KJB Security SK199 Auto RF Pen Detector with UV Light
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Product Description

SK199 Auto RF Pen Detector with UV Light. This versatile ink pen is a RF and UV Detection Device. The pen automatically detects wireless signals and alerts you with a red flashing light at the tip of the pen according to signal strength the flashing will be more frequent. Push the button on the side of the pen to illuminate the UV light to check for counterfeit currency by detecting the water mark. You'll never have to worry about turning the pen on to detect a signal it is always on detecting for you. REPLACES THE SK880

  • SK199 Auto RF Pen Detector with UV Light
  • Detects a radius of 1-10 m & precisely detect wireless signals of 900/1200/1300 & 2400/2600/3000MHz
  • Built in protection to prevent mobile phone interference. Frequency range 100MHz to 3GHz
  • Currency checker, Simple to use and easy to carry, Functioning ink pen
  • Automatic RF detection