Logitech MX Air Rechargeable Cordless Air Mouse
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On your desk, advanced laser technology gives you precise tracking and instant response. In the air, innovative Freespace motion sensing transforms hand motions into natural, responsive cursor controls. Sit back and listen to music, browse photos, or surf the Web from your desk or across the room. Intuitive wave-and-click control, an easier and more natural way to enjoy your favorite media An operating range of 30 feet lets you navigate media from anywhere in the room

The Logitech MX Air optical mouse tracks motion even after you lift it off the surface, making it great for home theater PC users and presentations. In the air, it works like a cross between a remote control and a wand as you simultaneously wave the mouse in all directions and press its buttons to navigate.

It sounds wieldy to use, but I was able to get the hang of it within a few minutes. Holding the mouse in my palm like a remote control, the cursor ably followed my hand movement but it got a little tricky trying to hone in on smaller icons and button selections. Another issue was I'd often catch myself in an awkward hand position while still needing the cursor to go in a certain direction. But with the freeze button, I could hold the cursor steady and recenter my hand into a more comfortable position.

For desktop use, optical sensitivity was comparable to other mice and picked up subtle movements, however the mouse did not have any side buttons that I am used to for back and forward browsing. The extra buttons (back, volume, play/pause) are placed in the middle of the mouse, which are easily accessible when you hold the mouse in the air, but not so much for desktop use because your palm sits directly over them. The SetPoint software can customize the buttons into functions that you may ordinarily use, such as copy and undo. I was also able to fine tune the cursor and scroll speed for even greater control.

The mouse definitely stands out on your desktop, its sleek black design might fool you into thinking it's something else, but upon touch the buttons light up to display each function. The shiny plastic casing doesn't feel cheap, but the smoothed look seems prone to scratches. The mouse also tracked up dirt pretty easily within a few days of use, however a cleaning cloth is provided. The smooth design is conspicuously missing a scroll wheel. That's because that section of the mouse is a touch panel sensor where you directly slide your finger up and down. It's a surprisingly comfortable and natural feel, and you start to wonder how you ever got by with wheels.

The rechargeable lithium ion battery typically provided about 20 hours of use. After placing the mouse onto the base charger, it took about two hours to reach a full charge. I was able to get a workable range of about 30 feet from the receiver before the signal went out. Overall, it's a nifty mouse that shows its stuff in the air, a convenient device for home theater PC's and couch browsing as well as a more versatile tool than a laser pointer in presentations. --Bradley Tran

  • Excellent range of up to about 30 feet
  • Good battery life with fast recharging
  • Stylish, black look with display lights
  • Unique wheel-less scroll design

  • Slight learning curve, requires a good deal of customization
  • Button placement and selection
  • Often needed to recenter hand position while in the air
  • Not as accurate tracking movement in air than while on desktop
  • Bulk/Retail - Retail
  • Connectivity - Cordless
  • Button Count - 8 buttons
  • Buttons -- 8
Customer Reviews:
  • Logitech MX Air Cordless Air Mouse
    I exercise routinely on a stationary bicycle trainer that operates a computer driven video of courses/programs and, when seated on the bike, I am about 10-12 feet from the TV monitor. From atop the bike, I want to control the PC application, including switching training programs, video courses, parameters, etc. I tried a regular wireless mouse, but the range was only 6 ft or so -- not quite enough. This air mouse extends well beyond the minimun distance I need and works quite well. My only gripe is that there does not appear to be a right mouse click option (for selecting/disabling system tray apps). Other than that, I can easily and reliably execute the various mouse commands to launch the app, change menu options, select different courses, etc., without having to dismount the bike until I am finished riding. Nice solution!

    KenB...more info
  • Go For it,,
    I bought the MX Air few weeks back and so far I can say that its the perfect wireless mouse I ever had especially controlling the laptop remotely its really outstanding and I can say It`s quite accurate but needs some training, it is very light and has an extremely smooth
    motion on desk,
    ...more info
  • Much Better Than Expected
    I was a bit skeptical and only picked up this item because I had several gift certificates I didn't know what to do with. Turns out, the precision you can obtain from using the mouse 'in the air' is a lot better than I expected. Still not as precise as 'on the table' i.e. I wouldn't recommend it for editing pictures or cutting and pasting down to the character. However, it does very nicely for internet surfing, exploring your files, viewing media... it's nice to be able to get out of the "hunched over" position, lean back, put my feet up and control my cursor from an armrest instead of a mousepad....more info
  • If you have issues with using mice, this may be a good alternative
    I jumped at the chance to try this new "air" mouse out as I suffer from repetitive strain issues in my elbows from my long hours at the computer. This isn't something that can be cured, just managed, so I'm always looking for ergonomic alternatives that help. These types of mice are often marketed mainly for doing presentations, but they really can be a boon to people like me that have RSI issues. Being able mouse while leaning back in a chair and without having to reach up to the desk is something that always helps me a lot. I decided to try this mouse out on my backup system, where I don't have a decent desk setup and often notice arm strain in just short sessions of work. I have a tablet on my other computer which is another good mouse alternative, so didn't really need this air mouse on that system.

    One issue I've had with mice like the Gyration one that I used many years ago is that the accuracy with it in the air simply is never sufficient for my needs and it was a pain to switch from air to desk. The Logitech Air does not have this issue, you can easily switch from using it in the air to using it on the desk and back again and it works nice in both ways. I found it to work quite nicely in the air compared to similar mice I have used, it was steady and reasonably accurate for things like reading email and browsing. For finer control, even after several weeks of using it, I still find it requires steadier hands than I personally have so I do have to go back to the desk for such tasks. This is where the easy switching of this mouse really is much appreciated. In the air, it does sometimes need a second or two to sort of recalibrate and find center, but I didn't find this too cumbersome in general. Sometimes it would just stop working though, and has to be manually clicked back on.

    The mouse has a fairly unique scroll bar, that has the Logitech Turbo scroll ability that I really love. Having had another Logitech mouse with the Turbo scroll, I would hate to be without it, and was glad to see this mouse included it as well. You can either press the scroll key at the top or bottom to scroll, or just lightly run your finger over it to scroll slowly, or a fast flick to use the turbo. It allows for really nice control of scrolling. The only issue I have is that I find the flat scroll area hard to use with my middle finger the way I normally would (keeping my index finger on the left mouse button). So I find I often have to go back and forth with my index finger which is simply not as easy as having a raised scroll wheel that I can easily work with a different finger. The buttons on the mouse take some getting used to as well, they are not easily used without looking at them, as they pretty much all feel the same, and you have fewer buttons than most mice in this price range. The play/pause and volume buttons though are certainly ones you would not have a problem looking down when using, and an interesting addition.

    Overall, this is not a mouse I'd recommend for the average user. If you have a need to use a mouse remotely (such as for presentations) or have RSI issues from mousing, this may very well be worth looking at as a replacement for your current mouse. With the price cost of it though, a wacom tablet is also going to be an alternative well worth considering, and one that has other good uses as well. ...more info
  • Interesting concept... takes some getting used to.
    As part of the Amazon Vine review program, I received a review unit of the Logitech MX Air Rechargeable Cordless Air Mouse. This is one of those items that sounds interesting in concept, but it takes a bit of work to get comfortable with it. I definitely will keep and use it, especially in certain circumstances. But I don't know that it will replace the current optical mouse that I use...

    The feature that sets the MX Air apart from other mice is the fact that it can function as both a desktop mouse and an "air" mouse. If you pick up the mouse and hold it like a remote control, you still have full control over the cursor activity on the screen. The left and right mouse buttons blend into the overall flow of the mouse design, and it takes just a slight amount of pressure to activate them. The mouse wheel, a feature I can't live without in a mouse, is replaced by a touch-sensitive strip that allows you to slide your finger up and down to get the screen to scroll. You can also press on the upper or lower range of the strip to get continuous scrolling. Underneath the touch strip are four buttons that are set to navigate back, navigate forward, start/stop video, and control the volume. The start/stop button also allows you to "freeze" the cursor on the screen so you can reposition your hand without having the cursor react.

