Xlink-cell Bluetooth Gateway
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  • Manufacturer Part Number: ITC-BT
  • XLink-Cell Bluetooth Gateway
Customer Reviews:
  • Helps Use Cell Phones Like Land Lines - With Some Flaws
    Grace Digital XLink Bluetooth Device comes in two versions: ITC-BTTN with which you can use a land line in addition to Bluetooth cell phone; and ITC-BT whcih pairs with only Bluetooth cell phones and has no provision for land line.

    They both can make cell phones work just like land lines. Once your Bluetooth cell phone is paired to Xlink, your other phones work just like land line handsets and you can use your cell phones in multiple rooms with multiple cordless handsets. You can pair up to 3 cell phones with each Xlink unit; and one land line in addition on BTTN. Xlink finds a new use for old landline handsets.

    Although it works, Xlink is not flawless. Once your cell phone is paired, you cannot receive the call on cell phone itself because you do not hear the audio, you have to pick up the call on other non-cell paired handset; but there are no audio problems with outgoing calls from cellular handset.

    There is also a second or two delay in hearing sound on incoming and outgoing calls. Cell phone pairing does not take place automatically each time after the initial pairing. Caller ID does not show up on the cordless handsets although it shows whether the call is on cell phone or land line.

    My original purpose in ordering this unit was to see if I can replace 3 business land lines with 3 cheaper cell phone lines but after using it for a month I am not sure if it works like good old reliable land lines. There are other new Bluetooth cordless units that pair with cell phones but as of November 2008, Xlink is the only device of its kind that lets you use your old land line handsets with cell phone....more info
  • Easy hook up
    The hook up was very easy, and when I come home, the xlink hooks itself up right away. I need to get in the habbit of leaving my phone near it though. I tend to leave my phone in my pocket so the phone beeps all the time as I move in and out of bluetooth range. I have ours hooked up to an answering machine so I can leave messages for my kids too. It works out really handy for keeping in touch when you might oterwise be away from your cell phone. The whole house rings and the rings are easily identified so we know who the call is for. I like it. Only draw back is that sometimes the calls have an echo and I don't know why. Maybe just a bad cell connection? Time will tell....more info
  • Questionable benefits
    Although this product does do what it says the reception is often poor. I have only used it on one make of wireless phones so I can only speak for them. I do like it's features. If reception was better I would have given it five stars....more info
  • Cool product!!
    Hate the cellphone burn when talking for extended periods and this is great. Better than other similar products because you can have 3 phones connected at the same time. Setup was so easy, I didn't think it was going to work, although it took me awhile to find where I stored my landline phones. Tried 3 phones at the same time and their rings were distinguishable. Sometimes I have to remove the device and relink because it keeps connecting and disconnecting, but maybe an update to the xlink would help....more info
  • Pleasantly surprised by this product
    I gave up my land line and got tired of running to find my cell phone when it rang. I bought Xlink, plugged into to my existing digital home phone base unit, connected my cell phone to Xlink via bluetooth, and IT WORKED!! Occasionally I have had a garbled connection - therefore, four stars instead of five. This product has made my transition to "no land line" very smooth. It's a bit pricey, but I'm pleased with the result....more info
  • It's ok; does the basics
    Have had the product for approx a month. It's just ok. It works for the basics: that is, it allows use of the house phones to talk through our cell phones.

    BUT, ours doesn't have separate ringer for each cell. Customer service told us that in any event the separate ringer would only work on the base home phone unit, which is useless since our cells are right there and ring when there's an incoming call making it clear which cell is being called on the house phone.

    caller Id doesn't work: just the number shows up; haven't read or heard anyone state names appear, so despite manufacturer's claim, doesn't appear to be the case.

    Home answering machine does pickup, but only after we called our cell phone company to extend the ring time on our cells (from 20 seconds to 30, the max) so that the answering device would pickup before our cell voicemail kicked in.(by the way, customer service told us that they do not claim/promote that answering machines will work with this unit).

    Same dead zone issue as referenced in other reviews; but I believe this is only when you call out using your cell phone; and since the cell is connected via blue tooth to the XLink, you hear nothing on cell unless you click over to "use handheld".

