SanDisk 2GB Microsd Card with SD & MiniSD Adapters (SDQ-2048-A11MK US Retail Package)
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Product Description

The 2GB microSD Mobile Memory Kit from SanDisk provides a single product with multiple adapters to be used in any SD, miniSD or microSD slot in any device. The microSD Mobile Memory Kit provides a flexible solution for mobile users who need a card for multiple SD devices. This kit allows one product to be the solution for any SD, miniSD or microSD based phone or device. Easily transfer, save and enjoy your favorite content across multiple SD based devices with one card. Easy side-loading - On computers with full SD slots, you can side-load digital content by using the included SD adapter

  • Kit Includes - 2GB microSD Card, miniSD Adapter, Full-size SD Adapter
  • The right solution for your phone - Eliminates the confusion in determining which card fits your phone with this flexible memory kit
  • Do more with your phone - Take more photos, listen to more music, work on more emails, and more - just add more memory to your phone
  • Easily transfer among devices - Use your extended memory capabilities to transfer your images, music, and data between your phone and SD flash memory-enabled device, regardless of the SD format
  • Easy migration - Use your memory to make migration to new phones easy through transferring your personal information
Customer Reviews:
  • SanDisk 2GB MicroSD Card
    I recently purchased three new cell phones for my family and the phones have 2mp cameras and mp3 players. So we needed microSD cards. They work great, were easy to purchase and I received them promptly. ...more info
  • Convenience at its best
    With this sandisk... i could easily switch from micro to mini
    its super convenient all you have to do is choose which one you want.
    its the best.
    also works great on phones...more info
  • SanDisk 2GB MicroSD card with SD & Mini SD Adapters
    Products were purchased because of reputation of SanDisk and from previous experience with their products. The cards work perfectly for my cell phone, as well as my digital camera. Long & dependable service are my expectations from these cards. The price was very good and shipping was extremely fast....more info
  • Works great in MotoKRZR
    I got this to use in my new Motorola KRZR K1 phone, and it works perfectly. With no adapter it works great in the phone. With the "large" adapter it fits into my computer's SD slot.

    I copied a bunch of MP3s and pictures to it and !Voila! they are available on the phone.

    No problems at all, and a good price....more info
    purchased for my new phone. It is great!! Easy to use and holds a good amount of songs, vids and pics...more info
  • Sandisk 2GB
    Well, I bought this to use in a high end audio recorder, but was a little worried about having to pull out cards and such...well so far it has been 100% reliable and has given me no reason for concerns. I depend on it to record audio in a course I'm taping where if it fails, then I don't have the lecturers audio (well I do backup with a wireless) but it has proven very reliable and I would not hesitate to order another....more info
  • fast shipping, best price
    The title says it all, the retailer shipped it super fast, and this was the best price I could find. I'd highly recommend this retailer....more info
  • Works Great on Blackberry Pearl
    I brought this twice for two different phones. The Blackberry Pearl 8120 and 8130. It works great. No problem with install or configuration (formatting). Easy transferable to my computer via the adapters to convert it to SD, miniSD or microSD. If you need one for your phone, computer, camera, or any other device and that device can support up to 2gb; I highly recommend this item....more info
  • It Works. That's All You Need To Know!!!
    I needed the mini-sd card, not the micro. So, finding this product with the additional sleeves was excellent. Now I can stick the card in my phone (mini) and my computer (the full size sleeve)! IT WORKS PERFECTLY FOR POCKET PC!!! (Which is what I wanted the card for!) Also, as if I wasn't happy enough, the micro sd card fits in my camera! (Not what I got it for, but still...extras!) I got the card before it was even supposed to be shipped, no problems or hassles. I am a very satisfied customer....more info
  • SanDisk Micro SD - Great
    SanDisk 2GB MicroSD Card was purchased for use in my Nokia 6085 cell phone. So far the card has performed very well with no problems. I have not used either of the adapters yet so I can't comment on their performance....more info
  • sd micro/mini 2gig card with adaptor
    really nice works well in any thing. great package, great for people with sd card needs. fast purchase and delivery....more info
  • phone micro card
    This is exactly what my phone use. I dont know why all phones could not take the small size so you do not have to use adaptors but that is how they keep you buying more item. If you already have the small memory card it will work in this adaptor as a back up. ...more info
  • good deal!
    Great price, quick shipping. SanDisk Micro card was just what I needed to load some extra music into my cell phone! Thanks....more info
  • Life Saver
    This is definitely a great purchase! My phone has been giving me problems and they had to send it out to be fixed. I was going to lose everything, but then I thought about this memory card that I can use in my phone and save all my pictures and ringtones that I made on my own. I had one before, but someone stole my phone and with that they got my memory card. I recommend this to anyone who doesn't want to lose the pictures or things they have on their phones. You can even put it in a computer and download them all onto the puter....more info
  • Great product but case is lacking
    First off it's a great memory card, I've been packing the heck out of it with all kinds of pictures and music for use on my BackBerry 8300 Curve.

    I never realized how small the MicroSD card really was until I opend the package. It's almost insane how tiny they are and how much information can be stored on them (careful you don't drop it or you'll likely loose the card!).

    The card and adapters are very nice but I was disapointed in the quality of the jewel case that comes with this set. While it is nice and slim it is also easily opened in your carry bag if something bends it slightly while it's sliding around in your bag. (happend a couple times in the side pouch of my camera bag. I just leave the adapters at home now and got a USB adapter to put in the camera bag for the time being (wanted one anyway so no biggy).

    All in all, GREAT SET, with a GREAT PRICE!...more info
  • Works file but I hoped this is like 'matrioshka'
    I purchaced this item for my Sharp vodafone. (using Mini Disk)
    Disk itself works fine.
    If an SD adapter works for a Mini SD adapter, it would be perfect.
    ...more info
  • Turns my Bluetooth Cell Phone into an MP3 Player
    I purchased this SanDisk 2GB Micro Memory Card for my Bluetooth Cell Phone that has an MP3 Player. It will hold up to 500 songs, which I can listen to with my Bluetooth stereo headphones when I go for my walks each day. I don't know how you can put so much data on such a small memory card, but you can, and it works great and is a great value for the price. I recommend it for anyone who desires to add additional memory space to their cell phones for music, pictures or short videos....more info
  • Just works!
    Bought this for my Samsung SGH-D900 Black Carbon phone which did not accept the card (it only uses microSD up to 1GB only) so I plugged the microSD into the SD adapter and now use it like a 2GB SD card for my iPaq pocket PC. Reads and writes satisfactorily. ...more info
  • use it for my phone
    Great product I used it to download music on my phone. I also used it for my XM SkyFi 3 and downloaded music on the card. It's so easy to transfer music and pictures on to it. ...more info
  • Convenient adaptors, reliable brand
    It's very convenient to have an SD in this format because you are guanrateed compatibility in many different products. I can use it in my computer with the regular sized adaptor, my camera with the Mini adaptor and my Cellphone with micro adaptor. For a few extra bucks this was well worth it...more info
  • Fit my needs perfectly
    Purchased to add music to cell phones. The size of storage and ease of use made it exactly what we needed....more info
  • Microsd memory card for motorola Razr
    Card was exactly what I wanted and at a substanially lower price than at the cell phone store. Easy to install and works fine....more info