Q-See QSNDVR16M 16 Channel MPEG-4 Pentaplex Network Digital Video Recorder (No Hard Drive)
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Product Description

DPS's mission is to provide innovative, practical and top-quality products that reduce cost and improve the way users employ digital technology. Commitment to excellence in design and function sophistication appeal to the needs of customers at any market condition.PRODUCT FEATURES:Record at 120 Fps shared by 9 cameras and display at 480 fps;Mpeg4 compression;Motion and alarm detection;Remote viewing through IE browser;Loop back feature on 1 channel;VGA port / S-video port;Supports up to 4 IDE hard drives or 3 HDD and 1 CD/DVD-RW;USB 2.0 port for CD/DVD-RW or external HDD;4 channel audio.

  • Record & Display at 120 FPS / 480 FPS
  • Remote viewing through IE browser, or client software
  • Loop Back Feature on 1 Channel
  • Supports up to 4 internal hard drives for longer recording time
  • USB 2.0 Port for CD/DVD Burner or External Hard Drive
Customer Reviews:
  • Nice when it works, but came with bad ports
    I bought the "kit" version of this from costco which came with 16 cameras and a hard drive, but it was this exact same DVR. Considering I had never done this before, setup was not hard at all. most of the cameras we ran used the 60 foot cables that come with the cameras except for two which were more like 150 feet away (we used RG-6 instead of supplied RG-59). Some of their outdoor cameras require a power source but that's not a big deal.

    Getting the system online is pretty easy too, just read the quick setup and if you have a little LAN knowledge (IE, port forwarding etc for internet access) it helps you alot. I was able to access the cameras through our LAN very easily too but the software that comes with it is a little buggy and tends to crash alot on certain computers.

    Unfortunately after we spent 3 days and 4 installers to run our cables (this is a large warehouse), one of the cameras went offline by it self and soon 4 were gone. We found out that a supplied 12 volt transformer had gone bad but afte replacing it (we just went to a electronics outlet to get the same 4 amp transformer) one port was still not coming on and have to RMA it. It wasn't even working for 2 hours when it went out so I don't know if it's are rare thing or the QC of Q-See (pun intented) is not that great.

    Other thoughts:
    The RNC ports are put in way too close so it's very difficult to hook up 16 ports.

    They supply RNC-RCA adapters but it would be nice to have some F-connector converters or even some extra RNC connectors in case you need to splice wires or run your own. i ended up buying a compression tool and compression connectors.

    Overall a decent system if it works. ...more info