PQI 8GB USB Flash Drive Traveling Disk Series i221, Intelligent StickTM interface, Smart security Features and it comes with Life Time Warranty. (Color is Black & orange)
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Product Description

PQI i221 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Black * The i221 gives you portability and security to offer you a peace of mind. Compatible with USB 2.0 / 1.1 specifications with low power consumption and data protection.

  • Can use strap
  • Hot swappable, USB Plug & Play compatible
  • PQIs patented Intelligent Stick interface(USB 2.0/1.1 compatible)
  • LED access indicator with three modes: Busy, waiting, and off
  • Product Warranty: Life Time Warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Unreliable product
    This USB Pen Drive is very unreliable. Files saved to it get corrupted from time to time, resulting in data loss. It happened to me several times, once on a business trip (fortunately, I made backup copies of my files.) I reported the problem to the manufacturer - they sent me a utlity to reformat the drive, but it did not solve the problem and somehow 'eliminated' 1GB from the drive's storage capacity (reducing it to 7GB instead of 8GB.) The manufacturer finally agreed to replace the product, but I am not sure if the replacement is going to be any more reliable. Rather than taking that risk, I am going for a more reputable brand.

    ...more info
  • works great, very impressed
    I bought this 8gig flash drive online for a very good buy. After I bought it I realized that it was designed different then the standard flash drives. This one has a new design; it's a slimmer stick. I thought at first a made a mistake in purchasing this product. But I was wrong. This is an excellent product and works even better then ones I have bought from local retailers. I can't find this brand of flash drives anywhere else in stores; so far this brand is only online. But it works great. I highly encourage to buy this flash drive and save some money....more info