eStarling 7-Inch Digital Wireless Picture Frame
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  • 7 inch (16:9) LCD screen (480 X 234 pixels) with built-in high speed JPEG decoder/rendering engine
  • Wi-Fi enabled; wirelessly receives photos from cell phones, emails and RSS photo feeds
  • Photo sharing made easy with a unique email addresses for each screen
  • Web Based Hosting and Organizing on Seeframe Live
  • Upload pictures directly via USB connection, CF cards, and SD/MS/MMC/XD cards
Customer Reviews:
  • The picture quality is terrible!
    I purchased the 8" version of this frame for my family with the idea that I would hook it up to my Flickr account and constantly post new photos to it. The wireless functionality worked fine, although you have to hook it up to a computer and run a cofigurator applixation in order to set up the WiFi. However, the screen's color depth and pixel count is terrible! My otherwise beautiful pictures were displayed with significant banding and the screen was only 800 x 600 where many other lesser proced frames are 1024 x 768. Don't waste your time and money on this product....more info
  • Save your money for a better product.
    I bought this product for my older (re: non-techno-savvy) parents for Christmas last year. It was expensive, but I thought it would be worth it for them to be able to receive photos from us automatically. Plus, I'd be home for the holidays to set it up. Perfect.

    Ah, but no. The eStarling was junk, right from the start. It didn't work. After much frustration, we finally learned they had been recalled. Okay, so we sent it back. After waiting several MONTHS for a replacement, we finally got their new version, promised to be bigger and better. didn't work. I spent my summer vacation trying to configure the thing. I got it all set up from the home office (right above the router), loaded on pictures, and it would start to work...until I moved it to a new location, about 10 feet from the router. Then it failed. When I moved it back to the office location, it still failed.

    After months of haggling with customer service (yes, you read that correctly - MONTHS - because it's all via e-mail, and it sometimes takes weeks to get a response), I'm giving up. I'm going to try to get a refund. Please, save yourself the agony of dealing with this company and this product, and wait until something better comes along....more info