eStarling 8-Inch Digital Wireless Picture Frame (Black)
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Product Description

eStarling WiFi digital picture frames represent the state of the art in WiFi photo frames. Photobucket Integration: Millions of users who have stored their photos with Photobucket can send photos directly from their Photobucket accounts to eStarling. Immediate Direct Photo Emailing to Frame: Each frame has its own unique email address so that photos can be received from computers or mobile phones. A built-in email filter protects against unwanted photos. No setup is required for senders to send photos. Group Frames: Users can set up a single email address that corresponds to multiple frames so that photos can be easily shared and displayed on those frames. RSS Support: The eStarling frame supports all major RSS photo feeds now including Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, AOL, Smugmug, iPhoto, Gallery, etc. (More coming soon.) Email-to-Frame / Web-to-Frame Messaging: Short messages can be sent directly to eStarling frames from user's Seeframe Live account and allowed email accounts and cell phones. Community Photo RSS: The eStarling frame supports all major RSS photo feeds, including Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, AOL, Smugmug, iPhoto, Gallery, and more. Users can recommend and share their favorite RSS photo feed among the eStarling community. Smart Photo Play List: Users can choose photos to be displayed on an eStarling frame on specified dates, such as displaying selected photos on a u ser'

  • 8 inch (4:3) LCD screen (800 X 600 pixels) with built-in high speed JPEG decoder/rendering engine
  • Wi-Fi enabled; wirelessly receives photos from cell phones, email and RSS photo feeds
  • Photo sharing made easy with a unique email addresses for each screen
  • Web Based Hosting and Organizing on Seeframe Live
  • Upload pictures directly via USB connection, CF cards, and SD/MS/MMC/XD cards
Customer Reviews:
  • Easily receives pictures from anywhere in the world
    I have setup two of these last Christmas and will setup another one this Christmas. I have had no problems with this picture frame receiving e-mails from friends and family. I've even sent a few pictures from the other side of the world to my Mom's picture frame. She doesn't have to do anything, the pictures just appear. And she is able to add attachments on the e-mail she sends to my picture frame.

    I would like to see them allow multiple on/off cycles each day through the software. I go to work during the day, but would like it on from 6-8am and 7-11pm. I think they have fixed the problem with needing a (Windows) computer to pick the access point to use. And setting it up to Flickr worked, but it wasn't as easy as the e-mail method. And, I think they should offer a large 14"-17" (maybe even bigger) frame. I'm not sure if there is a way to make the pictures just switch fast without the transition animation, but I would prefer that.

    But I like this picture frame and it does a good job....more info
  • Very good frame for your Mom
    I bought this for my Mom last Christmas, and a Phillips frame for my wife's work, and even though the Phillips may be a tad brighter than the EStarling, I think I prefer the EStarling for its simplicity.

    I just email my photos to my Mom's frame, and they just show up (with no subscription fee at all). It was very easy to set up twice (once on my WiFi network to test and again on hers) She has had absolutely no problem keeping it connected to her network, and its ease of use makes the interface on the Phillips model look positively Byzantine.

    I was just checking to see if there is a new model to give my Father in law for Christmas, and even though it still is the same model as last year I will probably still get one for him....more info
  • Pretty outstanding...
    Firstly, I ordered two of these, and got two different versions of the product... one came with a remote control and the ability to configure the device without a computer, and the other did not (it required I install software on my machine and manage it through USB). So that was kind of shady... just hope you get the later model with the remote control -- it's much nicer and more convenient.

    I bought two, 1 for my parents and 1 for my wife's parents (as wedding gifts). I opened both of them up and initially configured and stocked them with photos. The setup process for both, really couldn't have been easier (unless they both had remotes, of course). I was up and running in a matter of minutes and online configuring the frames.

    The beauty of the frames is -- an online portal where you can completely control and configure your frame. You register an account there and then, through the site, you're able to upload, delete, crop, resize, color the photos on your frame, select RSS feeds to fill the frame with, set automatic power down times, configure an email address with which you can email photos to the frame using normal email or cell phones, white list and black list certain email addresses (to avoid spam/junk/etc), and a bunch of other stuff.

