Dish Network HD 222 Dual Tuner Receiver
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Product Description

The ViP 222 is our newest and most advanced state-of-the-art HD receiver. This top-of-the-line high definition receiver gives you unprecedented picture quality and power over the way you watch TV. Receiver Features Dual/Single Viewing Modes Explain Dual Mode: (2) Independent Tuners: watch different programming on TV1 and TV2. PIP not available. Dual Mode, Shared View Disabled. Both users can access the same program at the same time and not interfere with the other viewer. HDTV/SDTV Delivers high-definition and standard-definition programming. Explain High-definition content can be viewed using HD outputs (TV1), or HD content is automatically down-converted for viewing using SD outputs. Standard-definition can be viewed using SD outputs, or SD content is automatically upconverted for viewing using HD outputs. Both HD outputs are not active at one time. HDTV Digital Audio/Video output. Explain Allows you to display programming on high-definition television monitors. TV1: outputs 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i. SD is upconverted. TV2: outputs 480i. HD is down-converted. Our receivers do not support 1080p. Instead, use 720p for fast action, or 1080i for other programming. Picture-In-Picture (PIP) Explain PIP allows you to watch two different programs at the same time. PIP - to open a small window; second press to enlarge window; third press to close window. PIP Swap - to move program in small window to full screen window. Channel changes, etc. can only be made in full screen window. PIP Position - to move the window (either size) into one of nine locations on the screen. Press for immediate side-by-side PIP. Picture-in-Picture (PIP) - view two programs at the same time when in Single Mode - does not require a PIP TV (SD Only)

  • HD Dual tuner with Picture in Picture
  • 2 tv output 1-HD 1- Standard