Metz 58 AF-1PS Digial Shoe Mount Flash for Pentax & Samsung Digital SLR's, with PTTL, Wireless function & USB Upgradable, Guide Number 190, ISO 100 ft.
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Product Description

The Metz 58 AF-1 Digital features a USB interface for updating software via the Internet, a built-in wireless remote system that can be used in conjunction with the commander mode on your camera, flash, or other 58 AF-1 units, an Auto Thyristor sensor for accurate flash metering, cutting edge secondary reflector technology, high-performance energy management, the latest generation of multi-zone AF measurement flash, full bounce/swivel, special functions and much more. The new Metz top-of-the-line model is available as an ideal complement for Panasonic/Olympus DSLR cameras (58 AF-1 OP), Pentax/Samsung cameras (58 AF-1 PS) in addition to Canon (58 AF-1 C digital) and Nikon camera (58 AF-1 N digital). Due to its high GN of 191 (ft.) at ISO 100/21and 105 mm focal length, the 58 AF-1 digital is not only especially powerful but also can be used for indirect flash lighting to great effect. For the first time Metz integrated a reflector card that can be flipped open into its vertically tilting and horizontally swiveling reflector.

  • Fully compatible with current and future digital cameras (where supported by camera)
  • Cobra Design flash reduces the redeye effect
  • High-speed flash synchronization allows flash to be used with any shutter speed (only with appropriate camera bodies)
  • Evaluative preflash metering & Stroboscopic flash for previewing effect
  • Wireless full TTL triggering