Wireless Camera Mic
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PRO 88W system w/ AT829mW card. mic, 179.400 and 180.600 MHz (TV 7 and 8)

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  • Audio Technica Wireless Camera Mic
    I was very pleased that I received the product from the states here in Spain with no delays and no problems. The mic functions as advertised. The sound is quite clear with no noticeable hiss or hum. It is perfect for video interviews or presentations. I was also pleased to see that the receiver has a 9volt input plug so that the unit can also serve for public address applications such as church services. I have used it several times for this with satisfactory results. Once there was a small amount of radio hiss. Of course a 400 dollar true diversity system would be better. The "A" frequency does not work at all, but the "B" frequency works fine. Not sure why. To sum up I give the product an overall three stars, maybe three and a half because for a unit that costs less than 200 dollars it performs quite well and I will certainly use it for many years....more info
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