Azden 320 UPR Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System with One 30BT Bodypack Transmitter, EX503L Lavalier Microphone and 30XT Plug-in Transmitter
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The 320ULx dual-channel system by Azden is the latest advance in providing "audio for videography". The system consists of a 320UPR receiver, one 30BT body-pack transmitter with lapel microphone and one 30XT plug-in transmitter. Smaller and lighter than all previous units, the new 320UPR is a discrete dual-channel UHF receiver offering a choice of 240 user-selectable frequencies for each channel. It features stereo output, digital LCD displays with multi-function readout, and separate Power On/Off switches for each channel. The 320UPR operates on just 2 "AA" batteries and has a unique dual-function DC jack. The optional NiMH batteries can be recharged while in the 320UPR, or the receiver can be powered from an external, optional power supply. Additionally, the 320UPR comes with both dual-plug XLR and a stereo mini-plug output cable, removable a shoe-mount, and flexible high-gain antennas. Designed to operate with either the 300UPR or the 320UPR, the Azden 30XT UHF plug-in transmitter features a large LCD readout and digital frequency selection (choose from 240 frequencies). It can be used with any high-quality low impedance wired microphone. Using a single 9V alkaline battery, the 30XT operates for 6-8 hours. The 30BT body-pack transmitter is the match for the 300UPR and 320UPR receivers. It provides the same selectable 240 UHF frequencies (794-806MHz) and features a digital display for frequency selection and battery strength. Power is provided by a pa

  • Simultaneous Plug-In Transmitter and Bodypack Operation: The system includes the 30XT UHF plug-in transmitter and 30BT bodypack with EX503 lavalier microphone. The included 320UPR receiver enables simultaneous operation of both transmitters.
  • 320UPR Compact Dual Receiver: The 320UPR is a highly efficient dual receiver with an ultra-compact, camera mountable design.
  • 240 UHF Frequencies per Channel: The 320UPR receiver features up to 240 UHF frequencies per channel for optimum frequency selection in crowded RF environments.
  • Removable Shoe Mount: The receiver includes a removable shoe-mount for easy camera shoe mounting.