Ikelite Underwater Camera Housing for the Sony DSC-S650 Digital Still Camera
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A virtually indestructible heavy duty thick wall housing that operates safely to 200 feet (60m). All functions of the camera are accessible in this corrosion free clear polycarbonate molded housing. Optional adapters: The #9306.81 adapter allows attaching and removing the 67mm threaded Ikelite W-20, Epoque, and Inon UWL-100 conversion lenses. The #9306.80 adapter allows attaching and removing the Inon UWL-105AD bayonet style lenses underwater. Accessory color filters provide color correction with available sunlight up to 80 feet (24m). Use #6441.32 to enhance reds in tropical blue water settings, or the #6441.72 for rich, natural tones in green water environments. Filters sold separately, for use without a flash. An external DS series strobe placed farther from the lens improves the photographs by producing better coverage and reducing the illumination of particles in the water. Optional EV Manual Controller provides 10 power settings with any Ikelite DS SubStrobe without requiring any fibre optic "sync cord"nonsense. Click on the Recommended Strobes button at bottom of this page for complete strobe systems. An optional #9523.31 Release Handle and Tray, required to attach SubStrobes, allows easy attachment and removal of SubStrobe mounting arms at the touch of a button.