    I'm not sure why there are so many terribly negative reviews on this product... sure it's not 100% perfect -- the screen's resolution could be sharper, sometimes it takes a number of hours for photos to show up if you choose to email them, the management website isn't as whiz-bang as flickr or facebook, and my dad said it locked up once (which was remedied with an unplug/replug), but the frame itself is really sleek looking (no silly logos on the front or awful colors/styles), and right now it's the only one on the market that I'm aware of that is this feature-rich.

    It's fantastic... the frames are sitting at our parents house now... we (and all of other brothers/sisters) can just email pictures, and poof--they just show up on our parents' frames. We sent some pictures during our honeymoon, which were an awesome surprise for them. We look forward to sending new pictures and sharing memories from thousands of miles away without our parents even having to lift a finger....more info
  • Works as advertised
    I bought this for my parents and they love it. The whole family can email pictures to them and they can check the frame every day for new arrivals. I had no difficulty getting the wireless to work. The web management portal is fairly easy to use but could benefit from a few more features. Hopefully the developer will continue to enhance the site. The picture quality is good and the frame itself looks nice. I'm going to order another for myself....more info
  • A review from someone who has used it for months
    I've read all the reviews on the 8 inch black frame and I have to voice my opinion here.

    If you need to regularly share digital pictures with someone over wifi who is not tech literate, I can't think of a better picture frame than the eStarling v3.0 wireless picture frame. There is NO monthly subscription fee and the frame displays sharp bright pictures right in the living room. Frankly, pictures stored on a computer tend to stay right there - out of sight and out of mind.

    I bought this in December 2007 for my parents who live in another state. They only see the grandkids once a year so emailing pictures is a great way for them to watch the kids grow up. Setup was not an issue and it worked the first time on my folk's existing secure wifi network. The frame went online on 12/29/07 and it took up to 20-40 minutes for the first pictures to get emailed to the frame which was due to the server getting bombarded by the holiday rush.

    After a couple of days, pictures got uploaded within a minute. I gave each of my siblings the picture frame's email address before we all left so my parents could get pictures from all of us.

    I returned home and forgot it for a month. I visited my parents again in February and emailed a batch of photos just before I got there. Low and behold, the new pix were added to the slide show. Every month since then, I have emailed new photos, managed the frame via the website and have had no problems. I drop in every other month and have verified that everything is working. My parents don't have to do a thing.

    The reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because one time, my mother complained that the frame didn't automatically turn on sometime in May. I don't know what happened because I wasn't there so I plugged the frame's power adapter into a switched extension cord since there isn't a power switch. If the frame ever needs to be reset, my mother now knows enough to turn the frame off and back on and behold, it's back online. Perhaps the latest version has that feature (I read it has a remote control, double the memory at 256M and specified date playlist).

    It is now September 2008 and the v3.0 frame is performing like a champ. To all the folks who got frustrated last year, I don't think your experience represents the excellence of this product compared to what else is out there....more info
  • Great idea, terribly executed
    The problems with the eStarling frame are almost to numerous to name, but I'll try to highlight the main reasons to avoid purchasing the frame:

    - Consistently drops -- or, most often, doesn't connect at all -- to the WiFi network.
    - When it does connect, fails to download images
    - Displays images on the device's memory at the incorrect resolution
    - Terrible UI

    All in all, an expensive rip-off....more info
  • Product doesn't work
    I've purchased 2 eStarling frames. I purchased the first one from Thinkgeek in December 2007 as a christmas present for my parents and received a model (version 1) that was widely documented to be defective. The frame never worked and I returned it losing shipping costs.

    While I was researching problems with the first frame, I read reviews that version 3 of the frame had fixed the problems with the earlier models. So, I purchased another frame directly from eStarling.