    Generally though, doesn't seem to warrant the cost. Can't justify it by simply comparing how much would otherwise be spent on a landline: could they charge $360 for the unit? Would incur a savings after one year (12 months x $30), but of course that's crazy.

    Originally purchased/used the GE/Thomson Dect 6.0 Cell Fusion Adjunct Box Gateway, for less than half the price which we believed worked as well. The only reason we returned it and went with this unit is because each time you pick up the home phone, when no landline is connected, you get an error notification. A press of a key stopped the strange ring, but too annoying. Still though, it worked, and was half the cost. But if money is not an issue this unit is good, not only too avoid the crazy error message, but also because it's upgrade-able etc.
    ...more info
  • Ok, but not Great
    The system does work and is quite easy to set up. Some number of calls are mysteriously dropped, maybe 10%. And occasionally it puts the synchronized cell phone into a "dead zone" where neither it nor the X Link work until you unplug the X Link and start over. Caller ID shows only phone numbers, names are shown as "X Link".
    It did not satisfy us as a way to replace our land line, so we are going to put it in a second home where not many calls come in....more info
  • Xlink-cell Bluetooth works as advertised
    We had decided the cost for our landline phone was really more than it was worth, but we hated to just drop it and lose the home phone number we'd had for more than 20 years. Just converting the number to a cell phone would work, but chasing after that single phone from wherever in the house would be inconveniet. So I did some Internet searching (probably like you the reader) and came across the Xlink-cell Bluetooth Gateway. Basically, it works as advertised out of the box. Setup was very easy. If you have a good cell signal at your house, I think you'll like the product. We use Verizon - the caller ID only passes the number to our house phones. Also, even a brief power glitch (utility switching) will drop the cell-bluetooth link. It's easy to reconnect, but you might not know it happened until your house phones don't work. My solution - power the Xlink from a small UPS. Not used it yet long enough to have durability opinion, but so far, very good....more info
  • High utility value. Very cool. Great cell to house phone solution.
    Without a 'copper' telephone line, ours has been a cellular only household for several years. I recently replaced a Dock-n-Talk with the Xlink unit. The Dock-n-Talk has worked well using both the cable interface and the optional Bluetooth module. After using the Xlink Bluetooth Gateway for several weeks, I find the Xlink is a superior cell phone to home phone solution. After 'pairing' our cell phones to the Xlink unit, anytime one of our three cell phones is within Bluetooth range of the Xlink, the cell phone automatically links up to the house phones. The Xlink provides differing ring patterns for each of the three paired cell phones as well as providing the ability to select which cell phone to use for an outbound call. Beyond the raw functionality, the manufacture provides a utility to flash upgrade the Xlink firmware to keep the unit up to date without sending the unit back. I particularly appreciate the ability to configure and adjust the incoming audio levels on a per cell phone basis. The Xlink is a great piece of kit....more info
  • works great with Sprint phones
    My wife and I recently "cut the cord" (disconnected our landline).

    We purchased this device to continue to use our normal cordless phones around the house (they are easier to rest on your shoulder than cell phones). Anyhow, we simply plugged this device into our old cordless phones and then used bluetooth to connect to our Palm Treo and Windows Mobile phones.

    It works great and is saving us over $35 a month....more info
  • Xlink is Great
    The box works as promised. Easy setup. Can be used for up to 3 cell phones, but I only tried it with one........ I no longer have to run when the cell phone rings, just pick up the nearest regular phone........
    ...more info
  • Nice product - works as advertised
    Pros: Product is simple to set up, works with up to 3 different cell phones, and call quality is generally solid.

    Cons: There is a slight delay at times when you first answer a call.