    When I first started using it as an air mouse, my cursor was all over the place. Any slight shake or tremor in your hand will, of course, show up as cursor movement. I found that trying to hit smaller targets on the screen wasn't exactly a piece of cake. I got better at it, but it's still not a natural sensation. Also, due to the strangeness of not resting your hand on the desk, the mouse wheel and buttons were a bit harder to control as you had to think about what you were doing. Again, it got better with use, but still isn't completely smooth yet. The fact that it can also be used as a regular desktop mouse is nice, in that you don't always have to be holding it. At that point, it starts to become a simple matter of whether it feels good in your hand. I've been a bit spoiled with my MX Revolution mouse, so I can't say that this would be my first choice to replace my normal desktop mouse.

    Where the MX Air would really shine is during presentations. Just think... You could roam around a bit, have a real application up and running, and still maintain some level of control without having to bend over or sit down. Granted, keyboard input would still bring you back to your laptop, but other than that, you can interact much more freely with the audience. Given that I do present on occasion, this will likely become part of my techno travel bag. I just have to remember to practice with it occasionally, otherwise the effect on the screen could be more distracting than useful....more info
  • Great mouse
    I really like this mouse. It is unique and fun to use. At first I found it difficult to use it like a pointer or remote, but with some practice, I really like it. I like the scrolling action, you just have to move your finger over the buttons. Very light and easy to install. It can also be used like a regular mouse. Great quality, works well. I highly recommend....more info
  • Very good once you get used to it.
    This is a very good device once you get used to using it in the air. I personally think it excels for use in presentations. I have yet to use it to play multimedia or video games, so I'll leave those reviews up to others.

    Set up is a breeze, and it worked on my Vista laptop without a hitch. As a desktop mouse, it's OK, but I have others that I use that are more responsive.

    You're going to want to change some of the settings - particularly the scrolling feature. As other reviewers have mentioned - it's way too fast.

    I do find the device comfortable and it has a slick design. It's definitely a "hey check out my cool new tech-toy" thing.

    Once you've spent a week or so with it, using it in the air becomes second nature....more info
  • George Jetson is Jealous!
    First of all, I must say that I have become such a huge fan of Logitech through the years. Over a decade ago (that's like 30 years in web time!) I had this little Connectix camera ball (QuickCam) on my monitor that shot black and white images and became the biggest perv-sensation through CU-SeeMe... and then Logitech comes along, takes over, and things have just been getting better and better. They have set the standard of what computers and the internet is all about. Ironically I was a product tester for Connectix in about 1994, so I've been following them for a long time.

    In recent months, I have been amazed at the QuickCam 9000, the beauty and function of remote controls and their Harmony series, and my favorite ... Squeezebox Duet Network Music System ... seriously rocks!

    Now we have the MX Air Rechargeable Cordless Air Mouse... something we are just taking too much for granted at what this is doing. It's not just a mouse, it's a freakin' light saber. Setup was easy, the usb and mouse connect immediately. I already have a Logitech cordless mouse and keyboard set. But that has now moved to the old computer. This being rechargeable is very key, no batteries, long "air" time, and cool looking in the charging dock etc. The photo makes it look rather long and big, but it's actually standard if not thinner, light and feels great holding it. At first, I had it on the desk like a normal mouse, and it's completely great like that, but when you lift it, it then becomes mind-blowing in it's "air" state. It's motion sensitive and at first I was afraid of how to hold it, and wondering if I am blocking something on it, or what to point to etc.. but then I just held it the way I wanted to, and pointed at the screen without hesitation, and noticed we were getting along just fine. You are teaching yourself how to use it, how to click, pick up, highlight etc in a matter of minutes. It's essentially a remote control, and you can do everything a normal mouse can do, just in the air. It really is quite fun and makes many things much easier. Imagine the possibilities on all those "tube" like sites! There's a play and pause button, and .... well.. you have no idea what you are missing!

    On a more serious note, this is definitely a perfect tool for office presentations. If you surf in a group with a projection or large screen, this serves as your pointer. Only difference is that you are actually performing the functions instead of referring to them and getting in the way.

    This is laser technology at it's finest. The movements you make are spot on, and you adjust as the mouse adjusts to you. The learning curve here is to simply to let go of the standard limitations, and be free to move around the web in comfort and ease. There is certainly something better coming in the future, and I am sure it will be from Logitech.

    This is the future, here, now, and worth every penny tomorrow. ...more info
  • Feels like the beta version of the next big thing in mice -- and I mean that in a very good way!
    Logitech's new air mouse is a fantastic little device -- and to use it feels like getting in on the first generation of the wave of the future, when mice become more like wands and are completely liberated from the table.

    While this is an excellent step forward, and worth having if you are in front of the computer more than a few hours in the day, it is not quite ready to be the new best thing.

    Part of the problem -- but part of what makes this so versatile -- is that the Logitech folks didn't want to make the leap to a wand but made this into a hybrid mouse/air mouse. The optimal shape and button placement for one function is not optimal for the other.

    As a mouse it works great -- it has left and right click, a touch scroll and four programmable buttons. It fits nicely into the hand and is very responsive on the ground. Some optical mice seem to zone out here and there on the desk but this one catches my every move.

    As a wand it still has a lot going for it. It takes some time to get the hang of it, and you have to get it centered and adjusted for your speed -- but once you do it can point and click all over the place and subtle hand movements can lead to high precision pointing. The buttons are programmed for many standard functions -- back, play/pause, select and volume -- and can be reprogrammed to do almost anything you could do with a few key strokes.

    What is really cool is that there are some unique wand functions -- that work like magic. Hold down the volume button and swing the mouse to the left and the volume goes down, swing to the right and the volume goes up - and you can program it so that up is up and down is down if you prefer. Hold down the play/pause button and "twirl" the air mouse clockwise and it will advance to the next song (in iTunes) or next chapter (in a movie) or "forward" to the next webpage (if you have a browser open); twirl counterclockwise and it goes back. I wish there was a way to set this so that it always controlled songs in iTunes -- since I'd like to be able to do that when I'm browsing, but unfortunately they don't give that option. It only works in whatever program is currently on top.

    The difficulty is that the buttons are placed where they'd be easy to reach for someone whose hand is on top of the mouse -- when it is sitting on the table. When you are holding it, your fingers reach around the mouse and you have to contort them a bit and sometimes adjust how the mouse sits in your hand to get your fingers to reach all of the buttons. I've found that it works pretty well if I hold it sideways, with my palm on the bottom and my fingers reaching around to touch the left click button and my thumb on the right click button -- but it wasn't really designed and shaped to make that kind of holding natural. It is really shaped like a table mouse and the air features feel like bonuses but not like they are the primary functionality of this piece.

    I'd like to see a next generation air mouse that really made the leap -- allowing users to use it on the table as a mouse if they prefer, but obviously designed for use in the air. In other words, I'd like to see the next generation be a wand and only secondarily a mouse rather than a mouse that tries to fly but only manages to get partly off of the ground. Having said that, I really like this mouse and will use it exclusively until that next generation thing comes around. ...more info
  • Great for when a desktop mouse is not practical
    It looks great, it's light, feels great, but it is not perfect. I have not had the re-centering problem many others have written about. But the mouse does feel to me that it is made of cheep plastic, though it works fine and nothing has broke. And it took me a while to get use to it ... heck I am still getting use to it and immediately grab my normal mouse for those hours when I am able. I do like the fact that all the buttons light up.

    I have to spend almost half of my day in bed hooked up to machines and this air mouse comes in handy since I am stuck in place and cannot reach the computer. I found it best for using it to listen too my music or watch movies on the computer. But I never use it when I am to remove the wires and raise myself high enough to use a normal mouse. Now lets see if Logitech can get a keyboard to operate with an air mouse...

    Now it can function as a normal mouse, but I really miss the side buttons like my Logitech MX-700 has. I maintain a website and a couple of blogs and spend the rest of my time in a web browser, so being able to have access to the sides of my mouse to move forward/back are critical and very convenient

    But it does as it claims; it functions well as an "in the air" mouse solution. I do not know how long the charge last, I used it for hours to watch movies and surf and when I placed it in the charger it had not even used half of its charge.
    ...more info
  • Learn to scroll before you learn to fly!
    I've read some of the other reviews and it seems that most of the negative ones relate to persons being stymied by the learning curve. This is a new human interface device. It's not really a 'mouse', just like the 'wii controller' really isn't a classic 'game controller'. It takes time to train yourself to use it.