    This version of the frame looked a lot better (no external wireless antenna) and worked the first time I turned it on. However, once I turned it off it never worked again.

    I'm a technology professional with over 15 years experience hacking my way through poorly documented and flaky software and hardware and this product is difficult (if not ultimately impossible) for me to get working.

    Tech support from the company is bad. After trying everything I could think of to get the frame working, I emailed eStarling tech support. Here is a sample of the style of their responses:

    "That's really confused we haven't ever heared this before. Can
    you please check if any settings of your router you setted conflict
    with your frame?"

    This just isn't professional or helpful.

    As much as I want this frame to work, it doesn't. Unless you're a networking device guru who enjoys a challenge, I'd stay away from this company and their products....more info
  • Seeframe works fine
    The only irritation was that I did not get WPA encryption to work
    so I had to reset my wireless to WEP. Other than that, the frame
    works as advertised. Email uploading of photographs or directly
    from the cell phone works without glitches....more info
  • eStarling Frame = HORRIBLE
    I wanted to use this product for simple non-wifi picture display but it would not function as designed.

    After hours spent deciphering and following cryptic email instructions they asked me to upgrade the firmware.

    After following the upgrade instructions the frame still does not work and now the functions of the buttons are reversed!

    They have refused to send a new item or repair this item. They are now suggesting that for $100 more they will send me a new model as mine is discontinued! Outrageous...why would anyone part with more money to replace a non-working product from a lousy company?

    Their software quality is poor and their so-called tech support follows the same standard....more info
  • Terrific and very fun product!
    We bought the frame for grandparents. It has been awesome for them! No glitches at all. We set it up with a standard Linksys WiFi system and it was off and running. A distant daughter gave birth and grandparents were receiving pictures during delivery. Very cool! It is also great to be able to go in and remove pics they no longer want on the frame. Thank you estarling....more info
  • Neat, but cannot justify the price
    So I see this and think to myself "Cool, a wireless frame I can email pictures to." Maybe you did too. Well, it does in fact allow you to do that, and use RSS feeds to send pictures to the frame. However, this product went to market without sufficient testing and is, quite frankly, a shock to me for the price. I am one who doesn't mind paying a little extra for quality or features. While the frame itself is sturdy, the features are disappointing - at best. Not to mention the complete lack of documentation aside from basic setup instructions.

    o My grandma could use this as a digital frame (forget the WiFi part) - very small features, no menus, just push in a memory stick and watch the slides go. Done.
    o If you don't want anything other than to email pictures to a frame (after configuring it successfully), and could care less about anything else, then this is the frame for you. That is, if you want to pay for the convenience.

    o Cannot adjust brightness/contrast
    o Cannot select or pool media into one slideshow - memory stick/card overrides builtin memory
    o Fixed transitions - cannot choose the transition type or display period per picture
    o Poorly tested web interface that is very buggy
    o Absolutely no documentation on practical use, only setup, not even online. Just a description of the buttons using two of three words.
    o I have no idea how big the internal memory is
    o Corporate site "Under Construction" (as of 12/25/07) - so -- cannot contact anyone about the product, use etc.

    The interface for configuring the device is web-based - when I went to the site it wanted to download Asian character sets to display the page! Sometimes images on the site don't show up, sometimes the site is completely unreachable (which is the only way you can post images via WiFi). For wireless operation, photos are pushed to the frame from the site and not over a local network, which is fine, but you think if they bothered putting the WiFi in it, you'd be able to do it both ways - not so. The pictures appear to be posted with a latency of several minutes to hours (maybe they signed up for free webhosting).

    As a marketing tool which allows a business to push advertisements to a remote location over the internet.

