Stash It - Video Spying and Security Encryption Software
List Price: $1.99

Our Price: $1.99

You Save:


  • Conceals and Protects Files: Encrypts files automatically & password protects them with a click of a button.
  • Secures e-mail transmissions: Send emails without the threat of 3rd party interception or eavesdropping. Receivers of encrypted files don't need Stash It to open.
  • Alerts Intruders: You can pre-record a message to play whenever anyone invades your space - a dog's bark, death threat etc
  • Shreds Obsolete Files to Bits
  • Catches Intruders in the act: By adding a Windows compatible camera, Stash It becomes a surveillance system. It reacts to motion, so the camera doesn't take pictures unless something is happening.