Olympus UFL 1 - Underwater flash - 14 (m)
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Product Description

The UFL-1 is an incredibly compact and light (less than 300g) TTL underwater flash. It has been specially customized for use with Olympus digital cameras and compatible underwater cases. Waterproof up to a water pressure equivalent to a depth of 40 meters this underwater flash is one of only a few that allow TTL underwater flash photography in slave mode - ideal for multiple flash applications and single flash macro shots with 28mm wide angle.

  • Waterproof up to a water pressure equivalent to 133'
  • TTL underwater flash photography in slave mode without a sync cord
  • High-speed charge (2 sec. charging time with NiMH batteries)
  • Guide No. 14, 28mm wide-angle
Customer Reviews:
  • It's great when it works.
    I used this UFL-1 flash with my Olympus 770SW camera extensively underwater. If the TTL signal from the camera reaches the flash, it works great. However, as I was not using the Olympus mount, to make the camera manageable while SCUBA diving, it was very difficult to know when the camera and the flash were lined up. Also, the red light seems to be on all the time if the flash is on. This is deceptive, since you don't know if it still recharging from the last photo, or ready. ...more info
  • Strobe works good for a person starting underwater photography
    A really good strobe for a beginner underwater photography. Its almost the same design as one of the Sea & Sea strobe but doesn't have the advance settings which I really didn't need too much. Otherwise this is a great strobe for anybody just pointing and shooting photos underwater. ...more info