 10/100
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Product Description

AXIS 209FD-R Network Camera is a compact, rugged network camera designed specifically for the tough environments found in mass transit vehicles. Its durable transparent cover provides excellent protection against dust, humidity and vibrations.AXIS 209FD-R Network Camera is designed to be easy to install, and to remain securely in place over time, withstanding the tough and changing conditions in a bus or train. It ensures a robust construction that can withstand these conditions without premature wear and tear. The small built-in heater takes care of any moisture and thereby eliminates condensation on the lens or cover.AXIS 209FD-R features a tampering alarm, an intelligent feature incorporated in the camera, further strengthening the benefits of digital IP-based video. The tampering alarm detects if AXIS 209FD-R is moved, obscured, covered or sprayed.AXIS 209FD-R is quick and easy to install. Its design allows flexible installation on ceilings or side panels. Sloping surfaces can be compensated for, by horizontal camera adjustment, and tilt and rotation of the lens. The AXIS Installation Monitor can be used to quickly and easily view the image from the camera, to check the position and focus.