    Perhaps they will fix their site and add features in a firmware update; but in the meantime, I regettably would recommend users to find a regular digital frame with more features, unless they ABSOLUTELY need the email capability....more info
  • Amaizing frame...
    This frame looks very cool... And it works very nice... At the beggining I had a few problems to get the mail feature started but after one mail to support next day everything started working perfectly.......more info
  • Easy Setup - Amazing Frame
    After reading many of the reviews, I was a little worried about purchasing this frame. I'm glad I decided to go ahead with the purchase. The setup was the easiest setup I had ever experienced, and the seeframe website is extremely easy to use. The picture quality is perfect, and the auto on/off is a great feature. My parents are really enjoying this gift and I definately recommend this frame to anyone considering this purchase....more info
  • Awful configuration, awful support
    I ordered two of the 2007 eStarling 8" frames (the new 4:3 ones), excited that there appeared to finally be a nice frame with WiFi capabilities for my parents and in-laws. That might have been the last bit of excitement I felt about these frames; everything since has been something between disappointment and failure.

    I opened the first frame, and quickly found myself unable to configure it from either my MacBook Pro or my Thinkpad; on the former, the supplied configuration utility simply wouldn't program the frame, and on the latter, the configuration utility mis-identified the security type we're running on our WiFi network, a setting that it then won't let you change. I finally got it configured using an old G5-based Mac, only to then have it tell me that its MAC address wasn't registered in eStarling's master database -- meaning I couldn't continue any further. The poorly-written support page on their website about this error simply told me to "tell me" the MAC address (with no info about HOW to tell it to them), but I finally found a support email address and sent it along. Two days later, I got an reply telling me that it was all set up at their end, but at this point, the frame just hung at the stage of trying to connect to our home network, so I packed it back up to send back.

    With the second frame, I was inexplicably able to use my MacBook Pro to configure it, but after the post-configuration restart, it corrupted and/or formatted its own internal storage such that it was no longer able to be recognized by ANY of my computers, and hung at the "Wi-Fi Connecting" stage. There's no apparent way to get past this stage, the frame is no longer able to be recognized by the configuration utility, and thus, this too is going back in the box.

    There is no telephone support provided for the frame, and in fact, the one phone number I was able to find (from a year-old archived version of their support page) is now disconnected. All tech support emails take at least 1-2 days to get a reply, and the support responses are, to put it lightly, both poorly-written and woefully inadequate in terms of either an understanding of the problem or a reasonable solution. I'm a very technical person -- I have four different platforms of computing in my house, I am a network engineer, and I've been writing both bug reports and technical manuals for nearly two decades -- and I could never imagine providing the level of support eStarling is providing for this frame, or giving this frame to an "average Joe" expecting them to be able to set it up and use it....more info
  • trouble at first, now flawless, great pic quality
    At first with this product I could not email photos to my eStarling account. This was happening for about 2 weeks. I *could* upload them directly from my computer wirelessly, so therefore I still had hope and usefulness for this product. Now, low and behold, the photos have been able to be emailed to my eStarling account flawlessly (email to me is the easiest way to load the photos). I would have been in the one star pack but now I will give it 4 stars (just for the delay in its server working). I will also say that I have a Westinghouse pic frame as a gift and the eStarling has an amazing picture quality compared with other frames. There is no comparison. The Westinghouse frame is very pixelated. You can actually see the pixels if you stand within 2 to 3 feet of the Westinghouse. The eStarling has a very crisp image. Very crisp....more info
  • DOA
    Despite great hopes I had for this frame, it arrived with a defective internal hard drive that could not be formatted. After trying various things with eStarling's support via email over the course of a couple weeks, I returned it for a refund. (The first time I can recall ever returning any Amazon purchase, by the way -- what a pleasant experience they make this!)

    I had planned to use it to stream RSS feeds from my Flickr account. With the return, the dead frame actually saved me a lot of money, because I ended up realizing I didn't need it at all. Setting up Slickr -- a Flickr screensaver -- on my wife's laptop accomplished my main objective for free....more info
  • Worst piece of technology ever...
    Top 10 Reasons not to buy this frame.

    1.) Phone support is non-existant. Have fun dealing with email support with a 24 hour time lag between steps. Turn on your computer sir... I turn on my computer... 24 hours later... Click the start button.... 24 hours later... (slightly over exxagerated)

    2.) The website is a 404 page 50% of the time.

