Excalibur Electronic Weather Channel EZ Crank Radio Extreme
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Product Description

What do you do in an emergency when the light and electricity go out? Excalibur Electronics' H632S-WC Weather Channel EZ Crank Radio Extreme combines two essential emergency tools. With an AM/FM radio, the EZ Crank Radio Extreme is more than just a flashlight; it is your connection to information in the time of an emergency. Most importantly, the EZ Crank Radio Extreme does not require any batteries - just turn the hand crank, and you will never run out of power. In addition, there's a plug to connect your cell phone to that can provide enough of a charge to help add minutes of power to your cellphone. Compact and efficient, this crank powered device is a compact and affordable survivor's tool when confronting adversity in an emergency.

  • EZ Crank provides power -- no batteries needed
  • Powerful 5 LED flashlight - delivers a bright beam of light to see and be seen. LED uses very little power for maximum efficiency
  • AM/FM radio with antenna
  • Cell phone charger supports most phones to provide a trickle charge in an emergency
  • Weight - 1.25 lbs.
Customer Reviews:
  • A handy gadget
    I can testify that one minute of cranking gives you more than twenty minutes of LED light and 5 minutes of cranking gives you twenty minutes of radio. It has no AM and cell charger as advertised here. But overall it is a handy gadget to be around for emergency. It is relatively small to carry.
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  • Made in China
    "One minute of cranking provides 15 minutes of power" Not happening. Your lucky if you get 5 minutes of power. The radio- there is no FM, I don't know why they say you have FM. The weather channel- you'll have to wait for a local AM station to give you the weather. There is no Weather Channel on here. There is no plug for your cell phone. Made in China, says it all. The only thing that works on this device is the crank and the light and the light is not exactly the best. Waste of money for the price like the majority of these hand held cranking devices ...more info