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Calls For Help Automatically!! Auto Dialing Motion Alarm! Features: Silently Guards Your Home Or Business Infrared System Senses Any Human Motion Up To 20 Feet Away Loud 125-Decibel Alarm Alerts You Of Any Intrusion By Phone Easy To Program 4-Digit Code No Wiring Easy Installation Auto Reset Alarm To Avoid False Alarm Wall Mount Or Free Standing Auto Dialing System 6 Second Outgoing Message Programs Up To 3 Telephone Numbers 30 Second Exit Delay 10 Second Entry Delay. What Are You Waiting For, Protect You Home Today!

  • It will call up to 3 people when a burglar enters!
  • Silently guards your home or business
  • Infrared system senses any human motion up to 20 feet away
  • Loud 125 decibel alarm
  • Alerts you of any intrusion by phone