    3.) All your dynamic pictures stream from their own proprietary system, so if they go down your frame locks up or goes down.

    4.) RSS support sucks. For 90% of the feeds I have tried the message we do not yet support this feed shows up.

    5.) Photobucket support sucks. Since I couldn't get RSS to work I thought I'd just upload everything to photobucket. The frame mysteriously downloaded all my 200 photos in 5 seconds? And guess what the frame randomly shows 2-3 albums instead of your entire library.

    6.) The frame randomly locks up.

    7.) The frame didn't automatically pick up my wireless network.

    8.) The email functionality did not work. Only 3 of my 5 email photos showed up.

    9.) Portrait layout photos look like crap (not sure how this is solvable though)

    10.) eStarling is a terrible sounding company name.

    This review was scathing but don't worry I got this nice email from which completely restored my confidence in them...


    The traffic to our seeframe server has increased substantially in Christmas so we did reset the sever recently ,can you pls re-send the photos you emailed once again? And pls make sure to unclick the "Enable Incoming Email Filtering" box. pls click the "refresh" button under RSS and just waite at least one day,the photos should show in the seeframe in your frame again and it would work normaly as before.


    Basically we didn't scale our service at all. Ooops. Eventually maybe these problems will all be resolved but its too late for me.

    ...more info
  • Does NOT work with Sprint phones
    I currently use a Ceiva frame for my Mom. Everyone in the family sends photos to it for her to enjoy. The best part is just snapping a pic with your cell phone and emailing it right to her frame. This frame DOES NOT support email photos from your Sprint(possibly others as well) cell phone. That makes it pretty much worthless for me. I emailed the company asking if they would support Sprint. They took forever to reply "No."...more info
  • Great Frame and now they've fixed the website!
    This is just the frame I've been looking for. It has wireless connectivity, can be programmed to turn on and off, and works after a 5 minute setup right out of the box. I saw the reviews here after Christmas and would suggest that those people come back and revisit them. Giving this product 1 star over a temporary frustration of the device that seems to be fixed now is just unfair.

    Setup was very simple. I just plugged the frame into my computer, setup my wireless, went to the seeframe website and registered my frame to an account and a message popped up on the frame saying everything was setup. I setup an RSS feed and about 2 minutes later my pictures from Picasa started to appear on the frame. I also tested the email to frame capability by taking a picture with my camera phone. I emailed the picture from my phone to the frames email address and a minute later that picture entered the rotation on the frame.

    The screen is pretty beautiful. It has a 800x600 8" LCD. A lot of the other frames use a streched 16:9 LCD or have lower resolutions like 600x480 or lower. Another great feature that is simple but not many digital frames have is the ability to turn the frame on and off at specified times. One reason that I could think to stop using a digital frame is having to turn it off at night and remembering to turn it on in the morning.

    The real key to this frames success is making it so simple that once it is setup it is as easy to use as any other standard picture frame on the mantel. It constantly has new pictures automatically refreshed as they are loaded onto Picasa with my Eye-Fi Card(another great complimentary product). It also turns on and off by itself so it doesn't light up the dark house all night with a constant slideshow. Basically, I don't have to pay any attention to it EVER and I always have new pictures to look at. This frame enables digital pictures to finally be shown easier than film!

    ...more info
  • Excellent Wifi-enabled Digital Picture Frame
    These frames are the best of their kind. No fees, you can email photos straight to the frame, excellent.

    The user interface isn't perfect however, but still quite usable. There's certainly room for improvement, but these frames are well worth it, and the best on the market....more info
  • No photos showing up after 4 days (Dec 29th)
    We thought this product would make an awesome holiday gift for the grandparents.. But it's obvious that Seeframe's servers are extremely overloaded as none of the pictures we've been emailing over the last 4 days are showing up at all - not even an email response from their server indicating that it at least made it to the server. It's sad and frustrating because it had the potential to be *the* cool gift for the entire family to enjoy. Seeframe should have better planned for this and not allowed this failure to happen over the holiday season.

