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Product Description

Technological breakthroughs have led to the development of wireless electronic security products, and their effectiveness has been proven time and again over the years in millions of installations. Their rock-solid stability and long battery life make them a popular choice among homeowners and dealers alike. They give installers the flexibility they need to overcome obstacles like brick walls, cement floors and cathedral ceilings; and no drilling holes preserves the beauty of your home and results in cleaner, faster installations. Honeywell?s patented 5800Micra magnetic contact and wireless transmitter is so small, it virtually disappears when installed. It is one of the ideal solutions for providing concealed protection for tight spaces, especially for vinyl windows. It lets installers shallow-recess the contact while maintaining the exterior integrity of the vinyl window.

Customer Reviews:

  • Very easy installation!
    If you are considering a wireless alarm contact - this is the only way to go! They are completely hidden when the window is closed and work well in doors. You will need the correct drill bit, which you can get from Home Depot. If you buy one that burns through batteries in a couple of weeks, it's probably defective. This occurs in a very small number of them. They should last a very long time on one battery....more info
  • Smallest wireless recessed transmitter on the market (0.75" diameter x 0.33" depth)
  • 10 year battery life
  • Eliminates concerns of voiding vinyl window manufactures warranty
  • Replaceable Lithium coin cell battery
  • Works with all 5800 series Wireless receivers