TransTech Wireless Four Channel Handheld Recorder w/ Four Channel Wireless Camera Rechargeable
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Product Description

You are looking at our Remarkable B series camera system. Need to prove your point or make your case? Nothing does it like video. This handheld recorder can start recording with just the click of a button. The digital recording can then be played back on a TV or even downloaded on your computer. It has an incredibly clear, sharp picture! If that's not enough, the receiver can be used in conjunction with the camera or all on its own. With the dual a/v ports it can be used to record video from a TV And it will also play mp3 files! It is terrific for monitoring homes, offices, garages, and especially children and elderly. This is an incredible system! It's portable, light weight and extremely versatile! The receiver has a built in stand so that you can place it on a desk or countertop and it will even plug into your tv for an even bigger picture. Here's how it works. The indoor camera has a pin hole lens. It will shoot through an area 1/32 of an inch. If you wanted to run completely wireless, the camera has an internal rechargeable battery that will transmit for up to 2 hrs. The camera signal will even pass through walls. The Handheld personal video recorder (PVR) will start recording with the click of a button. It will even play movie clips and MP3 audio files. To play back simply select the file and hit play. If you want to download the files there is a USB 2.0 port. If you want to play back on a tv/monitor, there is an A/V port. If you want to record something other than the wirless camera, there is an A/V "in" port. It has an open field range of over 150 feet. For normal houshold use the range is 20-80 feet depending on how many walls the signal must pass through. Kit includes:1-Indoor 2.4G Wireless Rechargeable Camera 1-2.4G Wireless Personal Recorder/Monitor 1-A/C wall adapter/charger (monitor) 2-USB cables 1- A/V cable 1- A/C Adapter (camera) 1-Set of Instructions

  • Rechargeable Four Channel Wireless Camera can operate for up to two hours on a charge
  • Handheld Recorder can upload files or downloed files or even MP3 Files
  • 64Mb internal memory that can be expanded to 2GB with an SD card (not included)
  • Large 2.5" TFT LCD High Resolution Screen
  • 90-Day warranty