IronKey 4GB Secure Hardware-Encrypted Flash Drive
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Product Description

The IronKey, designed to be the world's most secure flash drive, protects your data, on-line passwords, and Internet privacy. Now you can safely carry your digital life with you wherever you go - with confidence and peace of mind. While it uses advanced security technologies previously only available to government agents and other secret operatives, it is simple to use and requires only a password to unlock it.

The IronKey 4 GB secure hardware-encrypted flash drive protects your data, online passwords, and Internet privacy with hardware-based encryption. Now you can safely carry your digital files with you wherever you go and surf the Web privately through almost any network--even across unsecured wireless hotspots. Furthermore, the IronKey is optimized for speed and designed to be waterproof and tamperproof. The IronKey Cryptochip uses hardware-based encryption, which is faster, more secure, and easier to use (no software or drivers to install) than software-based encryption.

Although it employs advanced military-grade security, it is a cinch to use and requires only a password to unlock it. Manage all of your online accounts and passwords in one place with direct access and protection against keystroke-logging spyware and other online threats. If Cryptochip detects any physical tampering by a thief or a hacker, it will self-destruct. And if your IronKey is ever lost or stolen, you can easily restore your lost data and passwords to a new IronKey.

  • Your IronKey gives you military-grade security in the palm of your hand, allowing you to protect your data, passwords and web surfing with hardware-based encryption.
  • 9 megabytes per second read speed. 15 megabytes per second write speed. USB 2.0 High Speed or 1.1. Windows XP or Vista.
  • No software or drivers to install. Does not require Windows administrator privileges.
  • Waterproof to military specifications. Tamper-resistant rugged metal case.
Customer Reviews:
  • Don't but this from Amazon\ AntOnline.
    Great product. Would highly recommend. Do not buy from Amazon. They use third party broker AntOnline who is a deceptive company. They duplicated my shipment and charged my ccard the same. Now they want to charge a restocking fee. They will not return my calls and Amazon refuses to help. Do not buy from third party suppliers....... Newegg and TigerDirect have a better price anyway....more info
  • worry free
    secure browsing is a little slow but the rest of the options are very convenient....more info
  • Would not recommend for some people.
    The Iron Key is a decent product if you're only using on computers you can be sure are 100% malware free. If you have any intent to use on public computers, or a friends/work computer I would not suggest this product.

    The Iron key has a security hole, that has been known to the company since August 30, 2007. The problem is that if a keylogger (hardware or software) captures your IK Master password (no protection against this), and that person can obtain your IK, all data and passwords in the password manager will be compromised.

    I would not recommend this product if you plan on using this product on a computer that you can not be 100% sure there are no keyloggers (Public computers, friend's computers, maybe work)

    I presented this issue to the IK Employees and got several vague responses. The Sales dept said there may be a fix in 2009, Tech support said there was nothing scheduled and on the forum there is a promise of a fix in the future...


    On their forums I found a post that a IK Employee made Aug 30, 2007 stating this issue and that it would be corrected soon with a virtual keyboard. This is the same response today 1.5yrs later. I would not assume they are very concerned with security, or the speed at which holes are patched.

    I posted this information on the forum. After some discussion on the forum, and the question as to why it's taken 1.5yrs thus far my account was banned.... Is that the kind of support you would expect from a company?