    I've written support an email asking for a technical understanding of what the problem is - or what our expectations *should* be - as it's clearly not working as expected.

    My husband wrote to technical support on Christmas Eve indicating that there might be a problem - their response was to "reformat" (which we did - to no avail.)

    At the very least, there should be some communication on their web page indicating that their servers are overwhelmed and that they are doing everything in their power to correct the situation - how sad that information is not (yet?) there.

    Hopefully technical support will write back before we have to return home - leaving this technical device in the hands of not so savvy computer people.
    ...more info
  • Let's give eStarling a chance to fix this
    I purchased an eStarling WiFi Digital Photo Frame as a surprise for my husband for Christmas, after reading reviews for over a year. I set it up several days before Christmas so it would work "right out of the box" for him, and it was a breeze. I couldn't be happier with it. Then Christmas Day arrived and the email services tanked. Had I not been successfully emailing photos to our frame for days, I, too, would be frustrated and angry, but it's pretty clear what has happened. All the Christmas sales overloaded their server.
    PLEASE let's give eStarling a chance to fix whatever happened. It really is cool when it works, so don't give up on it yet. ...more info
  • Customer Service AND product - both not working
    My husband bought me this for xmas and my family sent in some photos. This is two days later and STILL have nothing from my family on my frame. I've checked and rechecked to make sure their email addresses are on my authorized list. The only pictures showing up are those that my husband preloaded before he gave it to me, and one that I sent this morning from my own email...which I have to say are BEAUTIFUL and clear images.

    We wrote customer service two days ago and have yet to get an answer as to what the problem might be....more info
  • The frame is nice, the infrastructure is not
    I just unboxed this frame, which we bought for the in-laws. Two days after Christmas, the web site is hammered and the frame can't download photos. It's not able to download photos from my Flickr stream, e-mails aren't coming in, and if I try several times, I can upload a photo to the web site, but nothing's coming down into the frame. It's discouraging that this frame is so dependent on the infrastructure of one company-- clearly it's not capable of going directly to flickr on its own. I wouldn't buy it again on this fact alone....more info
  • The software kills the product
    I bought this frame off of the estarling website. I normally don't write reviews, but I felt pretty strongly that other people should know what they're getting with this product since there aren't that many reviews out there.

    Pros - Looks nice, picture quality pretty good.
    Cons - Expensive, no power button, website for managing frame is horrible, no button to refresh pictures from site, bad setup software, advertised features not implemented very well.

    Hardware-wise, the frame looks quite nice, the image quality is pretty good -- at least as good as similarly sized frames that I have seen in stores. No complaints there. It would be nice if it had a power button.

    The reason I bought this frame was so that I could set it up for my parents when I visited them over Christmas, then allow them to manage the photos wirelessly through the website. The best advertised feature, from my perspective, was the ability to email photos to the frame.

    As a previous reviewer mentioned, you can not setup the frame to connect to your wireless network without a standalone computer. You download software from the seeframe website and connect the frame to your computer. The software scans wireless profiles on your computer and sends it to the frame. It will NOT scan for wireless networks on its own. This is somewhat annoying, but not a dealbreaker for me. It took me about an hour to get this working, b/c there are basically no diagnostic messages on the frame (wifi signal strength, what networks it sees, password wrong, etc..) I am usually really good with tech items so this is by no means as simple as it should be.

    You have to register the frame with its unique registration code, and then set up an account on the see frame website. This is the "clearinghouse" for your photos. You can upload photos to this site, email photos to it through your seeframe email acct, connect rss feeds, and manage photos from here. Presumably, the frame periodically connects to the site and downloads the latest set of photos. There is no way that I can see where you can specify the refresh period, or to "force" a refresh. This kind of sucks since you just have to wait for some indeterminate time before you can start seeing photos that you've uploaded to the seeframe site.

