Skylink Wireless Touch Dimmer with Remote MT-200
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Product Description

The Skylink Wireless Touch Dimmer with Remote allows you to control a lamp with the touch of a button from up to 50 feet away. Simply plug your lamp into the unit, plug the unit into the wall, and you're ready to go!# FCC approved # CSA approved. * 1 Receiver * 1 Transmitter * 1 Mounting Bracket * 1 12 volt Alkaline battery included for transmitter

Customer Reviews:

  • Works Very Well.
    I purchased this to replace a cheaper brand of touch dimmer that broke. This works great for a lamp behind furniture that is impossible to reach. The touch dimmer works well and we love the remote - it works from at least 25-30 feet....more info
  • Dimmer works as expected, remote not so well
    The remote was DOA on arrival. I didn't really need the remote and it was too cheap to mess with an RMA, but it would have been nice for it work at least once....more info
  • Turn a light on or off with the tap of your finger or with the included remote.
  • Perfect for any plug-in lamp. Works with standard incandescent or halogen bulbs and saves electricity.
  • Adjusts light from dim to medium to bright.Built-in night light provides safety for the whole family.
  • Transmitter can be mounted on wall to use as a light switch.Operation range: up to 50 feet away.
  • Max. Incandescent Loading: 150W.Input Voltage : 120VAC, 60Hz, 15.5W.