CA Internet Security Suite and 2GB Flash Drive
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CA Internet Security Suite and 2GB Flash Drive
Bonus 2GB USB flash drive included! CA Internet Security Suite 2007 delivers comprehensive protection against the many online dangers you can be exposedto while enjoying what the Internet has to offer.It protects against viruses, ID thieves, spyware,spam, and malicious hackers that can jeopardize your privacy. These award-winning, business-strengthening tools will take the guesswork out of PC security, giving you a safer online experience. In addition, the security suite comes with a bonus 2 GBUSB flash drive.
CA Internet Security Suite:
* New! Secure Now provides proactive protection by monitoring critical program functions and settings, and reminding you to keep yourcomputer security at an optimal level.
* New! Threat Outbreak Warning System provides real-time content feeds from the CA Security Advisor, givingyou detailed, up-to-the-minute information on themost recent and most prevalent virus and spyware threats.
* New! Quick Tips provide you with helpful, at-your-fingertips answers to commonly askedquestions, easing the burden of searching the Help file or contacting Support for assistance.
* Improved! User interface offers simplicity and superior ease-of-use, helping you quickly and easily set preferences, check program status, and maintain a secure PC.
* Low System Overhead with a total install of only 60 MB and low usage of system resources, CA Internet Security Suite installs quickly, saves hard-drive space, and scans efficiently.
* Supported by the CA Security Advisory Team our worldwide research labs work 24x7 to detect threats before they can damage your PC, helping ensure protection from the latest threats.
* Anti-Virus
* Personal Firewall
* Anti-Spyware
* New 2 GB Flash Drive:
* 2 GB storage space to hold hundreds of photos, MP3s, and other documents.
* USB 2.0 for high-speed file transfers.
* Preloaded with CA Internet

Customer Reviews:
  • Do not buy this product!
    I bought this internet security suite because of the attractive price, features, and reviews, but when I installed it on my new Dell Inspiron 531, it slowed everything on my machine to an unbearable crawl. Since nothing seemed to alleviate the problem, I followed the instructions to uninstall it. When I booted up afterwards, my machine was still painfully slow. Putting the computer in safe mode, I discovered that the CA program files were still loaded and could not be deleted. After many hours of frustration, I finally managed to contact tech support online, and someone in India took control of my computer and finally was able to get the software totally off my machine. Right after that, my speed was back to normal. Given the frustration and time wasted on this software, I would never recommend it to anyone....more info