    Conclusion: This is an excellent solution for someone looking to get rid of their wireline phone service but still have the convenience of using multiple phones in their house. ...more info
  • Better than the Dock-N-Talk
    This product is extremely easy to use and has worked as advertised so far, which is more than I can say for my Dock-N-Talk (don't get me started on that thing). The only problem for me has been remembering to place my cell phone within bluetooth range. I opened the box, plugged it up and attached both my cell phone and my wife's cell in less than five minutes. I have asked most people who call if they can tell and so far everyone has reported perfect sound quality. I would and have recommended it to anyone wanting to drop their landline(s) at home....more info
  • Expectations ran high but reality is lower
    I thought this would be a really cool device. It connects one or more of you cell phone(s) to your home's internal phone system. NOTE: YOU CANNOT connect your landline to this Xlink Device. So it simply makes your cell phone work through your home phone system. Not as cool as I first thought, that is, I thought it would accept calls from my land line as well.

    First the quality of sound on my side, was not so good (lots of static)although my callers said they heard me perfectly.

    Second, it often did not resync when I brought our two cell phones within range. My guess is that there is interference from either my 802.11b wireless network or my Uniden Cordless Phone system which is a 1.9GHz wireless. Often when I come home and put my phone near it, it takes forever to sync.

    Finally, the device has a USB port on it and the directions send you to their web site and you find a big fat nothing on the USB. I suppose some future upgrade.

    Obviously some people had good luck with this. However I suspect this product still has a few bugs to get worked out.
    ...more info
  • Nice Solution
    After trying this thing out for a week, we cut our landline cord, saving $35 a month for basic service. Now we're all-cell phone service. The Xlink enabled us to keep using our four-handset phone unit that we had connected as the landline. So far, the thing works just about perfectly. Sound quality is excellent. On very rare occasions, however, we've had to first "wake up" the cell phone that's connected to the Xlink via Bluetooth to make an outgoing call through one of the external handsets. Incoming calls have not been affected by this, and maybe it's the cell phone's fault. Overall, this has been a fantastic device. I highly recommend it if you are thinking about cutting your landline cord....more info
  • XLink cell bluetooth gateway
    Works pretty well. Occasionally it doesn't connect with the cell phone automatically & I have to force the connection on the cell phone, but usually it works like it should. I connected it to a cordless landline style phone base unit & have three other remote units in charging bases around the house. The sound quality on the 'landline' units is as good as the cell phone. Provides the convenience of a landline without the monthly charge....more info
  • The Xlink works PERFECT
    I just got the x-link,
    Opened the box
    Plugged the x-link into my cordless phone base station (my land line phone)
    Plugged in the x-link ac transformer
    pressed and held the blue button on the top of the x-link as it went in to parring mode
    Opened the communication manager on my "cell phone"
    Enabled my bluetooth.... and went into "add a new device"
    It found the x-link.... and entered the password "1 2 3 4"
    And that was it...

    I was not no more than 1 minute that my land line phone was ringing.... I thought to myself what the hack does this mean (like something is wrong) But I looked on the caller id screen on the cordless and it said X-Link and then had a phone # displayed.... So I pressed the talk button.... and said hello..... It was my sister..... a HUGE SMILE came on my face

    IT WORKS!!!!!!

    and sounded great !

    I then CALLED my sister from the cordless phone... she answered (the x-link worked perfect making a call also) and asked here to call me back and leave a message and see if my "land line" answering would pick up.... It rang 4 times.... and my land line answering machine worked just as if there was a land line !!!

    So on my land line "cordless" phone.... I called my "cell phones" number... and I got the cell phones voice mail service (Just like if you dialed from your cell phone to get into your voice mail messages).

    This device did everything just like it should of.... INCLUDING the installation

    Way to go X-Link..... You get a perfect 100%...more info
  • Simple, reliable, high quality - Works exactly as you would expect!
    This little box does exactly what it claims and what it should. It is simple to set up and simple to use. The call quality was excellent.

    Now when I get home I plug my cell phone into the charger on the nightstand and any incoming calls ring through on the phones in my home. I don't have to turn it on or push any buttons. It just happens automatically.

    Usually gadgets like this type don't really measure up to what they should. This one does.

    I do recommend downloading the firmware upgrade available for free from their web site.