    Logitech, apparently, has tried to make this painless as possible. It can be frustrating. In order to use a regular computer mouse, we have to train our neural pathways to understand a whole new way of knowing. We move something under our hand, something appears on a screen in front of us. This evokes my sympathy for those persons that were early adopters of office PCs. The transition from looking 'down' at a typewriter, to 'across' at a screen must have been difficult - especially for older people who taught themselves to type.

    This mouse is extremely easy to use, but it is different. It operates in multiple dimensions.. The best way to train yourself is to take it slow. It is extremely quick to respond. The controls do not favor a right or left hand, or hand position. You have to work out what is best for you, then practice. It is a bit like an ipod touch or a zune 80 in that you can scroll very quickly through a great deal of material just by moving your finger across the center section. The whole thing is touch sensitive. It also needs to be wiped off periodically. Logitech has included a nice big cleaning cloth that gets rid of smears easily. I am a handcream fan so this was a real bonus for me :)

    This unit is replacing a Microsoft 6000 laser mouse. Everything was fine until I got into 'shooter' games, then I realized my mouse wasn't keeping up. I didn't want to get a wired gamer mouse, because I have enough clutter on my desktop. This mouse solves that problem. The charger can be located anywhere. It has an independent power supply that does need a larger plug. The sending unit is a slim usb that can fit easily into narrow, crowded slots. At first I plugged the usb into one of my front ports because I was worried that the signal could get blocked. Everything was fine. Next, I moved it to one of the ports on the back of my apple cinema screen. Same response :) So feel free to put the receiver/sender on the back of your box. Get it out of the way.

    The next thing was teaching myself how to use it. If, like me, you find it whizzing all over the place, you can 'center' it by pressing the 'back' button for more than two seconds. That will lock the mouse in place. When you press the back button again, the mouse will move. Thereafter you can use it like you would a TV remote to scroll through menus, select items, or control your browser. In addition, you can also scroll through your volume control, like you would a TV remote.

    What this thing is best used for right out of the box is for windows media center. If you are planning on building a system dedicated to recording/playing video, playing slideshows or playing music on your television, this mouse will make more sense immediately. It has an extensive range - 30 feet. You can put the charger on the coffee table then put the usb send/receive unit in whatever style computer you have hooked up to your television so you can use it as a 'remote'. You can also use this to turn your computer into a console game system hooked up to your television.

    The ultimate test of the Logitech MX was whether it would help me improve my score in 'Jets'n'Guns Gold'. It did :) The response time is so much better than my old Microsoft 6000 it was a snap :) I am still learning to use the mouse in the air. It's a strange sensation to use it to flip through pages in e-books, or scroll through listings on ebay when it is not on a flat surface. It's getting there, though.

    It also helps that this is a VERY nicely designed mouse that fits nicely in my small hand :)...more info
  • MX Air A Real Gas
    I've had my home theater PC for a number of years now and have been looking for a remote that would fit the bill. The MX air is almost it. It's stylish to say the least. As far as functionality? On the Mouse Pad it works like a regular mouse, but it's slim profile takes some getting used to. In the air it works as advertised. Sit back and hold the mouse like a regular remote with palm underneath and thumb on top. It takes a little bit of practice but before long you'll be a pro at cruising around apps and browsing the web simply by moving the mouse with your wrist. It also has some nice built in features; hit the back button to freeze the mouse, press the volume to mute or unmute or press and hold the volume button and move the mouse left or right to adjust the volume, press and hold the play/pause button and move your wrist clockwise or counterclockwise to jump forwards and backwards in windows media player. It's shortcomings can be annoying, though. The touch sensitive scroll bar is finicky, it either moves too slow, or slide your thumb across it accidentally and the web page goes cruising down at light speed, and the mouse gestures only work for windows apps; they won't work with third party programs like Winamp or Power DVD, but the volume control is linked directly to Windows itself, so it always works. People with short stubby fingers might find this product to be frustrating if not maddening due to its long shape. One last gripe is that it spends too much time on the charging base. Now after having noted all those shortcoming, I will say I do like the mouse, it does it's job well enough. Plus, next generation air mice from Logitech should address these issues. Logitech is a great company and I will only buy input devices from them. I expect future models will be top notch....more info
  • MX Air mouse
    I stumbled into the concept of air mice by finding a deeply discounted Gyration remote/air mouse combo at a big box electronics store. I came to love the air mouse concept, but didn't like the big bulky universal remote that was built up around it. Therefore I thought I would give this mouse a try.

    I have only had it about a week, but so far I am happy with it. Some have pointed out that the gyration mouse has a convenient setup where you press a button to unlock the mouse curser, instead of the pressing a button to lock the curser, such as with the Logitech. My take on this is that with the gyration, you have to do it that way or it would drive you crazy. You need the extra control that setup gives you. With the Logitech version, it is stable enough that having a fee moving curser is just fine.

    The only things I don't like about the Logitech mouse are related. I wish it was a little heavier, and I wish the silver part was brushed aluminum instead of chromed plastic. Then it would have the right weight and would match my Dinovo Edge perfectly. This is getting fairly petty, of course.

    I have yet to use this mouse grounded, and probably never will. I have no idea how well it would work on a desk.

    Update: I love this mouse even more now than when I first reviewed it. The chromed plastic is holding up well, and the weight doesn't bother me anymore. It works so well that I can hardly imagine how I got by before.
    ...more info
  • No such thing as perfect air mouse
    Previously, I used to own Gyration mouse (first version) and I gave bad review (search my review in amazon), IMO this mouse is much worse. At least for the reason for my purchase. I purchased this mouse to relieve some of my shoulder pain but instead it's adding more problems. If I use it continuously for 5 minutes or more, my shoulder pain worsens.

    My Pros and cons:
    1) Sleek design
    2) Moves very smooth in the air. This is the only area where MX air is better than (by far) Gyration. It moves flawlessly.
    3) It's looking very pretty on my desk. It looks like designs from one the Star Wars squeal' space ship;)

    1) In the air, mouse cursor will continue to move. Unlike Gyration mouse MX air does not have the option to move cursor on demand. This could get very annoying if you are doing slide show/presentation. Unlike desktop mouse MX Air moves in 3D, so if you want to select small font sized link from your browser, you need to keep your hand very steady in the AIR. For those who have shoulder problems like myself, your shoulder pain will get worsen. In this respect Gyration mouse is MUCH BETTER. This reason alone defeats the purpose of getting air mouse.
    2) Feels very awkward in your hand. Slippery and buttons are in the awkward position. ¾ of top of the mouse are all buttons and too wide of a grip for me to hold it comfortably. I believe I have normal size hand. I've gotten so frustrated with it's ergonomics and cons #1, I stopped using this mouse.
    3) Instead of wheel scroll, it has 2 inches long touch scroll and the way it's placed on the mouse, it's not easy to control the scroll.
    4) You can't replace the battery.
    5) No s/w for Mac. At least not that I know of.

    Since I've gotten this mouse (about 5 days), I pretty much gave up on using in the air (cons #1 and 2). Logitech mouse/Keyboard has always been my favorite brand but MX air is fiasco (IMO).
    I don't understand how so many people gave 4 and 5 stars. If this deserves 3 stars, I believe Gyration deserve 5stars. At least I used Gyration regularly. Don't get me wrong, Gyration has it's own flaws but at least it's useable.
    ...more info
  • A little quirky but so handy
    I've been using the mx air for a few eeks now. I really like it. It's great for my entertainment system. True, you have to recenter it, but that's no big deal, though I think that it would be improved by the sensor strip like the wii has on top of the TV. My biggest annoyance with it is that sometimes clicking gets messed up. It's hard to describe it, but it's as if the cursor doesn't exist until you click the mouse button. For example, I'll hover over the dock with magnification turned on, but the dock won't magnify until I click. Then clicking a lot of time won't do anything. If you're zoomed in, the screen won't follow the cursor unless you hold the mouse button down. There may be a better way to eliminate this behavior, but I've been restarting which clears it up. I haven't figured out what causes this to happen, but it's happened a few times now in the past few weeks. The one non-working feature that I'd like to see is an air control-scroll to zoom the screen (10.4). Even with the quirks, I love this mouse. I sit on the couch using it all the time. It's just a little clunky to do control-scroll and every once in awhile clicking acts up. The utility of the mouse makes up for all that though....more info
  • Logitech Air Mouse
    Having used many air mice in the past. I thought this would be great. However, for my needs I really can't use it. I have shoulder problems from using mice, so an air mouse is really helpful as I can use different positions.

