Doberman Security Laptop Defender
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Product Description

Laptop Defender - 100 db alarm that attaches rto your laptop - Loud motion sensor 100 db alarm Create a "force field" around laptop Never needs batteries/ USB rechargable One touch arming, no bulky wires. Protect your valuable laptop and its contents with the latest in personal security...The Laptop Defender Finally, theres a high tech way to protect your laptop and its contents from theft. Introducing ...The Laptop Defender from Doberman Security! Attach it to your laptop, set your code and it is armed and ready! Simply put, there is no easier way to protect your laptop from theft. Its blinking light tells all around you that your computer is being protected by The Laptop Defender. The Laptop Defender is lightweight and no bigger tha

  • Motion sensor alarm.
  • Loud 100 db alarm
  • Recharges through your USB
  • One touch arming
  • Bright, flashing light acts as a deterent
Customer Reviews:
  • Laptop Offender
    It's interesting that this review was written just about the time that Doberman successfully placed stories in the tech media. Regardless, the Laptop Defender does indeed emit an ear piercing alarm, and I'll use it in hotel rooms, and perhaps in some office settings. But to arm the alarm, you have to press and hold the ARM button, and that emits a very loud, obnoxious beep. No one in a coffee shop or library should think about arming the device without considering the risk of being asked to leave the premises. Too bad, because it seems like an avoidable problem. I've settled for just having the device attached to the top of my laptop in hopes of a deterrent effect. Perhaps they should make a faux Laptop Defender, similar to those fake security cams that cost about 10 bucks....more info
  • Laptop Defender
    We are very pleased with this product. Doing the job as intended...the sound it makes is quite deafening and a real deterrent for the would be thief. We recommend this product for anything you want to safe guard not only laptops....more info