BabySense V - Baby Movement Monitor - BabySense V - Baby Movement Monitor
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Getting sleep when you have an infant is a challenge, sometimes even more when they are sleeping. The BabySense Movement Monitor helps with the nerve-wracking duty of putting your baby to sleep. Infants move constantly while sleeping and even in the brightest light these movements can be difficult to see. The BabySense Monitor rests under the mattress and alerts you when stopping or slowing of your baby's movement occurs while your baby sleeps.

Customer Reviews:
  • Good, not great, may have many false alarms
    We've used two of these monitors for a year.

    The low battery indicator is not sensitive enough. We have many false alarms before the batteries are low enough to turn on the battery light, and the number of false alarms drops if we replace the batteries. Another reviewer said they hear a clicking sound when the batteries are low. Maybe that's a new feature. We have to replace the batteries about every 3 months to temporarily get rid of the false alarms. Our sleep AND baby's sleep has been shattered more nights than I can count by dozens of false alarms over the last year.

    The unit is very sensitive and picks up the lightest breathing, which is a good thing and should reduce false alarms, but the sensor only works if the baby is right on top of one of the sensor pads. If the baby rolls to the side of the crib and doesn't have some part of his body over a sensor pad, the unit may false alarm. The two sensor pads that go under the mattress are much too small to cover the crib area. You have to make your best guess to place the sensor pads on the side of the crib the baby will likely sleep.

    Overall I'd buy it again, because I am not sure what else is out there to provide similar peace of mind, but I recommend changing the batteries every 2 to 3 months whether the indicator comes on or not. Make sure the pads don't shift underneath the crib when changing the sheets on the crib mattress. Double check the connections on the monitor now and then (unclick then click them) that seems to help with false alarms. Place the pads in a diagonal pattern (not parallel to the sides of the cribs) so that at least a corner of a sensor pad is close enough to the edges of the crib if the baby rolls towards the edge of the crib during sleep.

    A couple more good things about this unit, it is battery powered so you don't need a power outlet nearby and it's compact enough to travel with.
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  • Peace of mind
    We bought this for our first baby. We have now used it for over 5 months. So far we are happy with it. Here are afew key points:

    1. No false alarms.

    2. A set of batteries lasted 5 months.

    3. Comes with two large sensors.

    4. There is an audible warning before the alarm goes off if you forget to turn it off as you pick up your child.


    1. The unit starts making this ticking sound continuosly if the batteries are low. This is by far the most annoyoning feature of this unit. It also has an LED for low battery warning, which is enough to let you know you need to change the batteries. Why oh why did they have to make this continious ticking sound to warn low battery! It woke up our baby twice so far :( :(

    2. There is a pretty loud 'tick' sounds as you turn on the monitor. This has caused our infant to irk and startle many times as we turn on the monitor having just put her down into her crib.

    3. It is so sensitive to movement you might think it is not working right. When we remove our child from her crib the unit continues to pick up movement because we are walking around in the room. To be fair, this is good and bad. It is good that it can sense such small movement (through the floor board), but is also confusing, because we were convinced it was faling to detect there was no movement in the crib (because it was detecting our movement on the floor near the crib).

    We have learned to cope with #3, but because of #1 & #2 I am rating it 2 stars. Otherwise it is a 5 star product....more info
  • Good Night's Sleep
    We are so thankful to have this product to watch over our baby at night. With this being our first baby, we wanted to make sure we did everything we could do to prevent SIDS. Knowing that an alarm will be sounded if she stops breathing allows us to sleep better. We did look into the other crib monitoring products out there, but found this one to have the best features, and the longest track record all over the world. We highly recommend this movement monitor!!...more info