    This is just a nifty little device.
    ...more info
  • XLink Bluetooth Gateway
    This is a very cool device! We did away with our home phone system last year because we so seldom used it, and started using cell phones exclusively. The problem with this is that signal strength on the first floor of our house is weak, and of course that you need to have your cell phone with you or go chasing after it when it rings. Enter the XLink. I installed it upstairs where line-of-sight to the closest cell tower is much improved adding a couple of bars on the signal strength meter. It links to my phone, my wife's and/or my daughter's quickly and reliably at the touch of a button (and unlinks just as easily when leaving the house and taking the cell phone along). I disconnected the line coming in from the street and connected the XLink to my phone distribution system. We now have six phones throughout the house, all connnected to whatever cell phone(s) we link.

    It's a little slower responding when dialing calls, but just a few seconds. The only issue I have with it, although it might actually be the cell phone's bluetooth implementation, is that if a call comes in that I miss (or if a voicemail or message arrives), the phone won't allow dialing out until the cell phone's display is cleared or acknowledged. So if you step outside and miss a call, and then try to make a call later, it won't work. I soon figured out that when this happens, I just need to pick up my cell phone and clear the screen. Once done, all is back to normal. A little annoying, but it's also a way of knowing you have a message or missed a call, which isn't a bad thing. One option that solves the missed call issue is to use a normal answering machine anywhere on the line that picks up before the cell phone voicemail kicks in (contrary to an earlier review, this works great).

    It worked great right out of the box, no issues, no software uploads necessary. It connects to my cell phone from 25 or 30 feet away, even through the floor. Of course, I set my phone right next to it when I come home, press the connect button and three seconds later I'm connected, so there's no issue with range anyway. The sound quality is every bit as good as the cell phone -- maybe even a little better with the bigger speaker/earpiece in our GE wireless home phones, and I've noticed no delay or latency when having a conversation. I tested a few spots upstairs and found the place where cell calls are most reliable and cleanest sounding, and that's where I located the XLink. It's about as close to a land line as you can get.

    This little box is exactly what I was looking for, is completely reliable, gives me any quantity of phones thoughout the house that I care to connect, and saves $35 a month on a land line. I work with electronics every day having been an engineer for more years than I'd care to admit, and I've been very happy with this little device for the six months I've owned it. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Overall Opinion
    I received the XLink BT Gateway approx 2 Feb 08. I set it up on my computer and then connected to my Bluetooth cell phone. Easy as anything to set up. Worked fine until last week. Now my Blue lights have gone to better places & the unit does not work. I attempted to contact Grace Digital on 10Apr08 and to date I have not reeived a reply. I have resent the messageg & hopefully I will receive an answer soon. I may have to switch to my original thoughts & get a Dock N Talk if I do not receive a reply from Grace Digital at the soonest. Who is Grace Digital? A reseller with no warranty authority? Hope not....more info
  • Great little gadget!
    We've had the xlink for about a month now and it works great. What a convenience it has been to be able to use our house phones rather than our cell for every call. Set up was quick and easy - no problems. we had read previous reviews that indicated we wouldn't be able to use our regular answering machine with the xlink. Not true, it works just fine. The only problem we have had with the xlink is some static on the phone line from time to time. ...more info
  • good solution for early adopters
    We have not had a "POTS" phone for a few years, but we've had problems keeping track of the cell phone in the house and hearing it when it rings. Earlier offerings by other companies required special cradles or cables. All the XLink needed was bluetooth. We bought the ITC-BT and a new GE DECT cordless phone to go with it. Initially it seemed a little erratic, acting like it was occasionally dropping inbound and outbound calls. An prompt email response to my query to customer support suggested using the XWizard software (a free download) to install the latest firmware revision and a "patch" for our LG phones. We have had no problems since updating the firmware 3 weeks ago. Also, we've learned to "reboot" our cellular phones by periodically turning them off and back on, to improve pairing. I held back one star because the XWizard software is a little cumbersome to use, not very elegant, and the written documentation makes only a passing reference to it, the usual "Please see the web site..." Overall I am quite happy with it, and can recommend it if you are comfortable downloading patches and installing them, if necessary....more info
  • Great Product - the Xlink
    XLink-Cell Bluetooth Gateway
    Works great. Dropped land line and now get all calls on our cell phones. When at home the Xlink gets signal via 2 Bluetooth Razors. The signals are sent to our VTech portable phone system. We usually set the cell phones in the same room as the Xink. The portable's signal is just as good as a land line. The portable is a 5.8 mhz and has no noise - none! The Xlink sends a different ring pattern for each cell phone. If you have a good portable of the 5.8 Mgz type - do not buy a Bluetoth portable - buy the Xlink as it works with 2 phones. You can come and go with your cell phones as they atomatically conect and disconect as you come and go. Whole set up is better than expected. ...more info
  • Great Gizmo!
    Xlink-cell Bluetooth Gateway
    This terrific little box has allowed me to ditch my home telephone line and rely on my mobile phone alone. It routes all calls to my home phones seamlessly and I no longer pay for mobile minutes that go unused. (I had built up a store of 5000 rollover minutes.) I have three cordless phones in my apartment, and the master phone is connected to the Xlink, allowing all phones to be used. Easy to set up and easy to use, I highly recommend it to anyone who is underutilizing their cell phone....more info
  • Exceeds all my expectations.
    I have been hoping to find a product just like this to solve the problem I have of not being able to hear my phone, and not being able to find my phone and running all over the house trying to track it down in less than four rings.