    I would think it over before you purchase this product....more info
  • keep a written record of username, password ...
    The package with the IRONKEY arrived within days of my order- everything looked in order This is not just the usual Flash drive- the security is impregnable - I needed help and after a bit of a delay for a few days did get a call from a tech- had to give up on retrieving my user name and password- did get a promise of a replacement free of charge
    I can only tell how well it performs ante I can open the control panel-
    the Ironkey forum was easy to join but didn't see where I lould ask questiones as a "Junior" member ...more info
  • Not worth the cash
    Without going into a long drawn out review, I'll just say that in hindsight I wish I had bought a cheaper drive, This drive seems to have issues needing software repairs and or drive reformatting. The kicker though is that the more I've learned about other drives, I've decided I could do all I wanted with a lot less cash. It may be right for some, just not me....more info
  • met my needs
    I needed an encrypted secure means of transporting files between various workstations that met policy standards. This does the trick. It is pricey. I purchased the 4gig, but I would have liked to have bought the 8gig for more space, but I thought it was too overpriced. ...more info
  • Great idea, spotty execution
    I tried two 4 Gb IronKeys in a row, the second as an RMA replacement for the first. They did not work consistently, and when they failed, they required a low-level format to recover, which wipes all of the stored data. IronKey claimed "environmental" issues with the PCs I used, all of them, across multiple XP and Vista installations on several brands of workstations and notebooks. Not likely. I think this will be a great product if they work out the problems - that I'd guess are due to the USB power consumption based on the forum sleuthing I did. For now, though, I got my money back and will wait until these issues are resolved....more info
  • Buggy and unsupported
    Great marketing, great idea, poor implementation. I had problems using just the basic functionality for this device on 3 different computers. Endless streams of error dialogs make it pretty much useless. IronKey provided no support - they claimed it was an "environment" problem. It definitely did not come even close to enabling me to "compute safely and securely anywhere". Save your money....more info
  • Going to War
    If I was going to war, I would take my Iron Key with me. Seriously, this device means it means secure business. The setup is easy and it performs flawlessly. It is also one of the fastest USB drives I have tested. The Secure Sessions function is fast and represents what the TOR (The Onion Router) network can be. The on board Firefox browser is the best choice and is hands down the best browser in the world. There is one annoyance with this drive, however. The Portable bookmarks cannot be organized in any logical order; they are simply saved chronologically. This does not facilitate finding one of them 100 bookmarks later. Iron Key developers do however reveal that a solution is in the works, along with other upgrades in a future firmware release. If 4 gigs is to skinny for you I suggest delaying your purchase until they release the 8 gig model. It could be this year from what I've read on their forums. This product deserves a "5" but I handed it a "4" just to leave room for improvement. My buddy, James Bond (MI6)disagreed with me and gave it a "5".
    ...more info
  • With Ironkey, my data is secure and speedy!
    I'm an ex-military relic of the "Cold War", and have a deep appreciation for safeguarding vital information. When I began my search for a secure portable data solution, I expected to sacrifice speed. Speed is not spared when using the Ironkey!

    Not only is my data secure with the Ironkey, but accessing the data is amazingly fast. This appears to be the added benefit of hardware-based data encryption. I strongly recommend it to all of my friends.

    With the specter of identity theft peering over everyones' shoulder, I'd say the Ironkey is a definite must-have when accessing financial, and/or personal files while away from home.

    Maybe I should pass this bit of intel on to my friends at the VA, huh?...more info
  • Not Market Ready!
    I've had mine for nearly a year now...promises, promises, promises, and still no firmware fixes/patches to correct far too many issues. Way too many functional issues than space would allow to describe here. Suffice to say that on the surface it looks pretty but far from tested. It is secure but not ready for prime time. Don't waste your money. Until the company devotes the same time to it's public sector customers as it does the military..stay away from this less than polished USB drive....more info
  • It is boxy but its safe.
    The IronKey is big compaired to other USB/Flash/Key drives but is also a whole heck of a lot safer. The drive is encrypted on the drive without the need to install software on the computer you are using. That means you can use the encryption on computers you do not have administrative rights on. It is also water resistent and crush resistent. Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte did a pod cast on the IronKey at if you want more info.

    The software works great, I would only make the key smaller and it would be perfect....more info
  • Works as advertised
    The only down side is that it takes two drive letters, other than that it's great....more info
  • A nearly perfect solution for protecting private data
    As far as data protection goes, this flash drive is the most secure option I could find on the internet, and i did quite a bit of research before my purchase. It runs everything great. I haven't had a problem with any freeze ups or crashes or lost data...yet. I always hit the the notification in the corner about removing the flash drive safely from windows before pulling it out, but I do that more as a good practice in an investment, similar to changing the oil in your car on a regular basis, since these little drives can cost 4 times as much as their non-encrypted counterparts from other competitors. The password manager/bookmark manager are nice, but I use other programs that are a little more robust to handle that sort of information: I.E. foxmarks for firefox to keep track of bookmarks, as well as the portable version of keepass for organizing the login info from various websites.

