AH Ultra Baby Monitor with Anti-Interference 30 day money back
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With the high demand, we are temporarily out of stock. One of our dealer "American Hawks" still has some limited inventory. You can purchase from them. They offer 30 day money back guarantee as well. With the wireless 1. 5 inch TFT LCD baby monitor, mom can freely walk away while still maintaining a close watch of her baby. The product contains a Wireless Monitor and a Wireless Camera. The Monitor allows 2. 4 GHhz Audio and Video transmission directly to the palm of your hand. Simply switch on the monitor to instantly see or hear your baby from a distance of up to 328 ft (100 m) in open space. 6 infra Red LED lights on the camera enable Night Vision monitoring. Our baby monitor use 2.4 GHz frequency. Generally speaking, 2.4 GHz wireless device will interfere 2.4 GHz baby monitor. We have a patent pending technique which will eliminate up to 80% of interference from other 2.4 GHz devices. If our baby monitor doesn't perform as you expected, you can return it 30 days. No questions asked. Our baby monitor won't be inteferred by 900Hz devices, cell phone, microwave oven, etc. To find more about wireless device inteference, please contact us.

  • AH Ultra and AH Spunky Dog will eliminate up to 80% of interferrence of other wireless devices. 3rd picture was taken on the monitor in day time. 4th picture was taken for night vision.
  • Built-in 6 infrared LED lights on the camera enable night vision monitoring. 7 levels of brightness control on the monitor display baby's any motion.
  • 2 channels help minimize interference. Power-on LED indicator notifies parents that unit is on and functioning.
  • Small palm size for mobile monitoring. Transmitter has AC adapters so it conveniently operates on household electricity.
  • Monitors operate on battery power or household electricity. Image and audio sensor. Camera has built-in microphone for audio monitoring.
Customer Reviews:
  • it works awesome
    My mom bought this for our new baby girl. There is no interference for me. The sound is very clear. The vision is very sharp. Night vision is a little dark. I recommend this to other new parents. I feel my baby is with me all the time. ...more info
  • I uploaded my test video.
    I tried verious brands but returned all of them due to the inteference. I am in UK and this is my first purchase in amazon. I like the product and did some inteference test. I uploaded it to youtube. Not sure whether the link is allowed.

    Visit youtube and search: Test Baby Monitor Video

    It should be the first one from the top. ...more info