Nokia Unlocked Camera Cell Phone - N75
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Product Description

  • 3G connectivity* with Cingular service
  • Mini Map web browsing technology
  • Dedicated music keys
  • Large 2.4" crystal clear display
  • Access to Cingular mobile video entertainment with Cingular service
  • Headset not included
  • Service: AT&T

    *Coverage areas may be limited in the U.S.

    Customer Reviews:

    • Bad..Ok one more time; pay attention this time- BAAAAADDDD!!!!!!
      Worst make of Nokia...I guess N3310 was far better than this one...No battery life...No internal phone memory..and even if u add a memory card, u cant transfer anything from it to the phone memory as it is very ringtone compatibility- the nokia tools sucks big time and doesnt know wat to encode into from a normal mp3...voicemail feature not proper...Camera is ok...Ringtone volume of those in there already is good..But overall, STAY AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY FROM THIS PHONE!!!!! LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE...GOD BLESS U!!...more info
    • Gorgeous screen, but can't keep a charge
      Being somewhat used to candybar phones, I reluctantly decided to give the Nokia n75 a try after being disappointed by Motorola's software present in their popular RAZR and SLVR phones. I had fond memories of Nokia phones when I was just starting out with cell phones, so I was happy to become part of the family again.

      I didn't know things had changed so much at Nokia since I left.

      Everything was a little different than when I transitioned over to Motorola before; Nokia now ran this dreadful Symbian software on its phones that at least on my n75 ran abysmally slow. I experienced many dealys and lags between applications. In receiving text messages, I would often have a blank screen while the phone was trying to process the message and display it. Never before had I seen such lagging on a cell phone.

      And perhaps the biggest fault of the n75, the talk time of this phone is absolutely unforgivable. In every phone I've had before this model, I could seemingly talk all day with nary a worry about recharging or encountering a low battery warning. With this Nokia phone, I lose calls in the evening because the battery runs out so quickly; the manufacturer documentation only lists it as having four hours of talk time -- something dreadfully short for a modern phone.

      This phone is expensive and flashy -- don't fall into its trap. You can find a better phone at a better price somewhere else....more info
  • Features:
    • Unlocked Cell Phone; with Digital Camera to Take and Send Pictures, Alarm Clock, calendar
    • Flip Style Features: Speed Dial, Text Messaging, Caller ID, Voicemail
    • Works with Cingular
    • Talk Up to 132.0 Min. Before Recharging,Up to 200.0 Hr. Standby Time
    • Dimensions: 3.74" x 2.05" x 0.80"