Samsung SGH-U600 Unlocked Cell Phone with 3.2 MP Camera, MP3/Video Player, MicroSD--International Version with No Warranty (Black)
List Price: $599.99

Our Price: $245.99

You Save: $354.00 (59%)


  • Unlocked for use with your existing GSM 850 MHz, GSM 900 MHz, GSM 1800 MHz or GSM 1900 MHz service provider and SIM card. Note: This phone does not come with service or a SIM card.
  • Bluetooth technology lets you talk hads and wire free
  • 3+ Megapixel camera lets you take print quality photos on the go
  • Video Capture takes your camera to the next level
  • Packed with an array of powerful technologies - 3 mega-pixel camera, TV-out capability, Bluetooth? technology and a 60MB memory
Customer Reviews:
  • Slider
    The phone is very light- almost too light. Camera is terrific. Call quality is good. ...more info
  • Impressive.
    Got this phone due to the endless problems with the Nokia 5300 and have to say, so far I have been quite impressed.

    Very small and very thin, when I first ordered this phone the fear I had was that it would also be quite liable to break easy but in spite of its size it is quite a sturdy little phone (obviously if you are one prone to dropping your phone on concrete pavements its not going to last long but to anyone else, its more than enough)

    The phone is pretty easy to set up and use and follows a similar format to any other phone you may have previously used. There are all the usual add ons to the phone such as music player, camera and video option. One thing I will say though is I found the camera to be of rather poor quality. When taking a picture you need to hold the phone completely steady the slightest movement will cause the picture to blur so rather pointless if you are on a boat or any kind of moving object or outdoors on a windy day or sitting next to screaming kids.

    The screen is large and has no cover so you may want to buy some sort of cover for the screen if you intend to carry it in your pocket and want to avoid damage or scratches.

    While speaking on the phone I also found sometimes that the volume was quite low and even just turning the phone slightly greatly diminishes the quality of the volume from the phone.

    I give it four stars, so far so good. Could be a lot better....more info