License Plate Back Up Camera with 7" Screen and Remote Control
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Product Description

This 7 Color screen comes with all the cables and remote control you need to hook it up and use. the screen is Compatible with Xbox, Play Station and a portable DVD player. The license plate camera is of the highest quality and is completely rain proof, Its small and discreet so that it wont be a target of theft. We use it on all out trucks and have even sold them to PIMP my ride it is reliable and weather proof from the Alaskan snows to the Amazonian rain forests this camera is guaranteed to work in all conditions. Just pop this baby into your cart and enjoy the benefits.

  • 7 screen that can also be hooked up to portable DVD or game systems
  • License plate mounted hi clarity camera with rain protection
  • All cables needed for hook up
  • Remote control
  • Dash mount for the screen