    This mouse is too lightweight to use in the air. There's no heft to balance movement. Not that a really heavy one is good either. I also bought one of those that is sitting in the box. The best air mice I have used in the past were the Gyration brand. However, their batteries and or mechanisms seem to give out within a year or so. Also, I am left handed and have to swap the buttons on tis mouse, but every time I reboot it switches back to right button.

    Guess I will have to keep looking....more info
  • droch
    not a bad mouse, however it is almost impossible to keep it centered on the screen. i have to center it almost every time it is used. beyond that i'm happy with it. knowing what i know about it now i would not pay the price for it again. i expect it will come down a little in price,in the months to come. ...more info
  • have mouse to the future will travel
    great for dual screen computers and presentations.
    worked great with bluetooth keyboard by logitech.
    no problem getting use to it. the more u use it the more natural it is and u will feel the old mouse awkward....more info
  • Battery not replaceable!
    I was so excited about this mouse and then got it home where I learned that the battery cannot be replaced. After it will no longer recharge it must be thrown away. My conscience would not let me keep something that becomes land fill when the battery dies. And there was no place in the online material that said the battery was not replaceable. So I sent it back and got a wireless Wacom tablet instead....more info
  • Awesome
    I bought this for my son for Christmas. After he set it up, he hasn't stopped telling me how awesome this mouse is. ...more info
  • Good for advanced use
    This product is an innovative mouse.This mouse is good to use as a remote.
    Especially for the projector display.It has very good range. ...more info
  • Great idea with a some quirks though.
    I have had this mouse for 2 months now. It took a little getting used to in the air but to me that was no big deal. The pain is that it does need to be recentered often. However, I use it in the air with ProTools and with the Confgurable buttons, I can get quite a distance from my DAW and do what I need to do with just the buttons I programmed. Very handy since it is usually only me in my studio....more info
  • The ultimate mouse for entertainment
    The Air Mouse does take some time to get used to. But when you're leaning back watching a movie, video or listening to music it's perfect. I like how Logitech put in the sound effect of a scrolling wheel when you sweep the scroll bar. One negative is scrolling when in freespace mode. Because of how you hold the mouse your thumb lays at the bottom of the bar instead of the center and you can't comfortably reach to scroll up....more info
  • plug and PLAY ...
    Not sure what people are talking about but this is simple to use ... I got it an hour ago and didnt have any problems using it in the air right out of the box ... really amazing ... and by the way looks awesome ...more info
  • Physician recommended
    I did not purchase this item but got it from a friend who has been working on the technology that supports this and similar devices. I had been waiting for a demo for some time because I have been experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of using a desk mouse. When I first got it in my hand I was all over the place but once I settled down and got oriented I discovered that it was effortless. I can use it in any spacial orientation, which reduces fatigue and strain, and I can use it equally well in both hands. The scroll function is good but the other buttons down the center force you to readjust your grip. I have already recommended the product to patients who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or other arthritic diseases of the hands or wrist. Great job Logitech! Hope to see more products like this in the near future....more info
  • A mouse that's excellent for multimedia presentations
    Once your muscles adapt to this cordless air mouse that strongly reminds me of the Wii gaming platform, you begin to feel more comfortable in navigating the cursor to where you intend it to go. This requires a learning curve approaching 30 minutes or so if fluid motion is the requirement for success. After a little practice, I got the hang of it. If you've ever used the Wii gaming platform, you'll know how to move your arm to best advantage because it's very similar.

    This makes a splendid mouse for multimedia presentations and for various entertainment media. Once I got used to the MX, I found it easy to use and nice not to be tied to a mouse pad. This freedom is why I'd strongly recommend the MX to those who give frequent presentations or demonstrations and who've found the ordinary mouse too restrictive....more info
  • Great for home theater usage
    This is not recommended for desktop home PC for it is expensive, but perfect if you have a PC connected to your Plasma/LCD as part of your home theater set up. You can control your movies from your couch.
    Very smooth and accurate, though need getting used to when using it it in the air...more info
  • The future of computer mice!! Great for media center! Logitech does it again!!!
    The Logitech MX Air is THE mouse of choice for anybody with Windows Media Center! While this product is not perfect, it is the best that I have had the pleasure to test and use.

    For starters, I spent a solid few weeks with this mouse before I passed judgment. Initially, I found it not as responsive as I would like. It certainly looks nice, but the default button settings also weren't perfect for me. After toggling the software settings, I have found that this mouse is very versatile and well designed for its purpose.

    This mouse is sleek and fits nicely in your hand. It's not heavy and it's not light; it's just the right weight to use on your desk and then in the air.

    Even without the software drivers this mouse worked upon plugging it in. Logitech is batting 1000 on plug and play!

    The software that comes with it allows you to customize all of the buttons and functions on the top of the mouse. For me, I had to adjust the sensitivity and the button functions to get the responsiveness I wanted in the air. By default it is set to have a separate air cursor and desk cursor. This is very valuable!

    I was somewhat disappointed with the limited default buttons. The "volume" button is really only a mute / unmute button. A default volume scroll would have been nice, but is not critical.

    Similarly, there is a play / pause button. No forward / backward is set by default.

    Once again, I took advantage of the software to customize the buttons to my needs.

    For presenters and teachers I have used some devices that seem to be a little better suited for powerpoint presentations. Still, I suppose this guy is a candidate for presenters. With some customization you can use it for just about anything.

    It took some practicing for me to be able to use this as a mouse in the air. Now I can drag and drop from across the room.

    The only minor con I can give this item is that the charger requires you using an additional outlet. So many other Logitech mice require a small battery that lasts a long time. However, I have noticed that on a single charge I've gotten almost a weeks worth (25 hours) of active use. Not too shabby! The li-ion battery is also lighter. It's a design trade-off.

    Overall, for those who are techy this is the best mouse on the market for media center apps once you've customized it for yourself. Out of the box, most users will have to adjust to the feel of this mouse before they can get the most out of it.

    Enjoy!...more info
  • A great new mouse with features I didn't expect to need, but now can't imagine doing without!
    The Logitech MX Air Rechargeable Cordless Air Mouse was a breeze to install and configure. Logitech's Setpoint software makes it a breeze to set the mouse properties to your exact preferences with little trouble. I will admit, however, that I incorrectly assumed I knew better than Logitech, initially increasing both the pointer speed and acceleration during `In the Air' use. I quickly learned that Logitech's default settings were more suitable, and restored the default settings - a task made easy with the `Restore Defaults' button Logitech provides in the Mouse Movement window.

    The MX Air mouse came with appropriate documentation that is also easily found on the Logitech website in PDF format should you need to download the documentation. My one complaint concerning the manuals for this device is that Logitech omits any entry concerning the time you should expect it to take for the device to charge, and how long a full charge should last. While the second item would be understandably affected by individual usage and could only be an estimate, the charge time should be fairly standard. For those of us anxious to use a new gadget, waiting an undetermined amount of time for that first full charge can be vexing. From experience, I now know the device charges fully in under 2 hours, and Logitech very kindly includes charging indicators on the mouse that show when the mouse is still charging and when it has completed, but it would be nice to have these times included in the manual.

    I was delighted that this mouse was not just an air mouse, but also a laser desktop mouse. The device senses when it has been placed on a surface and switches to desktop mode seamlessly, with no delay and no effort on the user's part.