    You plug it into the house's phone wiring, pair it with your cell phone, and plug it into the A/C power. That's it.

    I thought this would do the trick, but not only does it work, it's easy to set up, the voice quality is as good, or better than speaking on the cell phone itself.

    The cost may seem high, but when you compare it against a $40 a month that you have to pay to the phone company for a landline, it pays for itself quickly.

    I could not be happier with it. It's one of those rare products that you order and have high hopes that it will make your life easier and it not only does what you hoped, it works better than you expected!

    ...more info
  • Not Bad, But Words Of Caution
    For anybody considering buying this device and removing their land line, consider these points:

    1. Call quality will be no better than a cell phone, and often times worse. And because of the bluetooth connection, latency increases further. Talking to someone on a cell phone with this device can mean a second (or more) lag.

    2. This device did not work properly for me out of the box. I had to flash the software to get it to function at all.

    3. Your cell phone has to be right next to the device for adequate reception. Forget about the 30' advertised range, as you will get increasing static starting at about 5'.

    4. If you have a home answering machine, it won't work with this device/technology.

    5. The salty cost for this device will become apparent when you open the box.

    Bottom line, this is a low quality solution to a land line. I would choose VOIP over this technology (if that is an option) if you want to save money by getting rid of the land line. ...more info
  • Works as advertised...
    Works as advertised. I have bonded the unit with three different bluetooth phones and it has worked consistently with all three. The firmware is upgradeable and simple to do with Xlink's software. At this time I would recommend this device to anyone interested in enjoying the comfort and sound quality of their corded or cordless phone using a cellular connection....more info
  • Surprise! It works fairly well.
    I've had an Xlink in service for a couple of months now. The operation was vastly improved after I downloaded the latest software, which was a piece 'O cake. It isn't totally "seamless" at all times, but for what it does it's a miracle! Go for it! It has proven to be sound technology. (No pun intended) The only 'down' side is 'ya can't do Faxing. House phones work a-ok! All advertised functions operational, even voice commands to my cell phone from any house phone.Stuff it, Sunrocket! I no longer need a "landline".
    UPDATE 2-12-08: Still goin' strong! It even differentiates (house phone ring pattern) between my wife's phone and mine. It will accept up to three (bluetooth cell) phones and provides a distintive ring for each on the house phones. I got the maximum number of Panasonic DECT 6.0 cordless phones (6) to circumvent the fact the X Link will only support three or four phones. Now I've got phones all over the house. My LG830(now replaced with a Samsung Flip-Shot; ditto immediate hook-up) automatically links with it as soon as I enter my office. My wife's Motor-oh,no CRAP V3M Razr sometimes must be manually re-linked.
    Re-update: 9-30-2008-couldn't get by without this device. Negates the need for a land-line. Couple this with a "Magic Jack" (sort of an ersatz VOIP device)for $20.00/ year and save your 'cell minutes. Niether device still totally "seamless", but I'm getting by just fine.