    My only problem with the product is it has a little control panel launcher that, in it's current software version, doesn't allow any other programs to be launched from that control panel window except for firefox. Everything else you launch just like you would from a standard file tree in windows explorer after you've unlocked the drive. On their website they address this issue and it is one of the most requested features on the forums. They say they'll have an update in the future that addresses this problem, but as of right now, that's how it's gotta be used. Other than that, I think the product is nearly perfect for the purpose of protecting data. I gave it 4 stars because the password manager/bookmark manager isn't robust enough for my purposes, and for the other reason i stated earlier.I hope this review was informative enough for anyone that's still on the fence....more info
  • As advertised
    Researched the product, and while a bit larger and heavier than I otherwise seems to work as they advertise. The vendor who sold the product delivered as promised - new device...was also shipped promptly. If you are concerned about your data being compromised, great product. And it is faster than the cheapie sticks I have used in the past. I actually run many portable applications from the IronKey...including the whole OpenOffice suite plus FireFox. I don't plan on testing the self-destruct mechanism but do hope that works if I ever lose the thing....more info
  • Wonderful flash drive!
    IronKey 4GB Secure Hardware-Encrypted Flash Drive

    I purchased one of these IronKey 4gb flash drives a while back and I've been very pleased with how it works. The encryption is quick and doesn't interfere with anything. The read/write speed (30mb/s & 20mb/s respectively) is very speedy as well, by far the fastest flash drive I've ever owned!

    I work in the IT industry and frequently need to grab copies of data files, backups, etc., and this flash drive is my first choice because it is secure (helpful for transporting sensitive information), fast, and reliable.

    Overall, I'm very happy with this flash drive! :)...more info
  • Absolute necessity for carrying data
    I purchased one IronKey (1 GB) because I needed a secure way to carry a very large number of records files, mostly Word and Excel files. Because I had tried a number of flash drives and other hardware, I didn't think any kind of flash drive would be adequate. However, I was surprised: the IronKey performed beautifully, was simple to use and very secure. Perfect!

    I have only minor complaints, fewer than I've had for other new products. The secure password storage feature is very handy, but it can be an annoyance on occasion. And I can't use two IronKeys simultaneously on one computer, when that would make it much easier to back up from one IronKey to another.

    But I have purchased two more: one for my wife (2 GB) a 2 GB for me. Now I use my first one for data backup to my larger one. They are soooo easy to carry about: I attached a cell phone mini lanyard and keep them clipped inside my planner.

    The IronKeys seem to use a bit more power resource than some flash drives, probably a reflection of the fact that so many of the features are hardware based. So it you put it in a usb slot shared by other energy intensive hardware, such as a web cam, it could keept he other from working smoothly. But I have not run into a problem that couldn't be solved easily. Works with Vista or XP.

    Tech support and forum support are great. Responsive and fast, but not needed very much.

    A truly indispensable bit of hardware at a great price. Really great as replacements for my Zip and Jazz drives, and handier than mini hard drives. I'm really, really pleased with IronKeys. ...more info
  • Excellent security product
    I have the Iron Key 4gb and I cannot live without it. As said in some other reviews and as admitted by IK themselves, there are some convenience features that would be nice to have. They are very open on their forum about both strengths and weaknesses, reasons why they did things as they did and plans for the future.

    This is not a toy, it is a high security device. If you really want a flash drive with some extras like TrueCrypt, this is probably not the best value. If you want a drive that has the most solid encryption for the money, this is it. Good security does come at some price of convenience though.

    The "Secure Sessions" feature is a very nice feature for people who need to communicate on the web while hiding their location or preventing local intrusion to their messages. An example of legitimate use would be someone who is being stalked and does not wish their place in the world known. It is also useful for security administrators who wish to investigate intrusions without tipping their hand that they are aware of the intrusion.

