Hannah Montana Disney Pix Micro
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  • Point& Shoot Digital Camera and Printer
  • Features Status LCD
  • Additional Features: Attaches To Your Key Chain or Backpack, CIV 320x240 Pixel Resolution
  • Also Includes Wrist Strap, Software, Manual, USB Cable
  • 2.75L x 0.75W x 1.9H"
Customer Reviews:
  • Awful
    I can't really say anything that hasn't been said before. I bought this camera last July for my son's 4th birthday. It is small, about the size of a box of matches. Too small for small hands.

    Has an LCD on the back, but it only shows picture number, no preview. No flash. Holds about 50-60 pictures, that my son went through in about 3 minutes. He didn't seem to care that he didn't see a preview, but never asked to use it again after we downloaded the first batch of pictures and no one could tell what was in them. I uploaded some examples.

    The viewfinder is not lined up with the lens so even pictures taken by an adult are bad and cut off. Indoor pictures were just terrible, outdoor pictures wouldn't be too bad if viewed only in small preview size, not printed, and if the viewfinder lined well enough to get pictures that weren't all decapitated and the side of the image...

    shoulda just given him my old digital camera and bought a new one
    for myself... ...more info
  • JUNK
    This camera is of lesser quality than a free Happy Meal toy.
    Pictures do not save once camera powers off. Pictures taken are of such horrible quality they are not worth viewing on a monitor. You must take picture and get it downloaded to PC BEFORE the camera turns itself off - otherwise there will be no pictures. Disgusting piece of junk. It deserves zero stars, but Amazon requires a minimum of 1 star....more info
  • Shame on Disney
    Tens of thousands of years ago, ancient man chewed dyes, held their open hands up to the cave wall and spit/blew the paint from their mouths over their hands to create art on the stone wall.

    Those paleolithic drawings are of higher resolution and quality than the pics you can take with this series of cameras. It's that bad.

    Do not buy. Shame on Disney for selling this to kids. The pictures are of a worse resolution than can be produced on the cheapest cell phone camera -- blurry, small...get a cheap starter camera an put some Hannah Montana stickers on it. Problem solved.

    The only redeeming factor is the photo "edit" software that comes with. It's an ok toy, though small children will still need help.

    Still One Star (deserves Zero) though, since you're buying a camera, not photo software.

    Seriously. Listen to me. This is garbage. Am I being clear enough here?...more info
  • Worst camera
    Don't waste your money. I bought this for my daughter, it was a starter camera. It's horrible, we got very few pics to work. If you set it down too hard you lose the pics, don't touch the battery compartment or you lose all the pictures. What a waste of money. Should have spent a bit more to get a starter camera. Waste of time, waste of money. ...more info