    Here is the really bad part -- the seeframe site is SUPER slow to update when you send photos by email and/or add photos to your rss feed. Case in point: I uploaded one photo each to my flickr and photobucket accounts over an hour ago (the corresponding rss feeds were already associated linked on my seeframe site). I forced a refresh and it said that the feed would reload in a couple of minutes. Those new photos still haven't appeared on my seeframe photos page.

    Emailing photos is as slow, if not slower. I emailed myself a photo (< 1mb) last night at 7pm and received a notification at 3:26am that the photo had been received and was now on my seeframe site.

    I can't understand the reason for the delay. I think there must be some poor intern at seeframe manually receiving these e-mails, stripping out the photo, then uploading it to the site and sending an e-mail confirmation. What else could explain the 6hr+ delay? Either automate it or hire some more interns, guys!!

    You can also send text messages to the frame by writing them on the seeframe site. As far as I can tell, it seems to take about 20 minutes after you add the message for it to appear on your frame.

    I am fairly disappointed with this purchase (on a scale of -1 to -10, it's probably a -9.5). The hardware is good, the idea is great, but if you want to use it for its wireless capabilities, then you will probably be disappointed too....more info
  • eStarling Digital Frame sabotaged by unacceptable SeeFrame Live Service
    Bought one of these for the parents, received in advance of the holiday to set it up and try out. All worked as advertised....until yesterday. E-mailing pictures fails most of the time, the server responds with denial of service frequently because eStarling frames apparently sold well this season. RSS feeds didn't update at all yesterday and today there's duplicate pictures from the RSS feeds. Uploading isn't much better given the server times out and you can only upload 4 pictures at one time. Sad ending to what appeared to be a great idea and terrific gift...imagine a digital frame that the not-so-tech-savvy parents could enjoy. Keep imagining.
    eStarling 8-Inch Digital Wireless Picture Frame (Black)...more info
  • Caution..connectivity issues may make it as useful as a night light
    I bought this frame knowing it might have some WiFi connection issues because IP devices can be tricky to set up. I am an experienced computer/network user with 2 separate home networks.
    I could not get this device to connect despite hours of work. I tried both a WPA and WEP network. I tried manual config. No joy.
    Curiously, at bootup, the device would disable one network and never connect to the other.
    It's a great idea.
    It may work for you, but it did not work for me.

    UPDATE, April 2008:
    Customer service is poor. Useless email support. No phone support. They would not issue an RMA number for a return. Had to dispute credit card payment.
    I strongly recommend against purchase of this product....more info
  • Great Feature Set
    You can't ask for a better list of features, starting with the ability to load pictures via an RSS feed without having to pay any subscription fees....more info
  • Nice product once you get past the glitches
    I bought the eStarling for the wireless connect and web accessibility - a gift for out of town Grandparents who think the best use of a computer is to look at pictures of the grandkids. All they do is keep it plugged in and the wireless up - great concept and I think this product will do it. I'm running an older Linksys Wireless G Access Point WAP54G router using open security and MAC filtering and ran into none of the security issues others have mentioned.

    A couple glitches to be aware of.... I initially connected the frame to a hardwired desktop PC (no wireless) running XP. The netconfig program that you download and run would not see my wireless networks. It appeared that the radio was not working. Manual setup did not work either. Customer support was worthless and kept talking about router compatibility. Eventually I tried setting up on my laptop (with wireless). It turns out that the netconfig program simply copies the wireless network table from the computer rather than actually searching for them, like Windows does. All the networks I have ever been connected to showed up in the list. I selected my wireless network and then everything worked fine.

    The other odd thing that happened was when I initially plugged the frame into the desktop PC, it launched some Adobe Photoshop downloader software that must have been lying in the weeds on my PC. Somehow this Adobe software, which was now automatically starting when I logged in (i.e. little icon in the lower right corner of the screen), was somehow messing with my system's Multimedia Audio Controller. I had no sound or microphone. Once I un-installed the Adobe Photoshop Downloader, the sound came back. Go figure....

