eStarling 8-Inch Digital Wireless Picture Frame (White)
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  • 8 inch (4:3) LCD screen (800 X 600 pixels) with built-in high speed JPEG decoder/rendering engine
  • Wi-Fi enabled; wirelessly receives photos from cell phones, email and RSS photo feeds
  • Photo sharing made easy with a unique email addresses for each screen
  • Web Based Hosting and Organizing on Seeframe Live
  • Upload pictures directly via USB connection, CF cards, and SD/MS/MMC/XD cards
Customer Reviews:
  • Awful configuration, awful support, awful product
    I ordered two of the 2007 eStarling 8" frames (the new 4:3 ones), excited that there appeared to finally be a nice frame with WiFi capabilities for my parents and in-laws. That might have been the last bit of excitement I felt about these frames; everything since has been something between disappointment and failure.

    I opened the first frame, and quickly found myself unable to configure it from either my MacBook Pro or my Thinkpad; on the former, the supplied configuration utility simply wouldn't program the frame, and on the latter, the configuration utility mis-identified the security type we're running on our WiFi network, a setting that it then won't let you change. I finally got it configured using an old G5-based Mac, only to then have it tell me that its MAC address wasn't registered in eStarling's master database -- meaning I couldn't continue any further. The poorly-written support page on their website about this error simply told me to "tell me" the MAC address (with no info about HOW to tell it to them), but I finally found a support email address and sent it along. Two days later, I got an reply telling me that it was all set up at their end, but at this point, the frame just hung at the stage of trying to connect to our home network, so I packed it back up to send back.

    With the second frame, I was inexplicably able to use my MacBook Pro to configure it, but after the post-configuration restart, it corrupted and/or formatted its own internal storage such that it was no longer able to be recognized by ANY of my computers, and hung at the "Wi-Fi Connecting" stage. There's no apparent way to get past this stage, the frame is no longer able to be recognized by the configuration utility, and thus, this too is going back in the box.

    There is no telephone support provided for the frame, and in fact, the one phone number I was able to find (from a year-old archived version of their support page) is now disconnected. All tech support emails take at least 1-2 days to get a reply, and the support responses are, to put it lightly, both poorly-written and woefully inadequate in terms of either an understanding of the problem or a reasonable solution. I'm a very technical person -- I have four different platforms of computing in my house, I am a network engineer, and I've been writing both bug reports and technical manuals for nearly two decades -- and I could never imagine providing the level of support eStarling is providing for this frame, or giving this frame to an "average Joe" expecting them to be able to set it up and use it....more info
  • Frame probably decent, Amazon tries to pawn off damaged gear.
    After waiting for 10 days for a product that was in stock and ordered with 2-day shipping (DHL) I don't have a gift to give my Girlfriend on time. This frame arrived looking as if someone had surfed down an asphalt hill on its screen. Items in box looked loosely repackaged in their bags, the overall quality was more like "Used"... Clearly Amazon was trying to pawn off a defective picture frame that had been previously returned, I'm guessing for similar reasons. I'm sure 99% of the time everything is peachy, but this is a pitfall of online shopping. For such a big company, things get lost in the shuffle. Amazon was great in terms of sending me a product in less than decent condition hoping I'd overlook its defects and suck up the almost $300 loss they should have eaten. I wont be doing business with Amazon any time soon, Merry Christmas! ...more info
  • Much better than your expectation!
    I always wanted to have a digital photo frame that is compatible with my Flickr account, so that I can extend my social network out of my notebook and desktop realm. After a long wait, I have finally found one that fulfills my needs.

    I purchased two units, one for my girl and one for me. I would like both of us to share life experience at somewhat a real-time mechanism. When I'm on a bussiness trip, I can just take some pictures and upload them to my flickr account and my girl on the other side of the earth will receive my photos and know how I'm doing immediately. :D

    Can eStarling's photo frame achieve my purpose? YES, it is!

    The shining and glossy cover got my first attention when I took off the slipcover. It's better than my expectation! Great! 4 Stars!

    Then I found a card asking me to go to to set up. Ok, I followed the instruction and downloaded a simple tool from the link. The tool is used to configure the WiFi settings for the photo frame. After a few steps, the configuration was done and a configuration file was downloaded to the photo frame throuhg the USB cable. Then, the instruction asked me to power off and on the photo frame. Ok, I follwed it. After powering on, the photo frame started detecting the WiFi signal. After a few minutes, Oops!, the screen showed that I failed to connect to a WiFi network! I repeated the process 3 or 4 times, but still could not make it work .. OK, I gave up. (I was at the office) Then, I went back to my home at tried it again. Cool! The photo frame connected to my home network a few seconds after repeating the setup process. So, why it didnt work at my office? I dont know ... For the setup process, I give it 2.5 stars.

    Ok, then, I signed up an account on I thouhg it's a simple web-based management tool, but it's NOT. It's kind of powerful! I could upload photos directly to the web site, send emails containing pictures to the email account (, acquired when signing up) and add RSS feeds as your photo source. All above ways sent photos to my photo frames!!! Cool! Really cool! Although I havent setup another photo frame for my girl, I believe it will be very very interesting!! It's really a good tool for sharing life experience. For the management tool, I give it 5 starts.

    1. 800x600, good for normal photos
    2. Powerful web-based management tool!
    3. Upload photos directly from the photo frame
    4. LCD panel quality: better than my expectation.

    1. The setup process (easy, but dont know why it's not working at some environment)


    ...more info
  • good product, bad support
    These frames have a multimedia reader on the back; ie. a slot which accepts memory stick, mmc, etc., the usual sort of digital camera flash memory. This is a nice feature, however, when mine arrived, after configuring it, I got an error on the screen which said that the memory stick had a media error, and to remove it. Unfortunately there was no memory stick inserted.

    You cannot call tech support (at least I could not find any number (and I went so far as to look up the phone numbers associated with their web sites through whois)), so there is only email response. It took more than a day for the first response, which was really not useful, followed then by pretty speedy (within a couple hours) responses, none of which solved the problem. Apparently there was a bad socket which led the device to think it always had a memory stick inserted. This means that the frame locks up displaying an error message.

    One of my cameras uses a memory stick, so I started messing with that. After about an hour I got the socket to work right, and the frame is working ok now (although it does every now and then decide the memory stick is still in there).

    I told support I wanted to have the frame replaced and their response was "This is such a minor problem and there are so many ways to fix it..." Minor problem? When it locks up and won't work? These people get an F in support.

    The product works as described and is quite nice, if you get one that works, although it is really finicky about WIFI and encryption. Works fine on my network but only connects 1 out of 4 times on my Mom's network....more info