    An unexpected bonus is the scroll bar. Instead of a scroll wheel (something I used frequently), this mouse has a bar. A light brush of the finger across the bar will scroll the page you are viewing, and holding the scroll up or down buttons will move continuously through the document in the direction you have commanded. As much as I loved the scroll wheel for years, this scroll bar has replaced it in my affections.

    As far as using the mouse in the air, I can affirm that you can perform any mouse task in the air that you could on the desktop. I have had great success with the maneuverability of this device in the air once I trained my wrist to not move downwards when clicking the mouse buttons.

    Additional buttons on the mouse make it easy to control media program such as iTunes, using it as a remote control, complete with volume buttons on the unit.

    I've never used an air mouse or presenter before, and so becoming accustomed to the Logitech MX Air Rechargeable Cordless Air Mouse was a new experience for me. I found my hand and wrist had to train to prevent moving the mouse downwards when clicking the right or left mouse buttons when using it in the air, but I adjusted easily within the first two days, and after 2 weeks of use, I find it easy enough. However, I think this could be greatly improved by simply adding a left and right mouse button to the sides of the device to make clicking in mid-air simpler.

    I've used a Logitech USB/PS-2 Trackman Wheel Scroll Optical Mouse (904353-0403) for years, and have become quite accustomed to its ergonomic fit in my hand. I have to say, though I have come to wholly appreciate the Logitech MX Air Rechargeable Cordless Air Mouse, it does not fit as ergonomically as I would hope. Logitech could easily solve this in the next model by simply adding a slight curvature to the sides of the device and a little hump in the top to mold better in the palm of your hand.

    I've had this mouse a little over two weeks, and while I can't really profess its durability until I've used it for some months, I can say I expect it to last for quite a while. It does not feel or look cheaply made, and has traveled quite well in my laptop case every day for the past few weeks. I believe Logitech has built this mouse for longevity, something I can say with confidence judging by my past experience with numerous Logitech products.

    Is the mouse worth its price? If you have a use for an air mouse, then yes, I believe so. If the air function is a novelty to you that wouldn't see much use, then the pricing is probably too steep for you at this point. I will tell you that if something happens to this device, I expect I will want to purchase a replacement for it, as it has become extremely useful to me in a short period of time, and its advanced features and duality (air and desk use) make it a worthwhile investment for me.

    Ergonomics - Not quite there yet, although it is not uncomfortable. I fully expect Logitech to design an even more comfortable fit in the second generation of this device.
    Use - The advanced features quickly become something you will depend on, making it impossible to consider returning to a standard mouse.
    ...more info
  • Great New Mouse
    I am a Logitech fan and this mouse is the frosting on the cake..Kick back, throw your feet up on the desk and continue to work or play..Recharges rapidly and easy to hold whether on the desk or in the air with your elbow on the arm of the chair..Pricey but a strong addition to the mouse arsenal.......more info
  • Big on looks, functionality and price
    The MX Air is Logitech's Everything mouse. Its a combination laser mouse and wireless pointer/mouse that includes a recharging base and functions using Bluetooth. It has backlit buttons, a slimmed futuristic design and a price tag to match.

    In some ways it does too much. Its air mouse capabilities make it great for use with an HTPC setup, however the laser mouse functions are really needed in such a situation. The reverse is true for setups where the laser mouse is used predominantly.

    I didn't have much of a problem with the recentering issue when using the mouse as an HTPC controller but could see problems with its use in games.

    The software for the mouse is polished and the battery life feature is great. It even detected a dying battery on an older Logitech wireless mouse that was connected.

    Feelwise, the fit of the mouse wasn't great. It feels as if it was designed to look nice with ergonomics being secondary.

    Overall, the MX Air is a good, but not perfect Everything mouse. It is excellent in an HTPC environment but is versatile enough for many applications....more info
  • Awesome mouse!
    I give the MX Air 4 out of 5 stars because it works just as well as I expected - and I had high expectations based on all the hype surrounding its release.

    Distance - works from at least 30 feet
    Control - very responsive, plus you can tweak the settings to a sensitivity level you prefer; also works great as a standard laser tabletop mouse; I was a little skeptical based on other gyroscopic mice I had used in the past, but the various videos on YouTube gave me hope - my hope was realized
    Design - this is a beautiful mouse, though it does attract fingerprints easily, which I think another reviewer mentioned
    Price - so maybe it's a little expensive for a mouse, but you have to keep in mind that it not only looks great, but also does something unique very well. Thus, I think the price is fair...more info
  • Flying the Wireless Skies
    I've read many other reviews on this product and I've noticed words like "eye candy" being mentioned in the negative. And while I agree that this mouse is indeed eye candy, simply looking at the Star Trek like smoothness of the angularities and noticing the envy others possess when seeing it proves that, I really see this as a "pro." Unlike many other devices, the mouse serves many functions and it looks good ding it, making it somewhat unique in its application. Combine that with the programmability it possesses, the fact that it resets quickly and is the perfect tool for lectures, and the fact that it works perfectly as a desktop mouse and you have something functionally superb.

    I'm not going to pretend that I'm technological savvy and can drop a lot of statistics regarding the muse, but perhaps the very reason I like it is because I'm judging it on what it can do for me. When I give a lecture I can use it, when I shop on Amazon I can use it, and when I'm performing menial tasks I can use it. In two days I had figured out how to use it, how to reset all its functions to fit my needs, and I had laughed a bit because it "purrs" when you scroll with it (instead of clicking when it scrolls, it seems to like me). It has features that allow for watching movies with it almost like a remote, listening to music and pausing on a dime, and navigating the conference room like a pro. When you back away from the muse it seems to track better, too, helping the user to say what they have to say and move around alot. It has kept up with the target pretty easily, not really giving me any problems when it comes to tracking the screen it is aimed at.
    And there is a lot more it can do.

    The glowing in the dark, the fact that it tracks how long it can stay charged, the ease of putting on one system and then utilizing it on another - there are a lot of benefits to the mouse and I'm happy with the product. Also, the Logitech devices of late have been really dependable, keeping me happy and making me feel safe with my technology.
    When spending money, I want a bet that seems sure and this is one of those things.
    It comes recommended, having corrected my classroom problems with an ease I've really enjoyed.
    ...more info
  • Good, but could be improved
    1) On-the-desk use:

    This Logitech mouse has great styling, a good feel, and responds well to desktop movement. The rechargeable battery is tops, and seems to hold a charge a good while.

    However, I would not say the mouse is significantly better than other mice in these respects, and in some ways it is their inferior. It has fewer buttons, and those it does have are awkwardly placed on the top of the mouse, rather than its sides, where one's fingers would have more access.

    In addition, the plastic casing collects and shows fingerprints quickly. The included cleaning towel is a nice touch, but I wish designers would take a hint from Apple's move away from such finicky surfaces with the iPod -- they're a pain in the neck!

    2) In-the-air use:

    The Logitech has excellent tracking ability, good heft in the hand, and an easy-to-use scrolling feature.

    However, I find it more difficult to manipulate than the Gyration mice I have used for some years now. The Gyration is designed to be held as one might hold a TV remote -- index finger underneath for stability, and buttons pressed by thumb. Gyration places its centering button on the bottom of the mouse, which makes it very easy to find and press.

    By contrast, the centering button on the Logitech is the "Back" button, on top of the mouse, in a line with two other buttons. It is difficult to find by feel alone. Because it also functions to send a web page backwards, it is annoying to use while web surfing.

    I think the mouse could be improved for in-the-air use by taking a page from Gyration and putting a dedicated centering button on the bottom....more info
  • Logitech Air Mouse
    This mouse is excellent for desktop PC as well as for laptop use. Its operation is easy and intutive both in air and desktop. Its battery lasts long for more than 10 days of normal use....more info
  • Really works!
    I was kind of skeptical about this device, but it truly delivers. The basic features are just what you'd expect -- a mouse that swings both ways -- as a typical cordless desktop mouse, and as a mouse that can be used "in the air" at a distance from the target computer. The device requires you to load software (my CD seems damaged but I was able to download the software without a problem from the vendor's site) and insert a receiving device (a bit smaller than a thumb drive) into one of your computer's USB ports. After that, I was literally "mousing on air."