    Like I said a few glitches.

    I have been able to upload photos and even email them to the frame (that's pretty cool). However, the web site has been horrendously slow which makes the uploading tedious. I have yet to try Flickr. eStarling is on to something with this product, they just need to polish the documentation and beef up the web servers.
    ...more info
  • Great quality and features
    I bought this digital photo frame mostly because of it's wireless features. I'm very happy with both the image quality, the design and also the features.

    The screen is bright and the colors are good. The screen brightness and colors are pretty consistent even if you look at it from an angle. The screen has a good resolution to show details.

    The wireless features are what sets this product apart from other digital photo frames. Setting it up was easier than I expected (you still need to know the basics of setting up a wireless network). Once set up it is really very easy and convenient to send photos to the device.

    You create your own email that you just send the photos to and they will show up on the screen. You can also upload them from any web browser from anywhere, or have it grab your photos from your favorite online photo album (flickr, photo bucket and many more).

    You can even send a text message on the screen if you want. Another useful feature is a timer that allows you to automatically turn the screen off and on again at a time you set.

    Of course you can also just plug in a memory card and use it without any networking.

    A previous review mentioned this product would only support the insecure WEP encryption. This is *not* true. I bought mine Dec, 9th, 2007 and it was manufactured in August 2007. I set my wireless network to the common WPA-PSK and was able to set it up in 1 minute. It supports WEP, WPA and WPA2. I tried all and all worked and my wireless router is an older model.

    All in all I'm very happy with the product. Everything it promises works fine. The image quality is good (which after all is the most important thing) and the wireless features and ease of use really sets it apart from the competition.

    The only negative thing I found was the missing hole/hook for hanging it on the wall. It only comes with a stand to go on a desk or shelf. ...more info
  • Watch out for poorly done borders.
    Just a warning. I had to return 2 frames that I had orderd as x-mas presents. The black border was missing bits around the edge of the picture display area. When you turned the frame on the backlight would show thru the edges of the border nearest the screen. Pretty shoddy. In all fairness I didn't get past these physical defects to review the functionality of the frame. Your mileage may vary. ...more info
  • Poor customer service
    This product works alright if you aren't running any wireless security (I had mixed results with WEP and WPA, currently I have it on a WEP network with linksys equipment and it is working ok).

    The unit I got locked up out of the box due to a "memory stick media failure". There was no memory stick in the device. Tech support repeatedly asked me to unplug it and leave it off for at least 30 minutes, at which point it just got the same error. I got a memory stick (I have a camera that uses one) and after repeated jiggling finally got the error to clear and the frame works alright now, however I asked tech support several times for an RMA while I was fighting this problem and their response was negative. I could find no way to get tech support on the phone, and the email tech support seems to work from 4PM - midnight or something since that is when the responses come back.

    Two of these frames I have gotten have had problems. The first thought it had a memory stick in it when it did not, and I had to return it. The second one worked ok. The third one will download messages, but will not download pictures. Still waiting for resolution on that one. Did I mention that their tech support is email only and awful?

    If you get one of these and it is working out of the box and you don't have wireless problems, then probably things will work ok....more info
  • Ok, if you don't mind running an insecure WiFi network
    Be warned that this frame does not support WPA, which pretty much everyone uses for security on their wireless network these days. The company's website claims that it supports WPA on "some" routers, but I have tested with Linksys, D-Link, Buffalo, and SMC equipment with no luck. Customer support was no help, repeatedly emailing me back the same canned "because WPA is so non-standard, we don't know what vendors' products we support" response.

    Once you roll your wireless network back to the proven-insecure WEP standard, the frame works pretty well. The RSS feature is handy and the ability to email pictures to the frame is nice. The 800x600 resolution is good, and the backlight moderate enough not to be obnoxious at night, though it's not bright enough to be seen clearly in well lighted rooms during the day.

    Other than the requirement for an insecure wireless network and the lack of real customer support, this is a perfectly decent product for the price....more info