Q-See QSH264KB Keyboard for Pan Tilt Zoom Speed Dome Camera
List Price: $499.99

Our Price: $382.34

You Save: $117.65 (24%)


  • H.264 Algorithm
  • Resolution of Playback: D1, 2CIF, Half-D1, CIF, QCIF
  • Special file management system, no fragments, high secrecy
  • 3D position function with Q-See speed dome
  • 4/8 channel
Customer Reviews:
  • Confusing at first, but eventutally it fits in
    Talk about a product with zero documentation. I bought mine which was the last one Amazon carried and it was missing the manual because the person who last bought it did not return that important piece.

    This left me guessing on important things like THE PASSWORD. Knowing a bit about the orient and culture I figured it would have the number 8 in it somewhere, so I hacked using all 8's - turned out the factory password was 88888 - OK now I'm getting somewhere.

    Hookup was a breeze - 2 wires to the rs-485 terminals of the dvr and it had control over the 2 speed-domes in my system. The joystick has a nice feel and let me boost the baud rate from 2400 to 9600 once I got this installed to make movement more real time.

    If you have 2 or more cameras I recommend it - with just 1 the IR remote on your DVR itself will suffice most likely. With 2 cameras monitored on a multiscreen system like the DVR I bought here at amazon, this keyboard helped to steer them separately.

    It does take some trickery to get it working - this is not for the DIY'er but more for the pro-sumer. If you have the patience and the effort you will be richly rewarded.

    One annoyance that cost it a star - after a minute (not adjustable so far) it times out and you must re-enter the password to us it again. The whole idea of a keyboard is to have something you can instantly steer your cameras with. That is backwards and that is why I only gave it 4/5 stars.

    For those of you trying to put keyboards onto your speed-domes my email is in my profile (hidden) - feel free to email me and I'll write back to answer questions.

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  • What instructions???
    This appears to be a quality item, but so far I can only get the PTZ to work. It may require network connection for other features, but the instructions, on a disk labeled "software" are poorly translated and worthless. I sure an experienced security systems professional could figure it out......more info