    I used the device from all over my computer room, without a wire, to direct the cursor on a computer screen. I'm a project manager who often does presentations, so this might beat having a "lovely assistant" (a member of the project team) have to run my laptop when I'm giving a presentation. Not a big issue, but I imagine it would give a snap to wave my mouse hand around, "Minority Report" style, and switch from one slide to another.

    Alas, I shall not be able to check this device at work, since we are not at XP or Vista yet, the two supported OS options.

    At first, the device took a little while to get used to. With a desktop mouse, when you get to the edge of the mouse pad, you lift it up and place it down elsewhere. With this device, you have to deliberately "bang" the cursor into the sides or top of the display image in order to recenter the control. Otherwise, you'd have to dance all the way across the room, which would take snap right out of the preso. The software gives you the requisite options to slow down the cursor speed (separately for desk and air), add comet tails and change other standard mouse options. The mouse feels longer and lower in desktop mode than a typical mouse, which might be a problem if you have a favorite mouse-holding grip.

    There is no track wheel on the device, but a section between the right and left mouse buttons that acts like one and even makes a low whirring sounds (was this *really* necessary?) as though a wheel is spinning. This is the toughest part of the device to master, mostly because you can't tell when you are touching it rather than the mouse buttons. A rougher texture on this section of the mouse might help.

    I have not had the device long enough to determine whether its battery is hefty enough, but it does have an attractive recharger cradle that the mouse stands in for more juice.

    The MX Air Mouse is a cool little device, though not a must have for the typical computer user. But if your computer use depends heavily on at-a-distance use (as in a presentations or classroom setting) where being able to circulate is a plus, this device is quite suitable....more info
  • Some cool features, will be a great tool if you intend to use the air feature.
    It's black, and sleek and really cool and futuristic looking; is it a Jaguar... no it's just a mouse. But hey, it can function as a remote for your computer or you can use it as a traditional desk mouse! Do these sexy looks translate into better ergonomics and functionality? And is it worth the price tag? The answer is yes and no, and here's why.

    Form factor - It's longer than a regular mouse and is thinner and sleeker. It fits the hand quite nicely and feels quite natural. However,
    if you have very small hands it might feel a little too long as a desk mouse till you get used to it. The right and left click button are very long so your hand will definitely be able to click, it's just a matter of getting used to a longer mouse. When the mouse charges in the cradle a little red bars below the surface blink to show it is charging. When on the desk it turns a shiny black till you touch it then the buttons light up - pretty neat! It gathers fingerprints easily so it comes with it's own cleaning cloth.

    Installation is a snap. You plug in the receiver into your USB port and then while the mouse charges on its cradle you load up the driver into your computer. And that's all you have to do. It worked well with my XP and surprise, surprise even with the antiquated Windows 2000 at work (the specs say only XP and Vista). Yipee!

    MX Air: For the air function you hold the mouse like a remote and your thumb rests on the 4 buttons - Back, Select (Enter), Play/Pause and Volume - arranged in that order. If you're going to sit at your desk and use this feature it's not too useful as it is more tiring for the arm to hold up the mouse in the air all the time. Also the closer you are the more you have to move your hand to get from one section to another. In my opinion, this feature works best from a distance of say 4-5 feet from the screen, especially if you are using a large flat screen monitor. You don't need to point the mouse directly at the screen or hold it level, in fact you can hold it at an angle which is comfortable to you and then push the buttons with your thumb. The back button takes your browser back, the play/pause button works with Windows media player to play or pause the movie/music and the volume button functions as a "mute" button to turn sound on/off. I think the air feature is most useful when you're using your computer monitor to watch movies or play music and want to control the monitor from the comfort of your bed/couch. The other great use of this feature will be for interactive presentations. You can let the viewers sit in front of the monitor and stand on the side and flip through a slideshow or PowerPoint presentation by using the up and down arrow buttons. You can also turn the volume on and off, or scroll rapidly through the deck by using the scroll feature. This can have some good use for office presentations/teaching especially if you have just a small number of people who can gather round the screen. The only problem I found is that my thumb rests more naturally on the Back button rather than the Select button (same function as front left click button) and I keep pressing Back when I actually want to Select. The Select button has a teeny tiny ridge to guide your thumb so you don't have to look down at the mouse but it's still not at all comfortable for me as I have to hold the mouse at an odd angle to keep my thumb on the Select button.

    Back to the desk: For the desk function you have the left and right front buttons that work the traditional way but the real winner is the front scroll strip. It works just like the iPod click wheel only this is a straight strip down the center of the mouse. It actually makes a whirring sound like a wheel spinning and then stops scrolling the page quickly or several seconds later depending on how much of a "spin" you gave it with your finger.

    This mouse therefore wants you to choose whether you want to work with its desk avatar or air avatar. If you choose air you get the 4 buttons down the center to work with and if you choose land you get the front buttons. In the air mode it's not easy to use the scrolling feature or the front left and right buttons as it's too far away for the thumb, and in the desk mode you'll have to lift your hand off the mouse and look for the 4 buttons to be able to use them.

    So essentially if you buy MX Air, you're getting a mouse that gives you a better way of scrolling than your wireless optical mouse when used as a desk mouse. Plus you can control your interactive media from a distance. For smaller team meetings it will even allow you to dispense with the projector set up...saving the usual annoyances. If the air feature is important to you then it will justify the price tag on this mouse. For those just looking for a simple wireless mouse, this is overkill and also not as ergonomic as some other wireless mouses available....more info
  • Dissapointing
    I couldn't wait to get my coreless Air Mouse but am so very disapointed with it's operation, and how quickly the battery runs down. I found it slow to respond and hard to use in the air. It is definiatly not worth the money. Using it as a regularmouse on the desk it runs out of power in several hours, when ever you stop using it place it on the base. I have to keep a back-up mouse to use when the "air mouse" runs out. Very sorry I wasted my money....more info
  • Sleek and elegant
    The Logitech MX Air Mouse is good-looking and fun to use. It's smaller than my old Microsoft cordless mouse and feels better in my hand. It works like a regular mouse on a mouse pad, and also can be held in the air as a remote control. In addition to the standard left and right buttons, it has buttons for volume control, Back, Select, and Fast Forward which are especially helpful when listening to music away from your desk. It also has up and down buttons or you can scroll up and down by lightly rubbing the center. The mouse is rechargeable (no more batteries to buy!) and the buttons are illuminated.

    The MX Air comes in such elegant packaging, it would make a nice gift for the computer person in your life. The only problem I had was in the installation of the receiver into the USB port: As a 'puter novice, I didn't know what or where the port was, until a friend helped me. A little explanation of this point in the manual would have been nice for beginners like me.

    This easy-to-use mouse for your pad or as a remote across the room is light-weight and very sensitive, working faster than my old mouse. Highly recommended....more info
  • excellent tool for teaching and presentations
    I've been using this for a couple of days now and I love it. Part of my responsibilities is designing web and multimedia material for use in a classroom setting. In the last decade the use of multimedia has gone way beyond popping a video into a VCR or using a stack of transparencies. With the tools available there can be an amazing array of interactive material that a teacher or presenter can use to augment their efforts. The best I've seen this work is not with each student hunched over their separate computers but with effective use of a projector that allows the teacher to involve the whole class in a multimedia exploration of the topic.

    The only problem is that the teacher is tied to their computer. They can step away but always have to keep returning in order to interact with the material.

    This mouse solves that problem, letting a teacher or presenter of any kind free to move around, interact with students, completely untethered. With very simple movements of the wrist the cursor moves just as with an earth bound mouse. With essential buttons that control volume, play/pause, scroll up/down, along with the standard mouse buttons this mouse is absolutely perfect for use in a dynamic classroom setting.

    I found the mouse is most effective with some distance from the computer. It works fine at the desk, and close up, but there are more difficulties keeping it aligned. Step away from your desk and this mouse is amazing. Very exact in movements. Almost magical in its spatial recognition.