    As with all security systems, if you really are counting on privacy and security then you should carefully read about the features and be sure you are using them correctly.

    I have started storing things on my IK that I would not store even on my home PC in cleartext....more info
  • Waste of money
    If your main concern is whether or not you can submerge your flash drive in water or not, then this is the USB drive for you. If your concern is security only, then you can do the same thing for under $40. Check out this article here: info
  • Not quite ready for prime time
    What it does, it does pretty well. It looks dang good. It's a great secure thumb drive. There are a few shortcomings that are pretty well documented in Ironkey's forum. To the Company's credit, they usually respond truthfully and say "Yep. Thanks for pointing that out. That doesn't work quite right. We're working on it." But it's still kind of disappointing.

    Issues I've had in the week I've had it and used it include the following:

    * When you enter a login on a web site, it asks if you want it to save the info in its PW manager. If you make a mistake and click "Never" rather than "Cancel" or if you clicked "Never" and change your mind, it will not let you recover to a prior state and enroll that site for auto login. As configured, "Never" really does mean "Never". Never ever ever.

    * The control screen interface is slick, but if you add portable apps, there is apparently no way to add them to the Ironkey's control screen. To launch them, you have to go into its secure files tab (Windows Explorer type interface) and find your executable in order to launch it.

    Don't get me wrong, I like the product. It lets me do some real cool things I wouldn't otherwise be able to do. But fix some of the bugs, and you have a super product....more info
  • The most functional secure drive of its kind.
    I have tried the 1 GB 2 GB and 4 GB. They are all the same as far as the interface. You can lock out your drive forever if you lose your password. That is by design, obviously no backdoors, if there were believe me you would hear about it. Simplicity in itself the ten password lockout can't be fooled, once locked its locked. One of the innovations is the ability to manage the data and store encrypted copies that will only work on a different key with the original password. So if you lose it no one can get in unless you use "password" as your password etc.

    So you're safe far beyond any reasonable standard. Also there is multi layered levels of security that you choose so it can be stronger with a log and a needed email code confirmation to recover a password, or you can choose not just 3 security questions but 4 or 5 and there much more detailed and again the security is to the level where the weakest link is the one thing a product can't help with witch is password strength and security protocol.

    They are also a very quickly growing respected company right in Los Altos CA in the heart of the Silicon Valley. Same city the apple was born. Same city I used to live, my last apple was the IIC. But just to be clear I don't have anything to do with the company, except as a customer. The bottom line this is about security of data and the ability to use windows based computer without leaving any records or things behind. So if it's a solid secure key you are looking for nothing on the market comes close. Just remember this is for security it weighs a little more it does not say on the key weather it is 1 2 or 4gb which is nice for an inconspicuous key. The only thing is make sure to mark the key on the side where there is a soft plate you can engrave with a pen. And note the cereal number. They all look the same, this could be the one drawback in a lost and found situation, or networking meeting. Sorry for the strange all over the place review, I have been a customer for over ten years purchased the majority of books and media I would have otherwise bought in stores, around 500 items, recycled a lot of cardboard, I even remember the UPS Strike of 1997 I was able to place my first pre-order. but this is my first review, I am just trying to help I am not a writter as you can tell.

    ...more info
  • Extremely secure, but also easy to use
    I was pleasantly surprised when I got my IronKey 4GB model that it feels far more solid and reliable than other usb flash drives which are typically made of plastic, or a hollow metal shell. This baby is waterproof and tamper-resistant. It's solid.

    I use it on Windows XP. It mounts a read-only partition with the unlocking control panel software. You simply enter your password and it then mounts up the encrypted partition. Read/write speeds are very fast. It comes with an onboard FireFox browser and a cool password manager. IronKey are giving out online services for password backups and restore.

    All in all, a highly secure product, designed by security guys, but very easy to use. The portable browsing and password manager give Internet security and portability....more info