    ...more info
  • Great Unit
    The x-link is a great piece of technology. Easy to set up easy to use. Perfect for those people who want to cancel their landlind and use a cell, but still want to be able to use their landline handsets. The ability to have your cell ring on multiple home phones is great and extremely useful. The sound quality is really good, but a bit hollow sounding at times, so not perfect. I have AT&T wireless so the sound quality on my cell is not great to start with (I use to have Verizon Wireless which, honestly, seems to be clearer, but is seriously lacking in some other areas). The ability to hook up to multiple cell phones is really useful. The biggest downside is if you want to keep a landline and use the x-link for your cell. Then you have to double up on handsets, one group for the home phone and one for the cell. We priced out getting two line phones so we could use one handset for both cell and home line, but the cost of two line cordless phones is so prohibitive that it is not a cost effective solution. All in all the x-link product is a great idea, but needs to be able to incorporate into an existing landline system a little better for those of us that need to keep a landline and don't want to have two handsets in every room....more info
  • works great
    everything said about this product is accurate. only thing I'm troubled with is a background noise. this might be fixed when I move unit and phone to another area. Even with this distraction, I wouldnt hesitate to buy it....more info
    I bought this device base on the marketing description. Sounded like "TELCO-IN-A-BOX" It does work as advertised about half the time but the other half of the time you get badly garbled incoming and outgoing sound, or your call goes through and the other party can't hear you. I updated the firmware with the very clunky software that was included but that made no difference. Very often I try to make an outgoing call and get no reponse at all. Unplugging the device and disconnecting and reconnecting the cell phones seem to clear the problem for a while. I have two 5.8GHZ wireless phones and a wireless 11G box. That a pretty typical environment for a wireless family. It's not good environment for the XLINK.

    OH, Forget tech support. They don't have a phone number and they didn't answer my email....more info
  • Xlink - It works easy to use
    The Xlink works! Easy to setup, no issues. Using it with two phones, one blackberry and one Razer. Cut our land line saving lots of $$$. Got our Xlink at Sam's Club on-line. Was $20 less than amazon. Have never seen Xlink in the Sam's Club store, must only be a on-line item. This unit is much smaller then it looks. Easy to hid away, power supply looks to be of high quality. Same manufacturer as my blackberry power supply charger. Sound quality is good. If other person on the line is using a blackberry 8830 you may have some echo issues. But you have these even on the land line. Blackberry 8830 has echo sound issues....more info
  • Wow!
    I have 2 Motorola Razers linked to this device. It works better than expected. It is really nice to get rid of the landline and be able to use my house phone wiring to answer my cellphone calls throughout the house. I think that it is a bit on the expensive side. Sound quality not as good as either the land line or the cell phone and there seems to be a slight delay, but worth it....more info
  • Cellphone Freedom
    The Intellitouch Xlink is a great product. After being one of the thousands of people who had suddenly lost my Sunrocket VOIP service, we decided to pursue making our cellphone as our home phone. The problem was you pretty much needed to have the cellphone near by when someone calls or you'll miss it. The other problem is that a cell phone is not that comfortable when talking for very long.
    Enter the Xlink. This device works off of bluetooth, so you simply set your cellphone near the xlink unit, no need to plug in. At this point any calls coming in or out will connect to your regular cordless phones. In our case the caller id from the cellphone carries over to the cordless phone including names that are in my cellphones address book.

    Bottom line benefits:
    1. Cellphone does not need to be with you at all times
    2. Xlink transmits all cellphone calls to your home phones
    3. Since cellphone stays in one place, you can get constant best reception
    4. Can support up to 3 cellphones via bluetooth (haven't tried this yet)
    5. Can make or receive calls. Use your home phone just like normal.

    Bottom line Cons:
    1. Can have potential interference with 2.4GHz devices.
    NOTE: We have 2.4GHz cordless phones and a Wireless PreN router and have not experienced interference. However, a DECT cordless phone is probably the best way to go.
    2. Does not sound perfect like a landline, but it does sound about as good as a cellphone can get. ...more info