    If you work at a desk, this just isn't worth the money. If your work or play would be enhanced by having freedom to step away from a fixed point you can't find anything better. It does take a little while to get comfortable with the movements and the buttons. You can't hold it the same way as a regular mouse and everyone likely has a more steady way of using it. But once I got a feel for it I moved around the web, enjoyed a movie, and practiced a presentation without hardly even thinking about the mouse. It becomes like an extension of the hand.

    While it seems to be marketed as more of a remote control for computer media such as music or movies, I see this much more as a tool that could help interactive teaching go to the next level.

    I'm going to be highly recommending this mouse to the teachers I know and everyone who uses a computer as a presentation tool. ...more info
  • Yes it also works with Mac OS 10.4
    I am a dedicated Mac user but found this piece of desk candy so visually appealing that I bought one to see how it performed on a Mac without having any dedicated drivers. Answer is that it works quite well - both as a desk mouse and as an air mouse. I have found that using it as an air mouse for non-critical applications (like web browsing) helps with my Carpel Tunnel pain. Even as a desk mouse, because the shape is quite different to my normal mouse (a Logitech MX1000) it helps reduce the fatigue in my hand and wrist muscles and tendons, just from being in a different position. Not all of the buttons function on a Mac, but left and right click are fine and the scroll strip is just magic. The back button pressed quickly displays all of the open windows, and when pressed and held allows the cursor to be centred on the air mouse - just as it does on a PC. The select button just copies the function of the left click and the play/pause and volume buttons don't seem to do anything - even in the Mac version of iTunes with USB Overdrive operating. Overall, I'm happy with my purchase and will give it 5 stars when and if Logitech get around to writing a Mac driver for it....more info
  • Great Product---but not perfect
    This mouse works better than any other "gyroscopic" mouse I've used. The coolness factor alone places it very high on the list of pointing devices. I have had several of the Gyration products and this one is nowhere near as finicky.

    Installation was a snap, no different than any other mouse.

    It is clear that this was designed primarily for in air use. It feels great in the hand with thumb on top, but it's a tad long for small handed users in desktop mode. In the air, the response of the cursor is very predictable and smooth, even better than the Nintendo Wii, which behaves similarly. There is one caveat though...when you reach the edge of the screen, the cursor stops moving, but most likely your hand will continue to move. When this occurs, the pointer gets out of sync with your gesture. In other words, it is nearly impossible to point at the center of your screen, and have the cursor be in the center of the screen.

    The mouse had a really cool scrolling feature that generated many ooohs and ahhs in my office. The smooth strip in the center in fron of the buttons is a scrolling strip. When you slide your finger accross it,the screen scrolls, and a small speaker in the mouse make a clicking sound. If you swipe quickly, the screen scrolls quickly. However, it does not respond in a predictable way, ther is no tactile feedback, and the number of clicks in the speaker doesn't relate to the clicks on the screen. Perhaps there is an adjustment for this feature, but I haven't found it.

    Other than those 2 issues, this is a great mouse, and probably the best one for couch surfing.

    ...more info
  • Great mouse, just not for every day use
    Was another early adopter, had it almost 3 weeks now. Additionally I have a MX Revolution as well. The MX Revolution is by far the best desk mouse I've ever used, but I'm still glad I spent the extra money on the MX Air. I probably enjoy it more than other reviewers here because I don't use it as my every day mouse. Actually it's a bit of a pain to use as a day to day mouse. What I absolutely adore about it is if I'm just surfing the web or doing anything else that doesn't require the keyboard I can just sit back in my chair and the use the air feature to totally control my surf session, media viewing, or whatever else I'm doing. The ability to sit back and just relax while still being able to fully and accurately control your mouse can't be understated. Heck I normally control the side to side motion by rotating my chair and control up and down with my wrist.

    Another great use for it is computer training. I do a lot of demonstration and training at work and normally either have to move the trainee out of the way or reach around them when I need to show them something with the mouse. Now I just take the MX Air to work and if I'm working with someone I tell them to plug it in. It installs fine on my work network of XP without admin rights and gives me control when I need it to point out the next step or a part of the screen to pay attention to. When I don't need it I just lock it so I don't control their movements.

    Personally I like the sound feedback of the scroll pad and find it fairly easy and intuitive to use. Could be better but not bad enough to warrant a worse review. Volume control doesn't really work for me either but again that's not what I use the mouse for.

    Don't go thinking you're spending the money for this mouse to replace your day to day mouse, unless this is for a media PC. This is an addon to make computer usage more enjoyable during the times a normal mouse is overkill. The cost may seem excessive for that purpose and for many it may be but for those that spend a lot of time in front of the computer a day, it's nice to be able to lean back and relax sometimes, give the fingers and arms a break...more info
  • Cool desk candy
    First and foremost: don't read any review from someone that just got this mouse or has used it for only a day. If I had written such a review it would have been a 5/5 star glowing review. It's total desktop eye candy... a sexy input device with revolutionary features. I decided to give it at least a week of use before writing my review. I'm glad I did.

    It looks great, it's light, feels great, but it is not perfect. I've had it for about a week now (since it was released) and the jury is still out. I'm on the fence as to whether or not to return it due to a single design flaw: constant re-centering. I originally purchased this mouse in hopes that it would give me an alternative pointer device to the mouse, as I have tendinitis from mouse use. After a week of use, it unfortunately hasn't received much "air time" and for the most part has rested quietly in its cradle. Here's why.

    On the desk: functions fine as a normal mouse but since it doesn't have side buttons like my MS IntelliMouse, I don't use it that way. As a web developer I live in a web browser, so being able to slap the sides of my mouse to move forward/back are critical to my work environment. For me, this is an "in the air" mouse solution, which was my original intent for purchasing this mouse.

    In the air: works great except for one thing, and this is why it gets 2 stars instead of 5. You constantly (and I mean CONSTANTLY) have to re-center the mouse. To do this you either have to do some goofy gesture (which isn't as easy as it looks) or you press and hold the Back button, re-center, then release. This constant re-centering must be done every time I pick it up, and often during use. It is a usability killer, and I'm not sure how they could release a product with such a major design flaw.

    Wii Would Like To Play: This IS a Wii-like mouse for the PC, no doubt. Same feeling I get with our Wii. Same accuracy as a pointer device, if not better. Before I got the MX Air mouse I actually had a Wii controller that could control my PC to a certain extent using the GlovePIE software and a Bluetooth dongle. It worked, but it was more a proof of concept, so it didn't work well. What Logitech needs to do is they need to release a USB sensor bar just like the Wii so that you can place the bar below or above your monitor. This would solve the centering issue and make this a usable product. A sensor bar would remove the need to have a centering feature, and it wouldn't be expensive to manufacture.

    If you are considering this product as a couch mouse replacement, I highly recommend it as there aren't very many alternatives out there for you. For me, in front of a PC, I can't highly recommend it due to the centering issue.

    Cost: for me this is a non-issue. I work an average of 14 hours a day on the PC and am looking for a device that helps with my tendinitis from mouse over-use. I'd pay $300 or more if I could find a solution that helped the pain. Unfortunately this is not a mouse replacement for me.

    Other annoying features:

    Touch-sensitive scroll panel: This is another innovative feature that is cool, but personally I need more tactile feedback like a wheel. It also scrolls REAL fast so be sure to change your settings to slow it down. Finally, there is a goofy audible "real mouse scroll wheel" clicking sound when you use the scroll panel (sound comes from the mouse) and there's no way to silence it.

    Volume: Again, for couch potatoes this is probably a good mouse, but for me, pressing the volume buttons on my keyboard is a better solution. Why? It seems that when you mute the volume through the MX Air mouse, it mutes a bit too much. This affects my Skype headset volume as well. Even more annoying, is that when I un-mute my volume through the MX Air mouse, it doesn't raise the volume of my Skype headset back up, so I have to go into the Sound properties and tinker. Essentially, this feature is useless to me because of this flaw.

