Kensington K64516US Combosaver Ultra Combination Notebook Lock
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Product Description

Get the strongest theft deterrence with the ultimate combination notebook lock from Kensington, the leader in notebook security. An easy-to-use 4-wheel combination design, new carbon tempered steel cable, and patented T-bar locking mechanism make this lock your first line of defense against notebook theft.

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Customer Reviews:
  • Great for Apple's Time Capsule
    It may be useless for some laptops, but it works great for securing an Apple Time Capsule. The Time Capsule's thick base makes a regular security cable unusable. However, the elongated t-bar on this cable fits the Time Capsule just fine....more info
  • Waste of money!
    I tried changing the combination according to the instructions and could not get the lock to unlock after being set. Even using the default combo after, it still didn't work. Luckily I didn't lock it to anything yet. One star is overrated. DO NOT BUY!...more info
  • Does Not Fit Dell Laptops
    According to the Kensington web site this lock should fit most Dell laptops. It does not. When installed, the lock will not tighten up enough to press it against the side of the computer and it can easily be twisted out by hand.

    I tried two samples of the lock and six different Dells (I1420, D610,D600, and D620)and they all do not fit. I do not know if the fault is with Kensington or Dell, but Kensington's support is useless - they can not read and respond intelligently to the contents of an email.

    Another point that applies to many laptops -- even if you successfully lock it with a lock such as this, the disk drive (with all of your data) is removable with one small screw, as are the memory chips and the battery (no screws!)...more info
  • Poorly designed mechanism for setting the combination
    I could not set the combination at all. Kept looking for a "red dot" to appear as directed in the instructions. Then the thing jammed and I could not get it to work at all. $40 wasted....more info
  • Don't get this thing!
    I brought this lock for my college freshman daughter's new laptop. After setting the combo, taking an HOUR to figure out how to actually get the lock to stay attached to the notebook, I couldn't get the lock to unlock entering the combination that we set. I even tried the factory set combo, thinking that maybe we didn't set it right in the 1st place. I ended up having a locksmith CUT the lock off (it took him all of 10 seconds). While I can see the usefulness of the lock, the next time around, I'll just get the lock with the key instead! Thirty bucks down the drain(the locksmith cut the lock off for free...what a really good guy.)!!...more info