    Buttons: The buttons work great, except no matter if I try to use my thumb or my index finger on top, I just can't seem to get it into a natural feeling position. Here's the rub: when using your index finger, you have simple access to the scroll panel and left/right buttons, but getting to the row of buttons is difficult. It's the opposite situation for thumb use: you have easy access to the buttons, but getting to the scroll panel and the left/right buttons is a stretch. Logitech recommends you hold it like a TV remote, using your thumb to control the buttons. I agree, this is the most natural way of holding this mouse, however unless you have a super-long thumb, the scroll panel is unreachable. The possible solution here is to use your thumb for the buttons and your index finger for the scroll panel... however as an "in the air" mouse, this isn't practical, because switching figures causes the mouse to move quite a bit and then you have to reposition the mouse (again).

    In summary, I think this is a very cool device that is very innovative as a first gen air mouse from Logitech. Hopefully their engineers will read feedback from the community and make a better second gen version that fixes the flaws. I've been waiting for a usable Wii-like pointing device for my PC since the Wii came out. This just isn't it. Plus, I tried to use it Adam Sandler-style to quiet my dog and it didn't work :)...more info
  • Not worth the money
    I got my mouse a couple of days ago and was initially very excited. It looks great. The problem is that I was expecting it to function well when using it off of the desk. This wasn't the case. It is hard to use in the air and that was my main reason for buying it. As a regular desk mouse it works well but no better than any other mouse. The extra buttons can be reassigned but the placement and size of them makes them difficult to use. If the cost were more reasonable it might be OK for some people. But for me it was a waste of money. ...more info
  • Not Worth $150
    I guess being an earlier adapter comes with a caveat - do not expect any kind of support. The mouse arrived, looks really sleek and nice but the problem I have with it is when I placed it in the cradle to charge it, I first see the amber battery light icon flash and a bar go up indicating that it is being charged and then the bar disappears and the battery icon light continues to blink. I guess what this mean is that according to the Logitech set point software, its shows that there is an error in charging. I am not sure if I received a defective product - I tried cleaning the contacts and replacing the mouse in the cradle but no luck. My software continues to annoy me that the mouse batteries are critical - there is no way to open the battery. I called Logitech product support and I was told that Logitech doesn't even have this mouse in stock so they are not even trained as to how to handle issues with this product. Online forums also revealed nothing. It's astonishing that such a mouse passed QA/QC. Time to get an RMA... ...more info
  • Not perfect
    In air mode, needs to be re-centered frequently - every 10 seconds or so. It's easy to re-center, but still annoying.

    In desktop mode, the cursor periodically veers to the screen edge for a few seconds before becoming controllable again. This seems like a radio interference issue and I am hopeful this is as isolated case.

    The USB receiver does not insert into the unit, so can be easily lost in transit.

    I use the Logitech VX Revolution, a superbly accurate and reliable wireless mouse. The Air MX has a similar feel with even better vertical scrolling. When you run your finger up and down the middle, as if a wheel were there, you can hear the clicking and slow down effects with inertia.

    As a presenter, the Air MX requires practice if you'll be controlling the mouse cursor. There is no laser pointer but the mouse cursor is a substitute. The problem with mouse control during presentations is that you have to remember to unfreeze, point, then immediately re-freeze the mouse cursor so that gestures aren't a problem. You can program almost any key to toggle the cursor-freeze, but this is not as foolproof as a traditional presenter with laser pointer. It's just one more glitch to worry about, albeit a human one. Also, you have to be sure the unit is sufficiently charged because you can't replace the batteries on-site - it's rechargable only.

    If you don't place a high value on the "air" feature, look into the VX Revolution first.
    ...more info
  • Ultimate mouse for couch navigation
    So the desktop mouse we use with Windows Media Center got loaded up with couch lint and never really worked nor did the ir remote. This seemed like the perfect solution. It's also just plain cool -- it's the first of the next generation devices that use the accelerometers the Segway uses to sense rider's movements.

    Right away it worked with my Vista Ultimate 64 bit system without installing the software -- right out of the box after getting powered up. (This wasn't the case with many of my other peripherals, so I was wary.) In fact, I scoured the user guide and couldn't find a single reason that I had to install the Logitech software.

    As I started putting it through the paces, it stuttered and skipped a bit, but then I realized that it might be, um, because my computer is in another room behind a very thick wall, buried behind the boxes I'd moved into the way as I installed the USB receiver. The user's guide mentions that it works up to 10 meters away and does not need line-of-sight, but that large metal desks can shorten the range. I just used my 1-meter USB cable (basically a USB extension cord) to move the receiver out from behind my desk (about 10 meters away). Even though it was at the maximum distance, it worked beautifully -- fast and responsive.

    Funny how it's like I've done this before. Function is totally intuitive - I tilt my wrist forward and cursor moves up, tilt it back and it goes down. When I give the virtual clickwheel a quick slide of my finger, it scrolls just like I'm used to with my clickwheel mouse (even makes a similar clickwheel sound), and I can stop the scrolling with a quick tap of the finger. I did find it awkward to hold it like my desktop mouse, clicking the button with my forefinger. Again, the manual had the perfect fix for this -- hold the mouse with fingers on the bottom, and use my thumb on top to click. Worked perfectly. After digging into the manual I found one of the best tricks yet - hold the volume button down and steer the mouse right or left to turn the volume up or down. For more nuggets like this, I highly recommend you read the manual's section on "MX Air gestures." Here's a nice touch I noticed. After a few seconds being idle, the backlights fade off. When you pick it up again they glow back on.

    So, I decided to install the software anyway, and was glad that I did. It allowed me to separately adjust my "on the desk" and "in the air" pointer speeds. This was great because in the air, I got way more out of it when I upped the speed much faster than my desktop speed. Also, (a little design touch), as the mouse goes from desktop mode to air mode, the cursor style changes from the default white arrow to a black star-trek-shaped arrow (you can turn this off if you don't like it). I'm sure there's a Logitech developer somewhere who's very proud of that little touch. The thing that made me happiest about having installed the software is that I can remap the buttons to do anything I want. So, being used to clicking the center select button to open a new tab in a browser window, I mapped this function to the mouse's center button.

    The last thing I pulled out of the box was a high-end polishing cloth. Nice. Helps me keep the fingerprints off the glossy black finish that matches my Sharp 42" LCD.

    Finally, I no longer have to move my roller-ball mouse across my leg or the dog to change the channel or select a movie. This is perfect. In fact I don't think I'll be using my Media Center remote anymore. For anyone like me who navigates their computer from their couch, this mouse is just what you need. ...more info
  • Out of the box review
    Received the mouse today and have been using it for the past few hours. Definitely beautiful looking and easy to use. On the table or surface area it works flawlessly while in the air it takes a bit of getting used to. Holding it like a remote is the key, as I'm sure others have also noted. In the end it's a great device, browse the web or watch a movie and it lets you do everything you'd normally do aside from typing, of course.

    I am weary of the fact that I cannot assign commands to the buttons, I would switch the 'back' button to be a 'copy' button, easier than right clicking and hitting 'copy' since I don't use the 'back' option too much. But that might be doable with eventual driver updates. Otherwise, I'm using it with windows xp and can mute the sound with the press of a button or pause and play with another. Controls while the mouse is in the air work perfectly, scrolling is easy and you can do it as fast or as slow as you like. Don't know if others will feel that it's worth $150, but I'm enjoying it for the time being....more info
    I come from the unique perspective of having used the Gyration Ultra. The Logitech MX Air is far superior. The movement is smooth. I mean really smooth. The feel is very natural. I don't feel like I am hanging onto a odd shaped object. The back lighted controls are great in the dark. Considering I have all the coordination of a club footed baboon and being on asthma medicine that make me shake like a leaf. I am astonished by the quality of cursor control. I purchased it for a Vista Premium laptop used as a MCE for the living room, I could not be more pleased. It shows realistic battery life. The cursor is easy to control. Feels good in the hand. I can even use my left hand! I like the volume control (great using shoutcast web radio.) Is it worth twice the cost of a Gyration mouse? That's up to you to decide. But as my Pappy always said. "Buy the best son and you'll never be sorry" OOOPS I almost forgot the most important thing, Range at 35 feet flawless. No jerky cursor (although hard for these old eyes to see). The volume function works great at 35 feet too. Would I buy it again? Oh Yeah!!!!...more info